So here we are. May 1. Maybe your state or city is still in quarantine and maybe not. Maybe your state or community has flattened the curve – and maybe not. As I’m writing this, it’s April 21. Tomorrow there’s a new moon at 3 degrees Taurus and I posted something about it. But now I’m looking ahead to May and what’s in store for us?

The full moon in Scorpio on May 7 is going to be interesting. Full moons illuminate things, and since this one is in give-me- the bottom-line Scorpio, one of the most intense signs, we may well see the ramifications of opening states too soon. Whether it manifests itself in a second wave of infections, a rising number of deaths, an acceleration in testing or something else, the full moon will reveal it.

On May 22, the new moon in the early degrees of Gemini features a close trine from Saturn. This could indicate that if there’s resurgence of the virus, countries may be better equipped to deal with it. In this country, that may mean testing is more widely available and that protective equipment is more abundant. It could also indicate an abundance of communication among government officials about a the virus, lockdowns, new test kits, a vaccine. Regardless, new moons are about new chapters, new opportunities, so I can consider this new moon hopeful.

So how’s May look for each of the signs? Let’s take a look.

ARIES: With Jupiter still in Capricorn and your 10th house of career/profession, your options are expanding in spite of the lockdown. And in early May, you may see financial gain as a result.
This full moon in Scorpio on the 7th highlights that area of your chart that governs areas like insurance, mortgages, royalties, investors, other people’s money and resources. The other thing the 8th house governs is the paranormal in all its facets, reincarnation, life after death, spirit communication, spirits. So it’s possible you may have some sort of experience in this area.

On May 11 Mercury enters Gemini, a sign it rules, and begins its journey through your third house of communication. The transit gives you a three-week period for negotiations of some kind. You’re in the mood for talking.

Then on May 22, the new moon in Gemini indicates that new opportunities open up. You get the deal, the book contract, the job you wanted. With the sun, moon, Mercury and Venus all in Gemini and Saturn forming a beautiful angle to the new moon, opportunities or offers that surface won’t be frivolous. At least one of these opportunities could come form a network of acquaintances to which you belong.

TAURUS: So the new moon in your sign happened on April 22. Did new opportunities come your way? What paths opened up for you?

This month, the full moon in Scorpio on May 7 falls in the partnership area of your chart. Something in this area will be highlighted. Since Neptune trines this full moon, you may be seeing things through proverbial rose-tinted glasses or there’s a spiritual aspect to this situation that you may not be seeing.

On May 11, when Mercury enters Gemini and the financial area of your chart, there will be a marked shift in how you communicate with people. It’s a good time for negotiating, for immersing yourself in the world of, you know, other people. Even if your area is still in lock down, the contact can happen virtually. But don’t make it just about work. Organize a virtual happy hour with friends. Start a podcast. Get out of your bubble.

On May 22, the new moon in Gemini falls in your financial area. And so do Mercury and Venus. And Saturn forms a beautiful angle to this new moon. What all this means is that new income opportunities come your way and they’re serious and long-term. A woman may play a part in the negotiations. Just be sure you sign the contract before Mercury turns retrograde on June 17 or after it turns direct on July 12.

GEMINI: If you’re working from home this month, then something about your daily work life is highlighted on or around the full moon in Scorpio on May 7. Thanks to the intensity of the sign, the news you hear may irritate you or reveal some absolute bottom line that makes you realize you would like to be doing something else. Another profession? A dream you have?

You’ll feel in better shape at the month moves on. On May 11, Mercury enters your sign, so you’re ready to talk, negotiate, attend zoom meetings, whatever it takes during these strange times.

Then, with the new moon in your sign on May 22, life becomes much clearer for you. Yes, opportunities surface, doors open that are personally and professionally pleasing, but even more important is the insight you gain into yourself and others. You understand what you can’t tolerate – and what you can.

CANCER: The full moon in Scorpio on May 7 forms a beneficial angle to your sun. There’s news about a creative project or your kids or something you had planned for fun and pleasure. If, for instance, you paid for an upcoming trip you had planned, you’re successful in getting a refund but may have to be persistent.

From May 11 to May 27, Mercury – the planet of communication – moves through Gemini and your 12th house. So even if you’re working from home, you’re doing a lot of communicating virtually. Once it enters your sign on May 28, you really feel like you’re in your element. You enjoy working from home. Later in June, however, Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign and slide back into Gemini. That’s when you’ll be eager to get back out into the world.

May 22 features a new moon in Gemini, so opportunities will arrive for doing more work from home or behind the scene in some capacity. Saturn forms a beneficial angle to this new moon, indicating that at least of these opportunities is serious and long-term.

LEO: As a fire sign, you may encounter some challenges with the full moon in water sign Scorpio on May 7. It illuminates your fourth house – home and family, your roots, your most personal space. There’s news about this area and/or conflict concerning it.

Four days later, on May 11, Mercury enters Gemini and your 11th house of friends, wishes and dreams. You and a group of friends may meet for a virtual happy hour or lunch just to catch up on each other’s news.

