In Aliens in the Backyard, we have a chapter called “Earth Shakings,” which is about planetary empaths. This chapter grew out of pieces we posted on our blog about this phenomenon:

On March 11, 2010 and on March 11, 2011, we posted our first two pieces on planetary empaths. These individuals are so attuned to the planet that they experience physical, emotional and psychic symptoms days and sometimes weeks before a natural disaster.

Periodically, we receive emails from some of these planetary empaths about the symptoms they are experiencing. Two to three weeks ago – late March/early April 2013, several empaths reported recurring and persistent symptoms. These symptoms apparently were related to the events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, and possibly to the 7.8 quake in Iran the same day.

So we’re creating a page where planetary empaths can leave comments about their symptoms. Comments are always dated, which creates a record, a database.

Here’s what Connie Canon (mathmajick) emailed us on April 1:

Recording TERRIBLE planetary symptoms since I got up this morning, and worsening by the moment.

 I feel as if I have a high fever, but my temp, taken on two thermometers, is BELOW normal. I don’t know how to tell you what I’m experiencing. My eyes are burning like crazy, the way eyes burn from being exposed to a lot of fire and smoke. I just feel completely BAD, full-body BAD. This involves severe heat, probably fire, lots of death and/or injuries. 

 I want to sob, but don’t know why. Am shaking. Whatever is coming is going to be simply devastating. I only felt this way for the entire 72 hours leading up to 9-11. Symptoms then began late afternoon on 9-8 and had me flat on my back in the bed until morning of 9-11, when the plane hit the first tower.

 Debra Page reported having severe bones aches – legs and arms specifically.  Once the events occurred in Boston, the aches disappeared.

Jenean Gilstrap reported left  ear vibrations, palpitations, a touch of dizziness at times.  On April 14, the day before the marathon, Jenean was sitting outside on her daughter’s deck, moved her chair slightly, and suddenly “felt the earth tremble” and jerked her chair back.  Her daughter noticed and asked here what was wrong. Jenean replied, “Didn’t you all feel that? The earth just trembled and  I thought I was going to fall off the edge.” Her daughter laughed and said it was all in her head.

Well, we aren’t laughing here. If you experience symptoms, please let us know. Be as specific as possible.  If you are able to interpret your symptoms in terms of what kind of event may be coming – quake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, manmade disaster, terrorist attack, or something else – then please let us know that, too.  The challenge with planetary symptoms lies in identifying what, where, when.

127 Responses to PLANETARY EMPATHS – 4/16/2013

  1. Trish says:

    Yesterday, November 5, 2017, I received this email from one of the empaths, Vicki:
    I seem to have new empath symptoms that unfortunately I now know are right on the money.

    This happened 2 days before the Las Vegas shooting Massacre and again yesterday before today’s shooting Church Massacre.

    In each instance I get a really loud roaring sound in my ears. It is so loud and then goes away.

    The first time it happened I thought, “Wow this is so loud what is going on?” Then it stopped. When this happened yesterday I thought, “Oh please be wrong” but it happened again.

    I think you can tell that this has me a bit rattled. I have no idea where the occurrence will be.

    Ugh. Has anyone else experienced this?

    It’s very unsettling.

  2. Trish says:

    The last round of empath emails occurred shortly before Hurricane Harvey. This evening, I received an email from Angela Wilhoft that suggests something else may be coming up within 24-48 hours:

    Hi, there, we were talking on messenger about global empathy a couple of months ago and I wanted to touch base again. I am experiencing an uptick in my symptoms, which mimick anxiety. I wanted to tell you I feel something is coming, something global, or a major event on the global stage. I usually feel this within 24-48 hours of the event. I have been trying to document this sort of thing and I guess I just enlisted you, also, haha. Please let me know if you would rather I keep this to myself. But I figured since you study it…. I pray this is nothing.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Angela Willhoft

  3. Trish says:

    We just received this from a man in California, who is experiencing planetary empath symptoms. He’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing anything?

