March 5

We spent a delightful hour talking with Marianne Pestana at Moments with Marianne, talking about our newest book, Phenomena.

January 23

This was our first time as guests on Nicole Frolick’s podcast enLIGHTenUP . We had a great time talking about the nature of synchronicity, UFOs, the Bermuda  Triangle and our new book, Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Powers. Here are the links.

On You Tube:


And the podcast link:


January 13

From midnight to 2 a.m., we had a great time talking with Joe Rupe at Lighting the Void about synchronicity, spirit contact, and other facets of the paranormal. Joe is a terrific host who asks insightful questions and has a vast pool of knowledge about the mysterious and unknown.

January 16

From 7-8 PM, we were guests on Robert Sharpe’s show, You can listen live here or any time after the show is archived.


November 30

As always when we talk with Whitley, synchronicities don’t just happen, they flourish.  You don’t want to miss this riveting conversation.

This fun and exciting discussion with Trish and Rob MacGregor about pyschic empowerment is fun but also serious. We all have psychic power but we feel as if we don’t. The result of which is–well, we don’t. It isn’t a matter of just saying “I believe” and it happens. Most often, when we make that pronouncement inside ourselves what happens is exactly nothing. So, what does work? Whitley points out early in the show that the power of story is tremendously important. We need to know true stories about psychic power in order to find its place in our lives, and this show is filled with fascinating real-life stories that anybody can relate to and understand, that can encourage us to find our own psychic power.
We are all born with it, but as life intrudes and we get busier and busier, it slips away.
Listen, and you will find moments, almost certainly, that will take you back to your own truth, which is that you are a multidimensional being and loaded with psychic power.
You can visit Trish and Rob MacGregor on their website, To get Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Powers, click here.
To Listen to Dreamland, click here.

November 5

Our great discussion with Alex Tsakiris can be read or listened to here:

Rob and Trish McGregor On Synchronicity and ET |432|

October 29

A wonderful hour spent with Mark Johnson and his sidekick, Irene, of the Paranormal Talk Radio about our new book, Phenomena. Listen here.


We spent a delightful hour talking with Dylan Stewart, an Australian who has a podcast called Paranormal Thoughts. You can listen here. An interesting synchronicity was responsible for this contact.


Our first radio show in 2019 was with hosts Irene Allen and Mark Johnson on Paranormal Radio.  They’re fun, knowledgeable, and we felt like the four of us were sitting around a kitchen table, talking about all the weirdness that interests us.

Listen here:

Paranormal UK Radio Network

1 hr


December 26

We spent a delightful hour  with the incomparable Monique Chapman, talking about all our favorite topics. You can listen here.

November 17

We spent an hour talking with Jeremy Scott of parabnormal radio about, well, the kind of strangeness we write about – synchronicity, precognition, aliens, the paranormal in all its facets. There were some interesting glitches during the show – perhaps due to Mercury retrograde, but maybe because of what Jeremy called “strange energies.”

November 12

Here’s the link to the podcast we did with Robert Sharpe on biteradiome. Fun and insightful!

October 31

We spent a delightful 30 minutes with Donna Sebo on her radio show. You can listen here.

October 22

Our discussion with Douglas Bolles of 42 minutes was fun!  All about synchronicity and things that go bump…well, in the quantum world.  You can listen here.

October 18

Our interview with Marianna Pestana on iHeart Radio was delightful. You can listen here.

October 12

We joined Whitley Strieber on Dreamland and enjoyed a lively and insightful hour talking about spirit communication. You can listen here.


We spent a delightful hour with Bernard Beitman, author, synchronicity expert, and psychiatrist talking about spirit communication. You can listen here:

August 14, 2018

We had a great time talking to Dave Leonard at KYNT Radio in South Dakota about Secrets of Spirit Communication. You can listen to it here.

March 2018

On March 30, Rob was filmed for an episode of Ancient Aliens called Earth’s Black Holes. It will air sometime in late May or early June. We’ll keep you posted. You can read about the filming here.

Earlier in March

Grimerica podcast with Graham Dunlop. The show explores all sorts of high strangeness and Graham is knowledgeable about all of them. Listen here or here.

Great fun  talking with Scott Coburn and his co-host on Exploring Unexplained Phenomena. You can listen here.

We spent a thoroughly enjoyable hour with Bernard Beitman, M.D. on his radio show Connecting with Coincidence!  You can listen here.

