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    Today on The Mystical Underground, our guest was one of my favorite people, author and psychiatrist Bernard Beitman. He’s the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to undertake a serious study of synchronicity. His book- Connecting with Coincidence- is … Continue reading

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A Podcast with Heather Bristol, an animal communicator

We had a terrific time talking with Heather and our daughter, Megan, who first introduced us.

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Episode 8 of The Mystical Underground Podcast


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Should OBE Sex Be Considered Cheating?

This is one of the most unusual interviews we’ve done so far. Wes Meeks, a former cop, talks about his numerous out of body travels, some of the most bizarre OBEs we’ve heard of!  

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The Mystical Underground, Cassadaga II, episode #0004,

Here’s the second part of our podcast about Cassadaga, where psychic Kathy Herman does an on-the-air reading for Jon.      

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With Whitley Strieber on Dreamland

We spent a delightful hour talking with Whitley Strieber on his podcast, Dreamland, about our new book, Phenomena: Harnessing your Psychic Powers.  As always when we talk with Whitley, synchronicities don’t just happen, they flourish.  You don’t want to miss … Continue reading

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