July kicks off in the shadow of the second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2020 that occurred on June 30. Both planets are retrograde, so the focus is on large-scale achievements in the past. This conjunction occurs ever 13 years and the last one occurred in December 2007.

On July 5, at 12:44 a.m. EDT and on July 4 at 9:44 p.m. PDT, there’s a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter is widely conjunct the eclipse degree and Uranus in Taurus forms a beneficial angle to it. Because it falls on the country’s birthday, there may be a surprise of some kind involving the presidential campaigns. Given the recent spike in corona virus cases in some states, there could be news of some sort about a landmark reached in terms of cases. As of today, June 22,, the U.S. has more than 122,000deaths from the virus and almost two and a half million cases. Worldwide, there are more than nine million cases.

July 12 marks the end of Mercury retrograde and a sun/Neptune trine helps us all move forward again. Sign your contracts, touch base with your employees and employers, send out resumes and manuscripts, and book a trip if you’re comfortable about traveling again.
July 20 features a new moon at 28 degrees Cancer, the second new moon in Cancer this month. With Mercury now in direct motion and Neptune trine the moon, things generally feel softer, more compassionate, and creative.

On July 30, Mercury and Jupiter are opposed to each other and it’s easy to get caught up in excessive optimism.

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ARIES: If the Mercury retro in Cancer that began June 17/18, in your fourth house, has left you certain you’re losing your mind, then consider staying in bed on the day of the lunar eclipse. It falls in Capricorn, your tenth house of profession and career, and forms a difficult angle to your sun. Someone or something connected with your profession may say or do something that causes you to doubt yourself or your career path. Rather than react, ignore it.

On July 12, when Mercury turns direct in Cancer, you’ll be glad you kept your silence. You’ll be able to move forward with your plans and won’t have anything to regret. And you’ll be primed and ready to seize opportunities that come up on July 20, with the
second new moon in Cancer . New opportunities could also be related to  your home and family. There may be news about a pregnancy, a move. Or perhaps the numbers of corona cases in your area are so low you get together with family and friends for the first time in months. And with Venus forming a friendly angle to your sun, unexpected money may arrive and your love life could pick up.

TAURUS: The lunar eclipse on July 5 in fellow earth sign Capricorn falls in your ninth house. It may stir up thoughts and feelings about your core beliefs. With the pandemic, protests, and general chaos, you could feel uncertain about where you’re headed and what you really want to do with your life. Put out the intention that things will become much clearer by the new moon in Cancer on July 20. You may also want to reserve that day for doing something super creative. Neptune is friendly with your sun sign, especially if you’re born toward the latter part of the Taurus cycle.

On July 12, Mercury turns direct again in your third house. That means it’s safe to sign contracts, make plans, update your electronics, trade in a car.
With the new moon in Cancer on July 20, opportunities crop up, seemingly out of nowhere. You may decide to start writing a book, begin a podcast, to launch yourself out of your comfort zone in some way.

GEMINI: Okay, life has been weird for the last two weeks or so, thanks to Mercury – your ruler – being retrograde. Computer snafus, communication snafus, missing email. The good news is that the retro ends on July 12. The bad news is that things may get worse before they get better.

On July 5, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn occurs in your eighth house – banks, mortgages, insurance, resources you share with others, and the paranormal. Those are the areas the eighth house rules. Something in one of these areas is triggered by a remark, an action, and you may have to react decisively, with a clear strategy. Avoid conflict.

By July 20 and the second new moon in Cancer this month, you’re ready for some semblance o normal life again. Well, we all are, Gemini. For you, the new opportunities manifest themselves in your second house of finances. Welcome news, right? An unexpected check arrives in your mailbox, Paypal, Venmo. Or you have an opportunity for income from a new source.

CANCER: Yes, your sign is in the spotlight this month. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, which started last month, June 17, and ends on July 12. A big ouch. This one impacts your personal life – family, personal environment – and usually, miscommunication plays a significant role. That said, we’re in July now and this month kicks off with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn, your opposite sign.

July 5. Circle that date. Your emotions, the focus during any lunar eclipse, are exaggerated, thanks to the proximity of Jupiter in Capricorn to that eclipse degree. In other words, you overreact to what something in your personal environment – what someone says or does, that’s the usual trigger. Neptune forms a beneficial angle to the eclipse degree, asking that you remain calm, gentle. Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected change, is also part of this equation, so there may be surprising news that benefits you.

Now along comes the second new moon in Cancer, on July 20. With Mercury now direct, the events on or around this date should be positive, uplifting, and move you forward in whatever you’re pursuing. Be grateful, then get moving. Doors are opening.

LEO: With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, your twelfth house, until July 12, old issues may be resurfacing. People you have’t seen in forever may suddenly show up in your life. That can be positive or negative, depending on the person!

On July 5, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn could prompt you to scrutinize your strategy on maintaining your health and and how you conduct your daily work. If you’ve been working from home for months and now are required to return to work, you may have second thoughts about it. It’s possible that during this pandemic you’ve realized you would like to be working in some other area or should change jobs. Set your intentions and get moving.

With the second new moon in Cancer on July 20, new opportunities surface and the intentions you set during the lunar eclipse now start to manifest themselves. Venus in Gemini is friendly to your sun sign, so it’s possible you meet a new love interest through friends or networks to which you belong.

VIRGO: With Mercury retrograde until July 12, you probably are experiencing more than your share of miscommunication with friends and loved ones. Don’t take it personally. Instead, use this period to decipher the synchronicities that are occurring in your life and dive into a creative project you may have had on a back burner.