    “Found your page and was very intrigued. Became a believer when I experienced pre earthquake symptoms so severely before the Japan 9.0 earthquake. I live in CA and have been experiencing many symptoms. Unexplained anxiety, bouts of nausea, ringing, vertigo, lethargy, insomnia, skin crawling. Obviously a lot is going on in our world right now including the coming eclipse. I am very healthy but very in tuned with my body. Just wondered if others might be on the same page. Not sure what it means exactly except I think something big is coming.”

    If you are experiencing anything, please contact us through the contact form in the masthead. Thanks!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I’ve heard back from some of the empaths I emailed. Apparently Brandon isn’t alone in what he’s experiencing:

      NANCY A
      Wow, yes, almost all of them. But I’m also under extreme stress, so just passed it off to that. Especially the skin crawling! It is all over my scalp. So, so weird.

      LAUREN R
      Interesting. my friend and I were ill a day or so ago, nausea, shaky, etc. Slept all day yesterday. We have been attributing it to some kind of stomuch flu. I do feel a lot of energy and irritability everywhere, hard to be centered and non-reactive

      DEBRA P
      I have had vertigo, nausea, dizziness, “sea sickness”, and many left ear ringings. This morning was the loudest and longest left ear ring I have had.
      My daughter is also having similar symptoms.

      I woke up yesterday morning experiencing an event such as an explosion or quake. I was protecting my body. I got up and saw a text from my daughter. She said she had woken up in a panicked state and she wanted to make sure I was ok. So far, nothing can explain this. There have not been any “events”- as of yet.

    • Brandon says:

      I know the eclipse is passing over the Cascadia fault zone off Oregon. My gut says that’s not the place to be but being in Norther CA if there was a really big one we would get the effects here too.

      In the experience I had from the Japan quake I got a very surreal and intense anxiety minutes before the quake hit Japan. I was in CA. Figured out the next day it happened at the time of the quake.

      My symptoms really began about 2 days ago. Come and go but seem to be generally intensifying. The fact I am experienceing more physical symptoms make me wonder if this is something closer to my location. Or course I know it doesn’t have to be natural. I know it could just as easily be a human event.

      • Rob and Trish says:

        Here’s another response, Brandon. This one from CJ. She has parkinson’s but has learned to distinguish those symptoms from the planetary empath symptoms:

        “Yes! I’ve not been reporting them because there is so much going on around the globe. But, I do know the difference between the Parkinson’s symptoms
        and the PE symptoms. The Parkinson’s meds work on the Parkinson’s but do nothing for the PE ones. Kinda eerie this person emailed you at this time, because just this morning I was debating whether or not to mention mine. Guess his email was my answer. The PE stuff has been on-going since the middle of last week. A new PE symptom has emerged. Low-grade Fever. I have no infection to cause fever. None. My face flushes with extreme heat and redness. No illness to cause that.No hormone imbalance and Tylenol doesn’t help. Baby cricket clicking in left ear; sounds like Morse Code. Unexplained nausea. Pacing with my walker. Very, very anxious. Very,very SAD. Want to sob but am not allowing myself to cry because it makes my vision worse. My heart is acting up as it usually does prior to a really BIG PE event. Even Storm is uneasy and nervous, and Labs are not known to express anxiety and fear. Psychically I intuit something truly major coming down the pike for America. Don’t like the visions I’m having.

        So, Brandon is definitely not alone.”

        • Brandon says:

          That’s a very interesting read. I also relate with the face redness and flushing. This I noticed today. It’s like a momentary sunburn. I am actually in medicine and I can distinguish any of my symptoms from anything medical. I just don’t see any medical reason for me to experience this. I also believe In the metaphysical and spiritual. This is what brought me here.

          • Rob and Trish says:

            CJ, whose comments I included in a reply to your previous point, is a retired nurse. I think people in the medical field have a distinct advantage in being able to distinguish physical symptoms from the empath symptoms.

            Thanks for clarifying, Brandon.

          • Nancy says:

            I also have the red face. I have attributed it to stress. My daughter thinks it might be Rosacea, but I have never had Rosacea. I also have the ringing in the left ear (but to be fair, I have no hearing in my right so it could be both ears, for all I know). It feels like something is crawling underneath my scalp – shivering – and in different places. Awake every night between about 2:00 a.m. and 5:00a.m. These symptoms could be assigned to stress as my family is going through an extremely stressful time as my husband has Glioblastoma.

