Hi there!  We’re the authors of more than 70 novels and non-fiction books. Four months after we were married in 1983, we quit our jobs – Rob was a reporter, Trish was teaching Spanish to hormonal seventh graders – to write full time.

We were doing magazine writing, not exactly a regular income! At any rate, we ran out of money four months  later and both of us took part time jobs. Rob went to work for a weekly newspaper and Trish started teaching English as a second language in an adult ed program. In September 1984, Trish sold her first her first novel, In Shadow, to Ballantine Books, and Rob landed a ghostwriting project for a CEO of a Washington, D.C. based company. That was it. We quit out jobs again and have been full-time writers ever since.

We have been extraordinarily fortunate. By following the synchronicities in in our lives, Rob wrote seven Indiana Jones novels for Lucas Films, including the novelization of The Last Crusade. We have both won the coveted Edgar Allan Poe award given out each year by Mystery Writers’ of America. Rob won for his YA novel, Prophecy Rock, which has an excerpt on the blog, and Trish won for Out of Sight, which will soon be included in the excerpts.

Our interests have taken us all over the map. We’ve written books about dreams, astrology, the tarot, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, yoga, and synchronicity, which is  how this blog began.

We’re gradually bringing our back list titles (out of print books) into digital format. You’ll find excerpts of our novels- back lists and current – and nearly 3000 posts on the fascinating topic of synchronicity as well as posts on ghosts, UFOs, life after death, and just about anything else that falls under things that go bump in the night.

We would love to hear about your synchronicities. If you have any you would like to share, leave us a comment, use the contact form,  or write us through our other websites:





Trish’s Amazon bookshelf

If you’re interested in hiring ghostwriters, we’ve done a lot of it over the years. Trish also does personalized natal charts with predictions for up to a year. Contact us for prices.


  1. fca says:

    The Dutch film director Jan Diederen made a documentary on synchronicity (https://www.synchronicitydoc.com) that deals with the significant relationships between thought and reality and, more generally, between spirit and matter.This is a “personal” work and the director needs funds to finish the editing of the movie. For a donation of 40 euros or more, the donor will have a free DVD. Please spread the word! Thank you!

  2. gail slone says:

    I have really enjoyed checking out your blog SYNCHRONICITY. Had it marked as a favorite and checked it often. Lately all I get is blog removed and I wondered why? Anyway I am happy to find you again.

  3. DJan says:

    Well! I finally found you after you left this link in the comments on my latest post, Trish (and Rob). I am so happy to have a place to visit you, I didn’t even realize how much of a hole you left until you weren’t posting every morning as usual. I’ll sign up with WordPress to get your posts in my mailbox. Hugs to you after all the trials and tribulations of the past months!!

  4. gypsywoman says:

    hey you two! well, you KNOW how i feel about your books – and now, more nica and wayra and tess and…….be still my heart! and rob, cannot wait for yours! especially love the title double heart –

    wondering how you are liking w/press? i remember looking over it before i went over to B but it seemed a tad more complicated for my own tastes at the time – but you all seem to have quickly and effortlessly [that’s from the other side of the screen, i know] set this up – great look – love the header!

    more great and good things to come, i know!

  5. Nancy says:

    Love your books and I look forward to the ones coming out in 2011!

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