If you haven’t already read my piece in the masthead called Astrology and the Corona virus, please do. It’s why I’m looking for positive news in these forecasts.

In April, there are the dates to watch:

April 4 – exact conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn
April 7 – full moon @18 Libra
April 15 – Sun/Jupiter square
April 19 – sun enters Taurus
April 22 – New moon @3 Taurus

Aries: The full moon on Libra on April 7 falls in your 7th house of partnerships. If you’re isolated at home with our family and spouse, you may find yourself conceding more readily to your spouse on whatever the issue is. Libra is a sign that craves peace and right now, it’s likely you don’t have enough of it.

On or around the 15th, with that Sun/Jupiter square, you may take on more than you can realistically handle. When the sun enters Taurus and your second house on the 19th and is followed by a new moon in that same sign and house on the 22nd, your finances should benefit. Since Uranus is closely conjunct to this new moon, there’s an element of surprise to any new financial opportunities that surface. Maybe a check from the government? Maybe a surprise job opening?

Taurus: April 7 features a full moon in Libra, in your sixth house of health and work. Full moons are about completion and news, so you may hear news about a health concern or your daily work. Right now, Jupiter has your back because it’s trining your sun sign. On the 15th, there’s a sun/Jupiter square which could indicate some sort of power struggle in your career area. Just sit back, chill, and don’t make any decisions until the 19th, when the sun enters your sign.

The new moon in your sign on April 22 is conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected events. It means that new opportunities appear out of the blue and even in this weird time in which we live, these opportunities should be positive.

Gemini: On April 7, the full moon in fellow air sign Libra should be a beauty for you. If you’ve been working on a creative project, you’re nearing completion or there could be news about it. The other possibility is news about your kids or about something fun you had planned – that probably got cancelled because of the corona virus. Don’t fret about it, Gemini. Get busy on your next project.

On the 19th, the square between the sun and Jupiter indicates that you may have a falling out with a friend or acquaintance over. Difference of opinion. Stay away from political discussions! With the sun entering Taurus on the 19th and the new moon in that sign three days later, a new opportunity opens up for working behind the scenes in some capacity. With both Saturn and Mars now in fellow air sign Aquarius, your thinking is more visionary.

Cancer: The full moon in Libra on April 7 occurs in your 4th house – home, family. Any news you hear around this time may concern family members who are self-isolating, perhaps in other parts of the country. They, like everyone else, are trying to balance the demands of this strange new reality in which we find ourselves. You try to help in any way you can.

The square between the sun and Jupiter on April 15 may create issues between you and a partner – business or personal – that have an impact on your career. Avoid conflict and use the new moon in Taurus on April 22 to make important decisions. You’ll have the edgy ideas you need because the Uranus is conjunct this moon.

Leo: You’ll enjoy the Libra full moon on April 7. It’s in your 3rd house of communication. News you hear may concern siblings, relatives, and neighbors and ways you can help your community during this time. You’re already figuring how you can take your business to clients through Skype, Zoom, and other communication platforms. The square between the sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn on April 15 may prove irritating for you, but use the energy to do things in a big way.

The new moon in Taurus and your professional area on April 22 could bring unexpected career opportunities. In a time when so many cities, states, and services, are shutting down, this may seem like an oxymoron. But thanks to the conjunction from Uranus, the opportunities will take you by surprise.

Virgo: The Libra full moon on April 7 falls in your 2nd house of finances, so expect news about your income. There will be news about finances and it should be positive since you have lucky earth sign Jupiter forming a beneficial angle to your sun. If the uncertainty about the virus has undermined your usual ways of earning money, you excel at details and find opportunities that other signs miss.

You’ll love it when the sun enters fellow earth sign Taurus on April 19. With both Pluto and Jupiter also in an earth sign – Capricorn – and forming beneficial angles to your sun, the universe has you covered. On April 22, the new moon in Taurus falls in your 9th house. New opportunities may surface suddenly and unexpectedly in publishing, teaching, or with foreign individuals.

Libra: So, Libra, with a full moon in your sign on April 7, what can you expect? This moon, like the new moon in your sign, happens just once a year. For those of you born between October 7 to around October 15, you’ll feel the effects of this moon most strongly. News is a given, and in your case, it’s news of a personal nature. Whether positive or not, be sure you have full information. It’s also a great time to complete something and move it out into the world.