Feb 20, 2018

On February 20, Rob and his co-author Bruce Gernon were on paranormal uk radio to talk with Irene Allen and Mark Johnson about their new book, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle. You can listen to the riveting discussion here. 


August 2017

We spent a terrific hour talking with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland about our newest book, Beyond Strange.

April 25

Trish spent a delightful hour talking with Dia Nunez about The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever. It’s always fun to talk astrology with someone who knows the subject. Here’s the You Tube link.

April 1

We spent a delightful hour with Steven and Stephanie Banks. It was a most unusual show!

Here’s the link.

January 21

We spent a delightful 2 hours with Daniel Ott, on his show,The Edge Broadcast. Daniel is funny, knowledgeable and a lot of fun!

Here are the links: You Tube


January 9

We had a wonderful time talking with Alexis Brooks about Sensing the Future. She’s knowledgeable, insightful, and a total delight.  And here’s the interview!



January 4

Our first show in the new year was with Dave Schrader at Darkness Radio. He’s a terrific host and the show was great fun!

Here are the links: first hour second hour


December 19, 2016

We were guests on Bernard Beitman’s show, Connecting with Coincidence, the only radio show on synchronicity. And what a delight it was! Here’s the link.

November 2

Talking with Jim Harold on his paranormal podcast. Fun!

November 1, 2016

Trish spent a terrific hour with Jim Harold, talking about astrology and The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever. You can listen here:

October 26, 2016

Trish was interviewed by the delightful Donna Seebo about The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever. Donna is a delightful hostess and knowledgeable about astrology, mediumship and the paranormal. Here’s the link for her show.

Scroll down to show #666 (uh-oh!) and follow the directions.

July 10, 2016

Rob was interviewed by Brad Hopkins about synchronicity, Indiana Jones and more!

Here’s the link.

Easter weekend 2016

We had a terrific time talking with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland!



We spent a wonderful two hours with Laurel Blythe Tague at Inception Radio talking about synchronicity. It was re-broadcast on Dark Matter Radio. Here’s the link.



December 17, 2014

Rob was interviewed by Robert at   MnRTV Live  about aliens, synchronicity, ghosts and all the other stuff that goes bump in the night!

December 13, 2014

Rob & I spent a delightful hour with Joyce Jackson, who hosts Sane Talk.

November 12, 2014

Rob enjoyed a riveting conversation with Jeremy at Dreamland that covered all sorts of topics, including his new book, Bump in the Night.

November 1, 2014

Rob was on Coast to Coast, talking about Bump in the Night, and had a terrific conversation with Dave Schraeder, sitting in for George Noory.

October 2014

We had a great conversation with TJ Ryan, whose podcast covers everything that is strange and mysterious! You can listen here.

June 2014

June 2

We were guests on unknown origins with Mark Johnson and had a riveting discussion with him and his co-hosts about The Synchronicity Highway,  the nature of reality, and all sorts of high strangeness.

May 2014

May 24

We were guests on Daniel Ott’s live podcast how and got some of the best questions ever about synchronicity. Great fun. Daniel is a funny guy and a terrific host.

May 13

We had an interesting conversation with UFO researcher Mike Clelland about all sorts of weird stuff!

May 2

We had a great discussion with Whitley Strieber and contactee Sandy about synchonicity, inter-dimensional portals, and a spectrum of other intriguing topics.

April 2014

April 16

Rob and pilot Bruce Gernon talk with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM about what may have happened to Malaysian Flight 370, synchronicity, and other anomalies. You can listen to the show here.

March 2014

March 7, 2014

We had a great time talking with Church of Mabus host Jeffrey Pritchett and his co-host about The Synchronicity Highway. The show is archived here.

January  2014

January 21, 2014

Our first radio show of 2014 was with the delightful Alexis Brooks of Conscious Life News. We discussed synchronicity, of course, and all sort of other oddities. Hope you’ll take a listen!

December  2013

December 17, 24

We spent 42 fun-filled minutes talking and laughing with Doug Bolles and Alan Greene of the Synch Books,  on their podcast 42 Minutes.

November 2013

November 24

We had a great time talking with Gard Goldsmith!

November 22

We spent a delightful hour with Jim Harold of Paranormal Podcast.

November 20

Today we spent an enjoyable hour with Dia Nunez of H20 Network, talking about our new book. Here’s the you tube video.

November 14

We spent an enjoyable two hours talking about The Synchronicity Highway with Pat Daniels at KTKK AM630, Fringe Radio. Here’s the show.

