What If – excerpts from Phenomena


W HAT IF you had married your high school sweetie…WHAT IF your daughter had been a son… WHAT IF you had majored in what you love…

WHAT IF is probably one of the major questions in our lives.


Nearly two decades into the twenty-first century, more and more people are accepting the reality of paranormal experiences, according to the polls. While mainstream science and skeptics argue that you shouldn’t trust your own experiences related to the paranormal, it is those personal encounters with the paranormal that turn people into believers. Meanwhile, more and more scientists, through their research and own experiences, are endorsing the validity of visions, of phenomena. Even taboo subjects such as UFOs and alien encounters are on the table for consideration.

The power of the Internet and social media, websites and blogs, online magazines, and podcasts, have made it easy to connect with others worldwide who have experienced what you have. Fear of ridicule is a fading anachronism of the past.

A Google search for “radio shows and podcasts that focus on the paranormal” returned nearly forty-two million links. A search for “websites, blogs, and online magazines about the paranormal” delivers more than eight million links. When you limit the search to “UFOs,” the hits for radio shows and podcasts is about three and a half million. If you simply Google “synchronicity,” more than eight million links come up. All told, Google delivers sixty plus million links for the types of experiences included in this book.

That’s a lot of company! Maybe some of those millions have only experienced hunches or dreams that seemed to presage a future event or a powerful synchronicity that seized their attention. But they’re open minded and interested in these events and experiences.

This growing collective curiosity and fascination with the mysterious and unknown is everywhere in popular culture. TV shows like Stranger Things to Travelers, Timeless, Dark, and Project Bluebook reflect the notion that reality is vastly different from what we’ve been taught. Movies like The Matrix, Twelve Monkeys, Inception, Get Out and Us carry these ideas about the paranormal into even newer and stranger territory that compel us to speculate about what ifs.

What if, as the Many Worlds Theory contends, there are worlds that spin off from every decision we make? Suppose there’s a version of you living a life where you didn’t marry your current spouse? Where you had three kids? Where your mother didn’t die from complications of Alzheimer’s?

What if it’s possible to cure cancer and other diseases through the focus of our minds and emotions?

What if there are people who can move objects with their minds, see into the future, feel planetary or manmade disasters hours, days or even weeks before they occur?

It begins to sound as if we’re all living in a Stephen King novel, where nothing is the way it should be, the way we were taught.

Perhaps the true nature of what it means to be human is found in these what if scenarios, where a new paradigm intends to be born regardless of the way the old paradigm pushes against it, criticizes and ridicules.

Throughout history, people have been guided by visions, trances, dreams, spirit contact. Mystical experiences are about journeys beyond our physical limitations, beyond the everyday world, journeys in which we recognize the interconnectedness of all things, and come away with a sense of peace and universal love, an awareness of a guiding force, a sense of being changed. Even though our culture seems permeated with polarizing points of view, at a deeper level we are all manifested from the same Genie bottle of consciousness.

We all have psychic abilities to one degree or another. We are more than just our physical bodies. We can tap into a collective soup of knowledge and wisdom that expands who we are and what we can do. We aren’t all Marvel super heroes, but the potential exists in each and every one of us to become more than who we currently are.

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Max’s Synchronistic License Plates

Back in early November, we were guests on skeptico hosted by Alex Tsakiris. So far, it has been one of our favorite interviews. Alex knows his stuff, knows his audience, knows how to keep things moving. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the show. Alex has an impressively engaged audience.

This evening, on the winter solstice, we received a fascinating email from Max Clarke, whose website  is crowded with synchronicities, many of them connected to license plates. He heard us on Alex’s show, which was episode 432:

Max’s writing is funny, insightful, and the background of his interests parallels ours – synchronicities, of course, the I Ching, the Seth books, the trickster… And OMG the real license plates he has photographed over the years add new meaning to this type of synchro.

His posts go back to 2007, and begin with a visit to Alcatraz where – and I bet you didn’t know this – Sean Connery had a cabin during the filming of The Rock. Max explores the world of San Francisco with an eye for the unusual, the mystical, the strange, and his posts have these license plates that are mind-blowing.

Here’s one that I love. It happened when Max was driving an airport shuttle van:

One day I visited a bookstore for something new to read. The subject was Taoism. I bought a book about Taoism because the Tao was important to British metaphysical writer Stuart Wilde. The book was written by a Chinese master of Taoism.

The day after I bought the Taoism book, my first passenger in San Francisco was named Tao. Driving to that first pickup, I probably thought, “Wow! Tao!”  Probably had trouble keeping the shuttle van in my lane, too.

A month later, I bought a more advanced book about Taoism, written by the same Taoist master. It cost a little more than the first volume, but I didn’t care. Taoism was a fascinating system, and the extra dollars were giving me extra ancient Chinese wisdom.
And the next day, another passenger named Tao.