            • Rob and Trish says:

              Here are some more things about the redness, fever etc:

              From CJ: Was finally able to see the PE path on the blog. It’s highly compelling that almost all of us are having pretty much the exact same set of symptoms. Debra and I seem to be on the very same frequency all the time. And look at all of us are wanting to cry, are having LEFT ear issues, severe anxiety. The most compelling, to me, is this hot facial redness that several of us are experiencing. This is new for me. I agree with everyone else that whatever it is is HUGE and imminent.

              From Debra: I didn’t even think about the flushing , fever- like feeling (temp 97.7),
              and heat as a symptom. It is new and I thought it might be my Sjogren’s acting up in a new way.

              From Lauren: You know, this is something I’ve noticed here for the past day or so……….I don’t see any birds, and I don’t hear them (except for a cheep here and there) – it’s very silent. I filled the bird feeder days ago, and usually they finish it off in a day, but it’s been sitting full. So yesterday I scattered bird seed all over the driveway and it’s still all there – no birds have turned up to eat it, which is really weird.

              • Rob and Trish says:

                Update from CJ – 8/20, 5:49 PM
                P.E. symptoms continue, especially the very red face with heat. Only the face, not the entire usual flushing area, and it comes and goes. I check for fever, high blood pressure, etc. No physical causes for this, and it is actually getting worse. Having a bad day, more than PD….more relative to the PE stuff. Discomfort. I’m breaking my self-imposed rule of not watching world news to see if anything is manifesting. Not so far. But seems to be ‘birthing’, whatever it is.

                • Brandon says:

                  Update. I have continued to have some symptoms even while I was camping in the Sanoma/Napa area here in CA. Once I returned home last night the dizziness seemed most intense almost surreal. Nothing out of the ordinary and I didn’t do any excessive drinking even though I was near Napa. ;). Let’s so how things go after today’s eclipse. Hopefully quiet down.

                  • Rob and Trish says:

                    Thanks for the update, Brandon!

                    • Brandon says:

                      How’s everyone feeling with the beast of a storm IRMA. Emotional state is being highly affected. I do think I am getting quite a strong vibe off this one. A lot of people could be affected in some way. Fingers cross people take the warnings seriously.

  4. Trish says:

    I just received an email from Vicki – who comments here as “mom with wings,” about some symptoms she has been experiencing:

    Hi Trish,

    I was wondering if anyone else has felt a major earthquake with Tsunami near the U.S. ? I’ve been hit by “a major wave” several times in the past week this is different than vertigo. I’ll be in a store walking and I feel like I’m on a boat and a big wave hits and I’m knocked into the shelves. The last time something like this happened it was the Japan earthquake with tsunami.

    It could be happening in the next few weeks.

    I feel it could be an earthquake on the west coast, CA.
    All I know is that something is coming.
    I also “saw” a big storm again with trees flattened etc. that could be this summer.
    I’m getting a gentle push to be sure that I have extra food supplies, but especially cat food! It’s going to be an interesting summer !

  5. دانلود آهنگ خارجی says:

    thank you

  6. liz says:

    Yesterday evening I became extremely nervous and sick at my stomach. This morning my friend sent me the link to this page about Planetary Empaths. After reading my email, I checked my Facebook and had a message that a FB friend was okay after the earthquake. That was the first I had heard about the quake. I am Buddhist and am sure that my unease was due to this quake. I still feel sick and keep wanting to cry.

  7. isabel says:

    On 11/16/13. I swore I died at 3:55 or so. It was this I was shown everything from birth to the years to come. I was shown a war. God walked me through the bible. Ive been reading the bible and its like I was already given the knowledge. I know all of Mathews and thats how I was shown the end of the world. I can go into such detail but would take a long time to write. The doctors diagnosed me with postpartum phycosis even though my daughter was born in april. I saw what it was like to be in heaven and hell. I was in this phycosis from 11/16/13 to 11/11/13. I have never experienced this type of episode in my life. And only got worse when i was realized I was already shown this week 2 weeks ago. also been experimenting severe right knee pain, lower back pain, tmj and burns on my tongue that started last saturday 12/1/13. Now im started to feel afraid , drepressed. I just cant snap out of it

    • Adrian says:

      BarakaIrma, again my thanks. Last night’s riautl released a stubborn bond that I’ve struggled with for a year, and in order to do so I had to drop the shield and and let myself experience what was true and what was false, letting go of the expectations and hopes and regrounding in reality. Had I continued to try to shield myself from that influence I would not have been successful in releasing it. Today is bright with potential and the shadow is gone.