August 2013

August 17

We had a great interview with Katy Walker about aliens, government coverups, synchronicity, and other weird and wonderful topics.

August 9

We were interviewed live for the Kate Valentine UFO show today. Great fun. She is knowledgeable and had read the book. The show is archived at the link above.

July 2013

July 27

We were interviewed by Rick Scouler and it’s the first time we’ve done a video as well. The You Tube link is here.

July 12

Rob and Trish and abductee Connie J Cannon were interviewed by Whitley Strieber on Dreamland. Here’s the link.

May 2013

May 4

We were interviewed by Jeffrey Pritchett and his co-host and what fun it was! Their radio show is called mabusincarnate. The link for our interview is here.

May 1

We were on a UK radio station -96.7- with Pete Price. Great fun.

April 2013

April 1

We had a great discussion with Alejandro Reyes of Open Minds TV/Radio.

April 9

We had a great time talking with Doug Bolles and Robert Morgan of 42 Minutes about life, synchronicity and everything else!

April 15

We had a long conversation with Mike Clelland who blogs at hidden experience.

April 16

We had great discussions with both Anne and Whitley Strieber.  

March 2013

March 4

We were om Dark Harvest Radio Program with Dan Marro from 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern time. Join us!

March 10

We were on H20 Network with Radiah – Dia. She had some technical difficulties and the show was recorded. Here’ s the You Tube link.

March 18

We were interviewed by Aaron Wright of (Australia) at 7 PM Eastern time. Here’s the link.

March 22

We were interviewed by Jim Harold on his paranormal podcast.

March 31

We had a lively discussion with Alejandro Reyes from Open Minds Radio.

February 2013

February 21

We were on  blog talk radio with Charlotte Kosa from 8-10 PM, eastern time.  You can listen here.

February 14

We did a two-hour interview on Darkness Radio with David Schrader and talked about Aliens in the Backyard. Click the link and scroll to February 14 to listen to the show.

February 5

Here’s a one-hour podcast on Aliens in the Backyard that we did with TJ Ryan, a great guy from Michigan who does weekly podcasts/interviews on the various phenomena that fascinate us!

February 4-5

We were interviewed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory about Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions, & Synchronicity.  It was fun, Noory is a terrific host,  and the callers toward the end of the show had some great stories.  Here’s the link to the show.


March 16

Our interview with Marie D. Jones on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland radio show is now up and free to non-subscribers of his website  for a week. We hope you’ll join us for a lively discussion about our book, Synchronicity and the Other Side. Communication with our loved ones who have passed on happens constantly. We just have to be aware and know what to look for!

The interview we did with Whitley is available to Dreamland subscribers. It’s about the connection between the dead – and the visitors.

Here’s our post on the show.


December 20

We were guests on   the H20 Network again and what fun this interview was! Radiah is a terrific host, knowledgeable  about metaphysics, synchronicity, the whole nine yards. Here’s the link for that show.

August 13 Rob and Trish interviewed on H20Network

Radiah, the moderator, covers the gamut: s spirituality, anomalous phenomena, and all sorts of interesting topics. We covered synchronicity from many angles.  We’ll be listening to Radiah’s show every week from now on. Here’s the link.

November 7 Dreamland Interview on for Subscribers

We had a delightful interview today with Whitley Strieber about Synchronicity and the Other Side. We covered UFOs, encounters, crop circles, communication with the dead, the trickster… That link should go up soon as well.



Apparition, the third book in the Hungry Ghosts trilogy that now includes Esperanza and Ghost Key, is now available from TOR/Forge Books.

The Synchronicity Highway: Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal, & Alien Contact is now available! Our radio shows for the book have started. Check out the interviews below.

Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions, & Synchronicity

Here’s where we post links to various reviews of our books, as well as press and radio publicity/interviews.

What people are saying about Aliens in the Backyard:

from The Guardian UK

5.0 out of 5 stars A thoughtful up-to-date examination of some uncomfortably persistent phenomena, written with intelligence and humor, August 13, 2013

Florida-based Rob and Trish MacGregor are successful authors of both fiction and non-fiction who have each separately won the Edgar Allen Poe Award. They are also married to each other. This bang-up-to-date, concise 154-page hardcover volume from Crossroad Press (pub 2013) offers their take on UFO encounters, alien abduction and synchronicity. They begin as out-and-out skeptics with an outsiders’ perspective and, as the saying goes, have no dog in this particular fight but are simply curious to find out if there’s anything real to these odd but persistently reported phenomena.