On July 5, the lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn forms a beautiful angle to your sun. It falls in your fifth house – kids, creativity, romance, pleasure – so there may be news concerning one of these areas. Thanks to an angle from Uranus in Taurus, there’s an unexpected suddenness to how you feel about something that occurs. Set your intentions between now and July 20 to manifest your dreams, whatever they are.

The solar eclipse on July 20 is like a double new moon and that means double the new opportunities. Some of them come through friends and your network of acquaintances and help you to move closer to your wishes and dreams.

LIBRA: Feel like things in your profession/career are moving backward? Or not moving at all? Well, that’s Mercury retrograde in Cancer, in your profession/career area. Until it ends on July 12, take your cues from synchronicities, from your heightened intuitive ability. Live by your instincts.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 isn’t friendly to your sun sign. It stirs up issues concerning family, your personal environment, and something or someone may push one of your buttons. Avoid conflict. Since you’re so adept at seeing many sides of an issue, avoiding conflict shouldn’t be difficult for you. Walk away.

On July 20, the solar eclipse in Cancer occurs in your career area, just like the Mercury retrograde. But Mercury is now moving direct and you’re primed and ready to move forward with your career plans. Regardless of how things have changed for you during the pandemic in terms of what you want, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned when new professional opportunities surface.

SCORPIO: With Mercury in Cancer still retrograde until July 12, you may be reconsidering some of your personal beliefs, foreign travel plans, or your higher education, if you’re bound for college or grad school in the fall. Use this retro period to explore the synchronicities that are occurring and decipher their messages.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 occurs in your third house of communication. Since Jupiter forms a wide conjunction to the eclipse degree, news you hear should be positive. If it concerns a project or opportunity, don’t sign a contract until after July 12, when Mercury will be moving in direct motion again. Capricorn is a friendly sign for you, but Uranus in Taurus is also opposite your sun sign and that lends an air of the unexpected, the unforeseen.

On July 20, the solar eclipse in Cancer forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign, particularly if you were born in the latter part of the Scorpio cycle. It occurs in your ninth house, the same one where Mercury was retro. Now that Mercury is moving direct, though, new opportunities may surface for overseas travel, in academic, and through foreign countries, cultures, and people.

SAGITTARIUS: Yes, Sadge, this Mercury retro may be playing havoc with your bank account, your mortgage and credit cards, all of which is aggravated by the pandemic and the economical chaos it’s created. Hang in there. The retro is over July 12.

But before then, there’s a lunar eclipse on July 5 in Capricorn, in your income area. Lunar eclipses tend to concern inner events, so something about your finances may trigger concern and worry. Part of the problem is that you may not be able to grasp the larger picture, something at which you usually excel. However, Mars is in fellow fire sign Aries, in your fifth house of creativity, urging you to use the angst creatively or to get out and do something you enjoy.

The second new moon in Cancer this month, on July 20, happens in the same area that the Mercury retrograde did. But because Mercury is now moving direct, there are no obstacles standing between you and new financial opportunities, which may come at you out of the blue. There may also be new opportunities that surface for your family. Be vigilant and prepared to seize whatever surfaces.

CAPRICORN: The Mercury retrograde in Cancer continues to create miscommunication with your partners – business and personal. It’s complicated by the pandemic and general chaos in the country now. Express yourself clearly and without ambiguity and take nothing for granted.

The lunar eclipse in your sign on July 5 may stir up excessive emotions about something in your personal life. Whatever it is, don’t react immediately. Take some time to process it and if you have something to say to whoever pushed your button, keep it till another day. And remember, Mercury is still retro until July 12. If you’re born between January 1-6, this eclipse is likely to effect you more significantly.

Now onto the July 20 solar eclipse in Cancer. With Mercury finally in direct motion, you’re in the right spot at the right time to reap the rewards of your patience during the Mercury retrograde period. New business opportunities surface – unforeseen and sudden – and all that’s required of you, Capricorn, is to set your intentions before July 20 and then seize the moment when the opportunities surface.

AQUARIUS: You probably were riveted by the Black Lives Matter protests and the changes that are unfolding because of them. You’re the sign, after all, most focused on the family of man. The chaos and the Mercury retrograde in Cancer may be impacting your work. Just take it in stride, Aquarius, don’t fret about it, but think about the change you would like to see in the world. How can you help bring it about?

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 occurs in your twelfth house of the personal unconscious. If you’ve been working at home and now are expected to return to the office, you may be reluctant to do so. Perhaps you’re afraid of being fired if you don’t and this stirs up negative emotions. So, take a step back, Capricorn, and ask the simplest question: what’s more important to you – a paycheck or your health?

By the time the new moon in Cancer comes along on July 20, you’re ready to reap new work opportunities, especially one that allows you to call the shots. Does this sound like something you’ve been working toward? Self-employment?

PISCES: If this Mercury retrograde is creating havoc in your love life, with your kids, then it’s time to step away, find a comfortable spot outside, and meditate in nature. By clearing your mind in this way, you’re giving your imagination a chance to recuperate and swing into full gear. Dive into a creative project, imagine your life exactly as you’d love it to be. In other words, set your intentions. And then notice how the rest of the retrograde – finished on July 12 – unfolds.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 happens in your eleventh house of friends, networks, wishes and dreams. Given your empathic nature, it’s probably a good idea to keep to yourself so you don’t pick up the moods of the people around you. Mercury is still retro, too, so your conscious mind may be replaying endless loops of the past. Pause, breathe deeply, and set your intentions for whatever it is you desire.

By July 20, when the new moon in Cancer comes along, you have a much better idea of what you want and where you’re going. As opportunities surface in terms of work, you‘re guided by your considerable intuition and explore the ones that appeal to you at the deepest level.