  8. mathaddict3322 says:

    Although I didn’t post my symptoms here on the PE site, I did email them to DPage (who was/is also experiencing them as well), and to Trish and Rob, prior to the manifestation of the event. Today is 7-22-2013. The earthquake in China that has so far killed dozens blindsided me, literally, yesterday, which was Sunday. That is the only day of the week my hubby chooses to stay home from work, so I try to spend time with him. But my PE symptoms were so devastating that I had no choice but to spend much of the day in bed. It was horrible. They are still bad today, just not AS bad, so it isn’t over. Anyone else feeling this massive movement of the planet? I rarely go to bed from PE symptoms. Yesterday was an exception. I continue to have the ear “thumping”; vertigo (not from Parkinson’s; it’s “different’); ship-rolling effect; overwhelming sadness, and a deep FEAR. This is not good. It means there’s more to come. cj

  9. mathaddict3322 says:

    Today is Sunday, July 7, 2013. Yesterday the plane crashed in San Francisco and the train derailed with several massive oil explosions in Quebec. I had severe symptoms prior to these events, as did D Page. Her symptoms and mine tend to almost parallel, and although we both have serious physical ailments, we’ve learned to tell the difference between our ailments and PE symptoms. She and I live on separate coasts. She’s on the Pacific, I’m on the Atlantic, and both of us are near the water. My symptoms preceding the catastrophes yesterday have faded.

    However, I woke up this morning with a new set of PE symptoms, several of which I have experienced in the past, and am wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms? The inside of my head feels as if there is a tiny vibrator inside it…like the way our head feels when a dentist drills a tooth. When I speak, my voice seems “hollow” inside my head, and it seems to “echo”. My left ear is intermittently “thumping”, like going across a mountain from sea-level, and my PE inner compass usually tends to indicate something ‘west’ of my location when the left ear is being funky. This thumping is not the usual “cricket” sound. I feel slightly nauseous. (More like sea-sickness)

    I have no physical sense of smell due to Parkinson’s, but have a profound sense of “psychic smell”. I am smelling the noxious odor of automobile exhaust, and again, it isn’t relative to yesterday’s events. My head is again feeling far too heavy for my neck to hold it up, and emotionally, I want to sit down and sob but am fighting that. There is an intermittent “ache” in the left temporal lobe of my head, comes and goes. (I only have headaches relative to P.E. symptoms, and again, the ‘left’ indicates to the West of me.)

    The sense of wanting to sob is almost overwhelming. The smell of exhaust is something new and won’t go away. It’s as if I’m inside a big garage where vehicles are being repaired….that awful smell of burned gas that comes out of exhaust pipes. I continue to experience feelings of deep sorrow and grief on an enormous scale. is anyone else having similar symptoms? Thanks, guys. cj

  10. sharon catley says:

    Several friends from across the country have lately reported feeling a sadness that does not feel like thiers. Me not so much

  11. Momwithwings says:

    Last night June 11 I had that annoying clicking again in my left ear. It seems to come before big storms.
    This morning on the weather report my area is being told to get ready for a bad storm with winds and flooding for Thursday into Friday.

    • Jane says:

      I been having a premonition about a huge devastating explosion and fire,I mean HUGE .When I said this to an astrologer friend she said something to do with a current aspect,I think Mars/Pluto was mentioned,but I hadn’t been up to date with the astrology.I wondered if anyone else has this,or evn,since I don’t watch the news if one had happened !