The result is an engaging and serious book which examines a handful of cases old and new with appropriate investigative rigor, discusses these subjects in a thoughtful and intelligent way and concludes that Something Really Is Going On Here. Although the target readership is obviously intended to be the casual middle-market `demographic’, even those well-read in this subject will find plenty of new and fascinating material.

The story of Charles and Helene Fontaine, a couple in Quebec, is deeply moving in that they didn’t even believe in UFOs prior to their experience (the `aliens in the backyard’ of the book’s title) and found their encounter deeply traumatising at every level, the more so because they felt they couldn’t talk about it for fear of ridicule, so told no-one. Charles in particular suffered deep psychological trauma, and several months following the encounter felt he might be going insane. The authors quote the late Dr. John Mack of Harvard University Medical School: “Experiencers can’t `unknow’ what they know. Once your worldview has been turned inside out by such a shock, there’s no undoing it”.

The MacGregors personally investigate this case and a great deal more primary material, some hitherto completely unknown. After talking to real people who have these shocking, bizarre experiences and investigating their stories, they conclude that there is no question that the reported breeding-focused activities of at least some of these abducting entities, including missing pregnancies, is real. It’s not imagination, this stuff is happening: there are too many persistent reports from credible people for it to be otherwise. Likewise bodily scarring and `implants’ resulting in nosebleeds, in one case following an abduction event a child bleeding so severely from a scalpel-like incision deep in the throat that he needed hospitalization.

The authors have taken the time and trouble to read and familiarize themselves with the literature on the subject, including the works of the late Budd Hopkins, John Mack and Dr. David Jacobs, Whitley Strieber and others, and put all these differing perspectives into the mix. Chapter 8 contains a section titled: `What does the Government know?’ in which the MacGregors report that from the day the Fontaines’ story was posted on their website, their statistics counter started logging visits from the Department of Defense, the FBI, the US DODNIS, NINC, the FCC, the 754th Electronic Systems Group (who operate out of Maxwell AFB, AL and whose declared mission is “to fly and fight in Air, Space and Cyberspace”) and the Canadian Mounted Police. If all this stuff is nonsense, as professional debunkers would have you believe, then why all this covert interest in an internet blog from the INTEL community and the Department of Defense?

In summary, AitB is more thought-provoking, intelligent and informative than you might be led to think from a casual glance at the title and cover-summary. Despite a small handful of typos and examples of lax editing the writing style is warm, engaging, at times even humorous, and stands with the best of the genre. It’s a serious original work of admirable brevity and no matter if your interest in these phenomena is persistent or merely casual, reading it is time well spent.

from Whitley Strieber:

“Trish and Rob MacGregor have written a sobering, engaging, and important book about the mysterious subject of alien abduction. When I read it, I was reminded of how little we know about this incredible, complex and enigmatic subjects, and just how much light this insightful book sheds on it.

“If we are ever going to understand this phenomenon, books such as this are essential. Read it and wonder: what have we missed about our world? Perhaps the most important thing that has ever happened.

“Aliens in the Backyard is a treasure.”

“Thrilling enough to be fiction, but it isn’t !” – Jeff Lindsay, Dexter

“What is the alien agenda? The answer can be found in Aliens In The Backyard. Tight, suspenseful and thought provoking – it kept me up all night.” – Hilary Hemingway, Dreamland

“When 33 million people say they’ve had an ‘alien’ experience, then something’s going on, whether in their minds or their actual backyards. Trish and Rob McGregor dig into this provocative mystery with investigative passion and very human compassion.” – Nancy Pickard, The Scent of Rain and Lightning    


For Time Catcher

For Synchronicity and the Other Side


Synchronicity and the Other Side is  featured in Wisdom Magazine, with an excerpt from chapter 1.

The magazine is  “one of the country’s largest free holistic publications with 150,000 copies printed bi-monthly in three regional print editions. Wisdom is dedicated to opening people’s hearts and minds to the philosophies, products and services of the new millennium.”

It’s an intriguing site!


On February 18, 2012, we were on William Shatner’s show, Weird or What? for an episode that will be shown in their third season, which begins in September 2012.

November 7, 2011: Dreamland Interview on for Subscribers

We had a delightful interview today with Whitley Strieber about Synchronicity and the Other Side. We covered UFOs, encounters, crop circles, communication with the dead, the trickster… That link should go up soon as well.

Foreign Sales as of 11-11-11:

Today, 7 Secrets sold to Russia. It’s also sold to Canada, England, Brazil, and Canada.