Pow! Tao! Wow!

And then I spent forty bucks or so to buy the Taoist master’s book about the I Ching…a thick hardcover volume  about divination and the hexagrams. It cost as much as the two books combined, but I did not care. Imagine the wisdom I would absorb from the big book….

The next day, I could not wait to enter the dispatcher’s office and see the reservation card for my first pickup of the day. I was sure there would be a Wow! Pow! Tao! moment.
My first passenger of the day had a non-Tao name like Mr. Blah-Blah. Maybe Mr. Ho-Hum, or maybe Steven Snoozer. Possibly the name was Ennui… Biff Ennui.

Not one thing that day or that week connected with the I Ching…no name or license plate or song on the radio or company name.

But I let it go. My greed for another great Tao moment may have frightened it off. When you absolutely need something, the burning desire can  push it away. So can entitlement, which was not present when I purchased the first two books.

A year or two later, though, I was driving in San Francisco and spotted a car with the plate TAO.

Nice, very nice. Got a couple of shots near the Transamerica Pyramid. Too bad the car was in the distance. though, and the plate was nearly unreadable.

Years after TAO, I met the owner of a license plate QIAN. I thought it might be her name, similar to Guan Yin. Nope. She said that was a reference to the I CHING. In fact, it was the name of the first hexagram of the I Ching. It represented force, creative action, initiatory power.

Excellent plate, and the lady behind the wheel made a nice first impression. Poised with an easy smile.

So visit his website  and feast on 12 years of posts that are humorous, insightful, and filled with synchronicities, many of them concerning license plates. His material is fascinating.

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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Today’s solar eclipse (12/26) occurs at 12:13 AM ET, and a day earlier PT, at 9;13 PT on December 25. It’s at 4 degrees Capricorn, is the last eclipse of 2019, it’s a beauty!

Solar eclipses indicate new opportunities, new people, new chapters opening in our lives. And on the day of this eclipse, more than half the zodiac is in earth sign Capricorn – you can see the party in the 3rd and 4th house. From left to right, the planets are the moon, sun, Jupiter and then Saturn and Pluto in the 4th house. Notice that Jupiter is just one degree away form the eclipse degree – technically conjunct – and that makes this eclipse a great way to end 2019.

Jupiter governs luck, abundance, prosperity, expansion, higher education, spirituality, foreign cultures and people. It entered Capricorn on December 3, where it will be for the next year, and will expand some area of your life.

You may feel the effects of this solar eclipse several days on either side of the exact date. To find out how the eclipse impacts your sign specifically, check the forecasts in the masthead.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from us to all of you!

Our tree this year is a bit lopsided, but it means well.

We hope your holidays are happy and abundant and insightful.

Now, get ready for the solar eclipse in Capricorn on Dec 25/26, depending on where you live, and that post will be up on December 26.



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Another Spirit Contact Story

23324331 – moment of death

Instagram sometimes yields some fascinating synchros. This one comes from a man on IG – let’s call him Jim – who has had some powerful spirit contact experiences. This one happened when he was 13.

“There was an event that altered the course of my life at the age of 13 (1975, the summer before I started high school). I went on an organized bus trip to the Indiana Dunes and my childhood best friend (lived across the street) died of suffocation by accidentally getting buried in sand from a hole he and another boy were digging.

Incidentally, this led to my first paranormal experience. A few months after the accident at the dunes, I was awakened one morning by someone shaking my shoulder. It was my friend Jim who had died. I had been having difficulty coping and he told me he was just fine, and that I needed to start to move on and live my life again.

“After I got up that morning, I told my mom about what happened and she didn’t judge. I later learned that my mom called Jim’s mom on the phone (they are still friends to this day) and told her of the visitation. After hearing what happened, she told my mom that the night before my experience with Jim, she (knowing I was having a difficult time) prayed to him that he might help me.”

This experience apparently opened Jim to the possibility that what we see and perceive with our five senses is definitely not the full story.


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Michael Moore’s New Podcast

Michael Moore on ‘Useful Idiots’: ‘If the Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Win’

Ever since I saw Bowling for Columbine and then Farenheit 911 and Sicko, I’ve been an avid fan of Michael Moore. He speaks his truth an d is never afraid to do so. I remember how at the end of Farenheit 911, everyone in the theater applauded. Same with Sicko.

Now he has a podcast called Rumble and it’s available on a number of different platforms.

I downloaded it on Podbean, 4 episodes so far. The first one is called Let’s Rumble. Episode 2: We ARE on  the Wrong Side. Episode 3: Last Train out of DC. This one was recorded while Moore was on a train leaving D.C. after sitting in on the impeachment proceedings. Episode 4: Now Yous Can’t Leave, a long conversation with Robert De Niro.