  12. mathaddict3322 says:

    It is Saturday, June 1, 2013. As much as I hate to be a Doomsday Soothsayer or Prophet, my planetary empath symptoms are indicating something horrifically enormous. I don’t know if this will manifest as a natural catastrophe or as something man-made. But the symptoms are devastating me with a sadness that is overwhelming and seems out of my control. It isn’t MINE. It’s coming from outside me. It isn’t the new line of tornadoes and storms that moved through the Mid-West yesterday. Honestly, I don’t know what it is, only that it will be accompanied by a kind of sadness that is almost beyond human endurance. I want very much to be wrong. Is anyone else having similar feelings? I hope not. Symptoms, besides the sadness, include the head being too heavy for my nexk to support it; wave upon wave of grief; I seem to be “hearing” sobs and wails and cries and screams, and the planet seems to be actually moving underneath me. There is fire, and there is smoke, and there is an indescribable odor. I want to be wrong!

    • Momwithwings says:

      I continue to feel out of sorts and have had some small feelings of the ground moving. I awoke this morning with a bad headache.
      When I read what your son is feeling it concerned me because I too have had bad feelings about California.
      You were correct with your feelings before the Bangladesh disaster so we wait.
      There was a 6.1 earthquake near Taiwan with Tsunami warnings In Hawaii .

    • isabel says:

      I saw the same on sunday 11/17/13. I actually was screaming and crying but they didnt seem to be of my own. My mom was recording me because she thought I was on drugs but when they no longer could contol me they had to hospitalize me and sedate me. I was also in that fire and that smoke made me choke at that time of the fire all women where trying to excape and save their children thats where the screaming and crying came from in my vision. and the crying was for the pain we suffered..Everybody at the hospital witness all that i was doing. I dont know why they didnt take this more serious instead of diagnosing me with mania

  13. mathaddict3322 says:

    It’s 9:30pm EDT om Wednesday nite. Gypsy, there is a huge volcano spewing ash and lava in Chile…air space is closed there….and altho this volcano is “routinely active”, the experts say they expect an unprecedented eruption at any moment, and have evacuated the inhabitants in the surrounding areas. There are continuous “small earthquakes” that these experts say are non-stop for more than a week, and that this portends an immense eruption. I had to go to the cardiologist today; my symptoms were so terrible I had no choice but to make certain it wasn’t “my” body that is having the symptoms. It isn’t. All the tests he ran were normal. I am so dizzy I’m not even staying long on the computer. Just sitting still with my eyes closed. I stumble into things when walking. And this isn’t Parkinson’s, either. Its definitely Planetary SOMETHING. Feeling feverish again, but body temp is below normal. I ‘feel’ FIRE and SMOKE, but don’t know if it is from a massive earthquake, a volcano, or a man-made event. Youngest son phoned me today with a prediction from his intuition; told me he hopes he’s wrong, but feels a really unspeakable quake is finally going to demolish California very soon. He rarely offers predictions, but when he does, about 99% of the time, he’s right. Soooo…..we wait.

  14. Momwithwings says:

    I’ve had some clicking in my left ear today. Not a lot though.
    I also feel out of sorts.

  15. gypsy says:

    earlier today – i don’t remember the exact time but it was about noon – i was sitting here at my desk/computer when i “felt” a huge jolt – a thud of sorts – like the earth shook – and i became dizzy – [again, i was sitting] – it was enough of a jolt that i got up and looked outdoors to see if anything was going on around the house that i could see – but there wasn’t anything – i had to leave and run some errands shortly thereafter and am just now getting home – anyway, just putting this up fyi in the event anyone has heard of anything going on today –

    • Rob and Trish says:

      OK, thanks, Gypsy. I’ll go check the quake sites.

      • gypsy says:

        trish, this was identical to the thing that happened when we were in the other house a few years ago – remember? that time it was the big EQ in chile –

        MWW – that train derailment was over in maryland – about 100 miles away –

    • Momwithwings says:

      Do you live near where that train collision and explosion happened?

