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Where’s the love?

  In early 1980s, Robert Plutchik, an M.D., psychologist, and researcher, defined eight core emotions that everyone experiences. He grouped them into four pairs of polar opposites— joy-sadness, anger-fear, trust-distrust, surprise-anticipation. In the 90’s, Paul Ekman, another psychologist specializing in … Continue reading

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Where Emotions May Drive Us

Paula’s Mini-Cooper with her dog riding shotgun On August 1, 2019, Paula, a yoga teacher, was driving home to West Palm Beach from Fort Lauderdale, where she worked as an outreach coordinator for a drug treatment center. She was in … Continue reading

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Inner Turmoil

Another one from Joyce Evans, and quite dramatic. I always hated knives because I’ve seen too much blood shed from them: a childhood flashback of my mother accidentally cutting my father, and of my brother’s many near-fatal knife attacks. One … Continue reading

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