I’ve listened to bits of each of them and I think I’m going to start with episode 3 and then move on to episode 4. This is the first week of his podcasts.

Wow! A welcome addition!

And happy winter solstice, our shortest day of the year!





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To Our Animal Buddies



No synchros here, at least none that I’m aware of any right now, although all of these animals at one time or another have featured in synchronicities.  This is about animal buddies.

Last Christmas, our daughter Megan gifted us with Nala, a pure black kitten that had been fostered by our neighbor, Annette. We named her Nala because at the time we had a cat named Simba, our first orange tabby. And yeah,  this all goes back to The Lion King.

At the time, we had 2 Golden Retrievers, Noah, our noble red golden featured in the top photo with Nala the black cat, ,and Nigel, his younger companion.

They both welcomed Nala. Simba, though, did not follow The Lion King script. Nala didn’t become his queen. She became an annoying presence in a house where he was the Cat King. He tolerated her, occasionally played with her, but at the age of 12, he preferred sitting outside on the front sidewalk, basking in the sun.

In March, Noah died suddenly of cancer, a heartbreaking event for us. He’d been with us for more than 10 years, such an intricate part of our family that losing him was like losing a piece of our collective soul. And for Nigel… well, dogs grieve. So we often bring Megan’s dog, Nika, to stay with us. She and Nigel get along and are connected through Noah, who was the big brother for both of them.


Two months later, we had to put Simba down. He was dying from fluid in his lungs. His lungs actually were floating in his chest. He’s now buried in our backyard with two other cats, a bird, a hamster, a goldfish. Pet Cemetery.

In July, we visited my sister in Atlanta and met the three cats who have lived in her huge cellar for 5 years. They were feral when she adopted them. We decided to adopt Beowulf, a male Persian mix, a beauty who gets along with any dog or cat or human.

He spends his days outside, making up for lost time. He and Nala go on adventures together and some day I may shadow them to find out what, exactly, they do on these adventures. You can see them here, commiserating.

Both come in at night, though, and settle in with Nigel. It’s strange and wondrous, really, how our animal buddies become such an integral part of our lives and teach us about unconditional love.

This photo, from a friend, Carol Libutti, who recently lost her beloved dog, was captured on her Nest security camera. It gives me hope that our animal buds are still with us even after they pass on. She received a message that “activity has been detected in your entryway” several hours after her dog had died.

So during this holiday season, my gratitude goes out to the animals who have graced our lives.



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The Power of an Image

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with The Handmaid’s Tale – book or TV series – recognizes this iconic image. These are the handmaid’s in Margaret Atwood’s brilliant and visionary novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. The fertile women. The ones whose lives and bodies have been handed over to the wealthy and powerful men in Gilead, a Dystopian nightmare town in New England.

This evening, they appeared at an impeachment march in West Palm Beach, just strolled through the crowd in front of Senator Rick Scott’s office. They didn’t carry any signs, didn’t shout slogans, didn’t boo every time a trump truck circled the area. They simply moved along silently, not raising their heads,  and stepped up onto the low wall and stood there, heads bowed, a powerful statement.

Margaret Atwood’s now classic novel was published 34 years ago, in 1985. Given the direction of things for the last three years, and how close we may get to the world of Gilead, this one probably qualifies as precognition.

Here’s another image. The caboose is unhinged! Happy Impeachment Day!

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An Art Garfunkel Synchro


Our dog park is an interesting place. I’ve written about it before in terms of some of the synchronicities we’ve experienced there or that other people have told us about.  People are from all walks of life, particularly during the equestrian season when the competitors arrive from Europe and South America to compete for the big stakes. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, if you’re at the dog park, it’s because you have a dog, love dogs, and know this is the best park in the area for pooches. Five acres to run around in.

On November 5, 2019, our friend Arlene, who owns a Wheaton – Riley – and a collie, Izzy – had some sad news. Riley, 14, has a grapefruit-sized, malignant tumor in her stomach. Arlene isn’t going to put the dog through surgery and isn’t going to have her put down as long as she isn’t in pain and continues to eat etc. We both agreed that Riley will let her know when it’s time. Because it’s so depressing to talk our beloved pets nearing the end of their lives, we changed the subject.

Arlene, who hails from Manhattan, mentioned that a friend of hers was tutored in trigonometry by Art Gunkuckle when she was in high school. She apparently had a terrible trig teacher, so she and friend hired Art. Arlene’s friend ended up getting a 96 on her test, so it looks like Art knew his math! Arlene  used to work as a legal aid in an entertainment law firm and has some fascinating stories about various celebrities she met during her tenure there.

“How old was Art at the time?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Google,” I said.