  16. mathaddict3322 says:

    DPage and I have been in constant daily contact for several weeks, and speaking for both of us, we’ve both been literally bed-ridden several times from planetary empath symptoms that have been intolerable. I suspect my watering and stinging eyes are coming from the volcano that is spewing near Alaska. D’s symptoms and mine mimic each other’s. MWW, today my left ear was nuts, I was light-headed and ‘spacey’, walking on the rolling boat, and surely enough, off the Russia coast in the Pacific while ago came the 8.2 quake, following by the earlier N. CA L quake, and another 6.2 after-shock near Russia. I can’t even begine to describe the pre-emptive symptoms that came prior to the Oklahoma tornado. That was when D and I spent Sunday all day in our beds, unable to function at all….she on the West Coast, I on the SE Coast. The tornado was the culprit. One of my oldest and dearest friends from my teen years is a First responder who lives in Oklahoma City, not fare from Moore, and his grown children and their families also live in the OK City suburbs. For me, this catastrophe has been worse than the events of 9-11… PE symptoms appear to be increasingly overwhelming. Now we go into hurricane season in six days, and the experts predict a terrible one. All their data is pointing to a heavy hurricane season. Sometimes I wonder if living near bodies of water tend to exacerbate the PE symptoms. I think Gypsy is near water, too. most of the time. Water is a conductor of energy frequencies and vibrations. Just a thought.

    • Momwithwings says:

      This past week has been rough for me. The Oklahoma Tornado sent me to bed also. I tried to run some errands but barely made it home. I also have been suffering from lightheadedness.
      The night before the Russian Earthquake I was on the rocking boat too.

      I had been wondering how you were doing MA.
      I am not looking forward to this hurricane season. I know it is going to be a bad one.

      • Rob and Trish says:

        Thanks math and mom for bring us up to date. I figured the tornado did all you in.

  17. Momwithwings says:

    I had the cricket sounds in my ear again yesterday, and I thought, ” I wonder what will happen in the next day or so” then today is the horrible tornado in Moore OK.

  18. mathaddict3322 says:

    I suspect you are right, Gypsy, about it being a real crash and not a trip thru a portal. We always listen to our intuitive interpretations, and they’re usually correct.
    There was a plane that crashed over the desert overseas,, killing several folks. It was a 747. Saw it on the news…..the crash was caught by cameras. It was just awful. My “brain” fuzziness/vibration is gone today, altho the left eye is still problematic and I remain quite weepy and sad. A volcano erupted three times within the past 24 hours near Alaska, which leads me to think maybe the PE symptom inside my head, including the intermittent pain, MAY indicate an impending volcano activity. Too soon to know.

  19. mathaddict3322 says:

    Gypsy, I meant do you think YOUR dream portends something coming….not my experience in the craft. Wanted to clarigy that. My mind isn’t clear right now.

  20. mathaddict3322 says:

    Gypsy, I wonder if going through the narrow whatever-it-was may have been the plane/craft passing through some kind of portal into a different dimension? Just a thought. It’s now 8:35pm EDT here, and I just told my husband that all day today, the inside of ny head–my brain, I guess?–feels as if there is a miniature vibrator inside it. When he asked me to explain, I couldn’t, except the closest I could come was to tell him it feels the way a tooth feels when novacaine begins to wear off. Not tickling, but more of a “buzzy trilling” kind of feeling. I’ve been without major PE symptoms to speak of for a few days until today, but they’ve come back with a vengeance today. I woke with them, and they’ve worsened as the time has passed. The left side of my head, temporal area, has sharp stabbing pain intermittently. It’s PE symptoms. I just don’t know what, where, or when, as you say. That is such a weird lucid dream you had! It reminds me a little bit of the experience I had inside a craft with my youngest son and the NASA ground astronaut, Clark McClelland. Do you think it portends something coming? My left eye hasn’t ceased to be bothersome, even when the other symptoms decreased.

    • gypsy says:

      i thought of that, too – the portal thing – but i’ve really no idea – i mean, initially i thought this was to do with a real plane crash in the desert – and still feel that way – but…

  21. gypsy says:

    ok, so after writing all this out, other little tidbits of dream memory pop up – in terms of the wings, at some point in the dream, i had the impression that one of the reasons we were having to make the emergency landing had to do with the loss of the plane’s wings – and then, once on the ground, there was the issue with the leakage –

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Hmmm….this sounds, well, scary.