By the time the new moon in Gemini shows up on May 22, new opportunities surface – possibly through friends or your network of acquaintances. You may land a communication gig of some kind and are ready to go. Mercury and Venus are also in Gemini, so there’s money to be made with this new moon.

VIRGO: The days around the full moon in Scorpio on May 7 highlight your communication skills, neighborhood, siblings, relatives. The news you hear should be positive, unexpected, and expands your opportunities in some way. After all, 5 earth sign planets are forming beneficial angles now to your sign.

Even though Gemini is an air sign, you share the same ruler, Mercury, so when that planet transits Gemini from May 11 to May 27, you’re eager to reconnect with professional colleagues and get things moving again even if you’re still working from home.

The payoff could come with the new moon in Gemini on May 22. On or around that date, new professional opportunities emerge and you turn the corner into a new chapter.

LIBRA: If the lock down has proven difficult for a someone as social as you are, May should be easier to navigate even if you’re still home bound. The full moon in Scorpio on May 7 should bring news about finances. It’s apt to be positive news, too, thanks to cousin air signs Gemini – where Venus is – and Aquarius, where Saturn is.

On May 11, Mercury enters Gemini and your 9th house and remains there until May 27, so this favors communication with friends in the U.S. and abroad, with publishers, and academics. You may be planning a trip overseas, too, in the post-pandemic world.
This is followed by a new moon in Gemini on May 22, also in your 9th house. This new moon ushers in new opportunities for communication. Publishing may figure into these new opportunities or perhaps you enroll for virtual classes of some kind. Five out of ten planets are in air signs at the time of this new moon, and that’s all in your favor.

SCORPIO: With the full moon in your sign on May, there’s news that should please you. Thanks to Jupiter’s position in compatible earth sign Capricorn, there’s an expansive quality to the news. Neptune forms a beneficial angle to this full moon, so your imagination is in high gear and you intuit exactly how you can use this news.

Mercury transits Gemini and your 8th house from May 11-27. This brings about financial communication, perhaps concerning your mortgage, insurance, credit card debt. If you’re still in lock Bdown, negotiate with your bank about deferring payments.

Things in this area should open up with the new moon in Gemini on May 22. Opportunities that surface will be to your benefit. If you’re feeling lonely, set up virtual happy hours with friends. Reach out.

SAGITTARIUS: With this full moon in Scorpio on May 7, your inner life lights up. Your dreams become more vivid. If you’re still working from home, there’s news concerning this arrangement with your employer. More than most signs, you undoubtedly are feeling constrained, restrained, and are chafing at the proverbial bit to hit the road. Have patience a little longer.

From May 11 to 27, Mercury transits Gemini and your 7th house of partnerships. If you and your partner are still sheltering at home, then chances are you’re communicating more with each other. And hopefully it’s actual communication and not arguments.
With the new moon in Gemini on May 22, you and your spouse/partner are presented with new opportunities for working together.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter and Pluto are in your sun sign, and Saturn has temporarily moved on into Aquarius. But it will return to your sign in July. For now, though, this full moon in Scorpio on May 7 receives beneficial angles from Jupiter – expansion – and from Pluto, power. It occurs in your 11th house of friends, wishes and dreams, your network of acquaintances, so the news you hear may well further your dream in some way.

From May 11-27, Mercury transits Gemini and your 6th house of daily work and health. If you’re still sheltering at home you may figure out new ways to work more effectively. It’s time to reach out to friends and family members and let everyone know how much you love them.

The new moon in Gemini on May 22 should bring in new work opportunities – and a source of new income. You also may join a virtual group of some kind that shares your interest and passions.

AQUARIUS: You’re already figuring out how to use this downtime creatively and constructively to bring about real change. And with the full moon in Scorpio on May 7, the career area of your chart is lit up. News you hear will concern your professional life. With energetic Mars in your sign now, you’re able to move forward quickly in implementing your plan and Saturn, also in your sign, helps build the structure you need.

Between May 11-27, Mercury transits fellow air Gemini and the creativity area of your chart, triggering communication with your team and with your muse. You’re awash in ideas. Just pick one and run with it.

The new moon in Gemini on May 22 should be a good one for you. New opportunities surface for creative work and you’re able to funnel your enormous energy into a new projects or multiple projects. With five out of ten planets in air signs, the deck is stacked in your favor.

PISCES: If you’re still sheltering in place, you’re probably discovering that your intuition is more fluid, easier to access, and that your dreams are more vivid and may be full of precognitive flashes. With this in mind, circle May 7. The full moon in Scorpio forms a beautiful angle to your sun and may bring news about a spiritual pursuit in which you’re involved.

From May 11-27, Mercury transits your fourth house, so there’s a lot of virtual contact with family, neighbors, siblings, relatives. You may be involved in a home-improvement project or, if you have young children, are finding creative ways to stoke their eagerness for virtual learning.

With the new moon in Gemini on May 22, new opportunities open up for communication projects. One possibility: you finally have the time to start that novel that has been percolating in your head for months or years.