And she did. It turns out that Art Garfunkel was born in 1941 and today, November 5, is his 78th birthday.

“Synchro,” I exclaimed.

“Figures,” she murmured.

Later, I wondered about this synchro. On the day she learns that Riley has this malignant tumor, we got into this discussion about Garfunkel and discover it’s his birthday. Is there a deeper message about the state of Art Garfunkel’s health? His mortality? It’s certainly possible that the synchro is just a simple thing, that’s what I hope.  We’ll see…

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Phoning it in from the Past

When people make predictions about how things will be in the future, there’s no way to verify or dismiss such comments until that future arrives. Here’s a case that clearly sounds prophetic. Was this person tuning into the future or just making a wild guess, like those in the ‘50s and ‘60s who predicted flying cars by the ‘80s and humans living on Mars by the turn of the century? That’s hard to say, but here it is, an uncanny prediction from the pre-computer era.


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Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini ET occurs on December 12; other time zones are looking at December 11. This full moon is all about communication, travel, learning, social media, and socializing. It’s excellent for air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – and for fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. But every sign will benefit in some way.

Full moons illuminate, brings issues and situations to the forefront of our awareness. What’s interesting about this chart is the planets and points in the 4th house – all in earth sign Capricorn. From left to right, those symbols are: Jupiter (luck), the South Node (our comfort zone), Saturn (structure), Venus ($, romance, love), and Pluto (power).  Notice that Venus and Pluto are only a degree apart and Saturn is one to two degrees apart from the other two. This qualifies as a conjunction and indicates that it’s an excellent time to put your plans and goals into forward motion.

Notice also that Jupiter at 2 degrees Capricorn in the 4th house forms a beautiful angle to that lone planet in the 8th house – Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus. The 8th house rules other people’s money and resources, royalties, insurance, as well as the paranormal. Uranus rules our individuality, genius, and sudden, unexpected events that seem to be appear out of the blue. When Jupiter and Uranus form a trine to each other (120 degrees), luck and prosperity appear suddenly. Hint: buy several scratch-offs and a lottery ticket.

In the masthead, click on your sun sign and find out how this full moon impacts you.

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Alex Miller’s Asteroid Astrology and Predictions

I’m a real fan of Alex Miller’s asteroid astrology. He was contacted by the Daily Beast about his take on the 2020 election. So were several other astrologers, but  Alex’s take is the most specific.

“Saturn and Pluto have been playing tag for most of 2019, and will come into exact alignment in January 2020, just as the impeachment trial begins in the Senate,” astrologer and author Alex Miller wrote in an email. “At the same time, in late December, the president will be receiving an exact hit from a solar eclipse on his birth asteroid Whitehouse. This alignment could conceivably spell the end of his presidency.”

Here’s the link to the entire article. What I find so interesting about Alex’s take is the specificity.

We recently have gotten comments from a supposedly black woman, Kellynkerrigan, who seems to be a trump supporter. You can find her comments under the last two posts.We don’t  have any desire to argue with ardent trumpies and finally blocked her from commenting here It’s not something we like doing, given the 1st amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

One of her comments:

I didn’t come here to defend Trump, and I have no inclination to start my own blog. You keep bringing him up, so I keep responding. If you don’t want to talk about politics, then stop making your blog about politics. It’s not why I come here, and I’d wager it’s not why most of your other readers come here either. Stick to what you know.

But if you’re going to spout misinformation on a public blog, you can darn well expect to be challenged on it.

Really? Misinformation?

I don’t remember saying anything about climate change being a hoax, I just said this specific incident has nothing to do with climate change. You jumped to that conclusion because you’ve been told that all conservatives reject climate change as a hoax, so you figure I must fit the stereotype.

Have you ever met any actual conservatives or Trump supporters? You seem to have this preconceived notion of how all of us think and conduct ourselves. There’s a word for people who prejudge others based on stereotypes, you know – as an African-American I’m quite used to it. People are (usually) more subtle about it when it comes to race, but the idea of prejudging a person based on a stereotype is very much the same.

Sigh. We don’t feel like engaging in endless disputes and arguments about trump, climate change, or any of the other republican talking points. For us, the bottom line is simple: unless trump is removed from office, democracy will become history and we will be like the characters in The Handmaid’s Tale, asking, How’d this happen?

So, sorry Kellyn, go start your own pro-trump blog and join the likes of Fox News.I think I’ll stick to Alex Miller’s take on things!

And here’s Alex’s most recent article on the impeachment going public:

The Timing of Impeachment







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Living in the Matrix – weird synchros!

Are we living in the matrix?

And who are you, cat out there?

alternate realities

burst of rainbows!

Coolant leak looks like Sherlock Holmes!

Twins or alternate self?

A friend sent me these images from Shareably –  proof that reality may be glitching!



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