      • Jonathan says:

        DebbieHi Irma,Oh I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing your site has been. In just my short time here, I have lnreaed SO much about what is going on with me. For years I have had issues with using food as a comfort without knowing why, but the article above explains it all! I just very recently found out that I am an emapth and I have been struggling on how to deal with this gift. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge.

  22. gypsy says:

    just a little addendum to the dream – when i said there didn’t seem to be an instrument panel – i meant, there didn’t seem to be one on my side and/or that i was not using it at all even though there was a dashboard thing that went all the way across that front part of the plane – the “pilot” was holding what appeared to be a half-circle wheel and had his hand at times on a stick-type instrument in the floorboard console just to his right –

  23. gypsy says:

    the first of last week [i believe it was tuesday although i did not write it down ] i had a dream of a plane – well, what i initially thought was a plane – even in the dream i was wondering if in fact i was in a plane or something else – anyway, in the dream, i was in the front of the “plane” in what might be the co-pilot seat [but there was no instrument panel that i remember] – the “pilot” and i were talking and he [it was a male but i do not remember his facial characteristics] began telling me that something was wrong and to prepare for an emergency – the next “scene” of the dream was his telling me there was a leak underneath/a hole in the floor and that i should put my finger in this hole to keep the fluids from escaping – i leaned over and saw a very small hole and put my finger over it – and at that time, in the dream i remember wondering what it was that i was in – a plane or something else – then, the next “scene” of the dream was a view from above the exterior of this long cylindrical object in which i was a “passenger in the front” – i was “looking” at the craft/plane from somewhere above it and i saw that it had no wings -but it’s body was shaped just like a large jetliner and it had the front glass panel/windshield just like a plane – it was silver/white in color – then, i’m back inside in the same seat and we are skidding through what seemed to be a desert area – it somehow resembled the grand canyon – the “plane” had no wheels and was skipping along/bumping along on banks/drifts of desert sand as it went through this very narrow space of what seemed to be canyon “walls” – the space was so small that i remember thinking that if i put my hand through the side window, i could touch these earthen walls – and i remember thinking, “wait, how can this be a plane without wings…” and wondering what it was – i don’t remember being fearful at all – the “plane” was landing as well as it could – just bumping/skidding along as it hit the sand banks – anyway, i woke then – i’ve tried to relate this dream to anything at all to do personally with me – but there is simply no feeling of connection personally, as there is sometimes when a dream really is to do with some issue in my own life – it seems related to something else – nothing to do with me individually – so, i report it here – oh, and i didn’t see any other individuals on board – although i had a “sense” in the dream that there were – mainly because the “pilot” and i seemed to be in what reminded me of an airplane cockpit –

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for posting this here, gypsy.

      • gypsy says:

        well, i’ve meant to for several days, trish – meant to post this, that is – kept getting sidetracked –

        there is something else i will mention in terms of posting/commenting sometimes – in your series of posts regarding aliens, during the time there were several in a row, i began having such horrific nightmares that i cannot even describe them -and actually remember only one – in this dream, which was on a night after having read one of the alien posts, there was something terribly amiss with the planet – and impending catastrophe – anyway, in the dream, somehow i am aware of something coming from the skies – something is about to happen – and i go outside to look – someone else is with me but i don’t know/remember who it was but someone close to me i think – i look up into the skies – it is a clear night sky – and i see that the constellations are not in the right place – and i say to the person beside me, “see, it’s happening…the constellations are not where they are supposed to be – the earth has shifted” – anyway, then i woke – but back to the really horrific nightmares – sometimes i simply do not comment because i have to remove myself from the subject of the posts – i do not want it to be in my consciousness if i can help it – for some reason of which i am unclear – i just know it’s been terribly unsettling to me with these most recent posts – and even saying it/explaining it was not something i wanted to do – to bring it to my consciousness enough to explain – anyway – weird – very weird – but wanted you to know –

        • Rob and Trish says:

          Thanks for posting this, Gypsy. Disturbing, about the constellations.