April 15 features a square between the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn. This one impacts your 7th house of business or personal partnerships and your 4th house of home and family. You may be spread too thinly, trying to balance responsibilities with your business and family. With the sun moving into Taurus and your 8th house on the 19th and a new moon in Taurus on the 22nd, there are a couple of possibilities. You may get a break on your mortgage, insurance, or taxes. Play the lottery. A royalty check may land in your PayPal account.

Scorpio: The full moon in Libra on April 7 lights up your 12th house – the personal unconscious and anything that happens behind the scenes. You may be wrapping up a project you’ve been working on and news you hear may concern that project. Whatever the news, Jupiter in Capricorn forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign so it has your back.

On the 19th, the sun enters Taurus and your 7th house of partnerships. Even though the sun is now opposite your sun, this transit should be a good one for your business and personal partnerships. It’s followed three days later, on April 22, with a new moon in Taurus. Uranus forms a close conjunction with this new moon and that invariably means that new opportunities surface suddenly and unexpectedly. You may meet someone who would be ideal as a business partner. Or perhaps you and your spouse or partner go into business together. Or you get married. Uranus is the ultimate trickster and its impact on this new moon depends on where you place your focus and intentions.

Sagittarius: Given social distancing, this full moon in Libra on April 7 may put a damper on your social life. But you find ways around this – though Skype, Zoom, Facetime. And with Jupiter in your 2nd house of finances, your income should be expanding in spite of shutdowns. You’re good at seeing the bigger picture and this ability enables you to plan ahead.

April 15 features a square between the sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn. You may feel anxious about a creative project you’re involved in, but that’s the voice of panic speaking. Calm the voice, meditate, go outside for a walk. On the 19th, the sun enters Taurus and your 6th house of daily health and work. If you’re working out of your home, this transit should help to keep you patient, resilient, and persistent in pursuing whatever you’re involved in.

The new moon in Taurus on April 22 brings unexpected opportunities in your daily work and the way you maintain your health. Even if you’re working from home, something could open up for you. You tend to be one of the most gregarious signs in the zodiac so maintain your optimistic spirit, Sadge.

Capricorn: In January, half the zodiac was in your sign. That has eased up some now, with both Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, in your 2nd house of finances. Mars keeps you revved up and focused on earning money, and Saturn says, slow down. If you’re working from home, create a routine that suits you.

The full moon in air sign Libra on April 7 highlights your career area – the 10th house. There may be news about your career or possibly one of your parents. Complete projects you’ve been working on. You want to make room for the opportunities that will crop up during the new moon in Taurus on April 22. You’ll get a sense of what’s coming up on April 19, when the sun enters Taurus and forms a beautiful angle to your sun. Uranus is conjunct this new moon and that means surprises!
With Jupiter still in your sign, you should come out of this period intact.
With the full moon in Libra on April 7, your worldview is fully apparent to you – the positive aspects, the flaws, the parts that need revision. News you hear may concern a publishing or artistic/creative project you’re working on or have just completed. With this full moon forming a beautiful angle to your sun, you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Make good use of the Sun/Jupiter square on April 15, If people around you are grumpy and out of sorts, distance yourself and do something you really love. The point is prime yourself for the new moon in Taurus on April 22. This one takes place in your 4th house – family, home, your personal environment- and that’s where the new opportunities are likely to manifest themselves.Thanks to a conjunction with Uranus, you don’t see these surprises coming.

Pisces: Are you closing on a house? Refinancing? Looking for new insurance? Your 8th house, which rules those areas, is where this full moon in Libra occurs, so something is completed on or around the time of the full moon. The 8th house also rules the paranormal – spirit contact, reincarnation, life after death. So you may have some type of psychic experience that acts as confirmation.

The new moon in Taurus on April 22 occurs in your 3rd house, which rules communication, travel, your neighborhood, siblings. Since Uranus is conjunct this new moon, you won’t see these opportunities coming. But the moon and Uranus form a favorable angle to your sun sign that will facilitate the flow of energy between you – and those opportunities.