          • Changswek says:

            This great! But i have been experincing added time for my whole life, and the rtapeeed time loops experiences… for instance in ’98 i was passing a semi rig on a two way two lane road, on a side street a car turns into my lane, I had no way to excape the rig was to my right, the car was so close I could not slow down to get out of they way. A fraction of a second before impact the whole scene started over again at the point of the start of passing the semi rig… perhaps a dozen or so times before the car got over to the shoulder and I drove on… so I think the it is actually a rewind of time to get the out come just right and it repeats itself until it does- Just thinking

  24. Hola,yesi keep having all sorts of symptoms as we spoke about for the past 4 yrs thougbthey have subsided a bit and are not that dramatic… i am now more in-tune intuitively and can anticipate so i take it easy.

    Lots of love

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Hey isabella, good to see you! I wasn’t sure if that blog was yours or not. Looks great!

    • Adrian says:

      Thank you so much for writing this. I read this artcile and had an a-ha! moment. Suddenly my life is making sense. I now know my greater purpose. I am very worried though, because over the last several years I have developed several illnesses that just keep getting worse and have lost my ability to look at the bright side of things, and my hope that it will get better. I’m not sure what to do now.

  25. mathaddict3322 says:

    Gideon, your dreams and empathies are so spot on! It’s incredbly stressful to live with the symptoms and not be able to do anything about the imminent events. I think it’s amazing that you’ve been able to determine at least a few of your symptoms’ meanings, such as the magnitude of quakes! I and a few of the others have been finally able to fetermine the type of event, depending on the symptoms, but where and when is elusive.

    I’m currently continuing to experience problems with my left eye, to the extent that I finally decided to go to the eye physician and make sure it isn’t an organic issue with my eye. It isn’t. It’s a PE symptom. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was totally blind in the left eye for a few seconds. It scared the beejeebies out of me. My eye seemed to be a milky white color, and hurt, then sight came back but the feeling remains.

    My intuition keeps telling me that someone of great importance in the world is going to be shot in the left eye, but I don’t know who, when, or where it will happen. The incident is accompanied by sensations of tremendous grief and mourning. I wish it would simply go away, but it doesn’t. Am wondering if anyone else is having similar symptoms? And Gideon, thank you for sharing!!

  26. Gideon says:

    i had a dream.

    It was mid morning, must have been because it was day, bright day.
    I stood in a high-rise building over-looking a modest city. The buildings in view were a humble fifteen stories maybe thirty, maybe more. there was no chrysler building among them- nothing of the sort. there were no towers that touched the sky, neither were there any that appeared to be born from the commonplace grandiose showmanship often seen in those buildings created during the early part of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Rather, they had the look of what you might expect from condos, nothing too ornate, but substantially large none the less. Square. Proportional. Plain. built for function. Many floors many windows.
    there was family among me, although i could not recognize them, but they had the significance of family members to me there.
    it shook, the building shook.
    Looking out the glass windows at the other buildings in the distance, eyes wide, body still, i could see;
    One building had half of the side blown away.
    planes shot over head. smoke.
    suddenly a flash of light, almost blinding in the distance.
    A plume of beautifully monstrous smoke rose in the arms of a mountainside. how far was unclear, but the blast presented no immediate danger, we had a few hours, if we made it out of the building.
    the planes path led them from the damaged building in the distance directly to our building.
    the side of our building was blown away.
    creating a gaping wound in its cement and metal exterior and with it the perfect mezzanine from which to view the reality unfolding outside.
    It was as real as day, yet it was as surreal as a dream.

    • Gideon says:

      Oh since the other page on planetary empathy seems to no longer be taking responses, i will simply say here that I have been a planetary empathy my entire life.

      It is not something I can control.
      It is not a Jedi kind trick.
      It is something I am shown and something i believe we can, if we look, listen and feel, all see.

      Whether it is feelings before worldwide earthquakes, inexplicable sadness before large loss of life, or powerfully prophetic dreams, they have all, at times, more than I am comfortable with, come to fruition.

      I must not that the use of substances such as alcohol completely diminishes this ability to feel the planet.

      In the realm of earthquakes:
      I have applied as much of a scientific method to my empathy as possible. But trying to compare a feeling to another is difficult. To date, i have been able to narrow down earthquakes that are larger than 5.5 on the rickter scale to the particular hemisphere or region that will be affected. This is not an exact science, but the severity of the symptoms seems to indicate the size, and they usually appear within 6 to 48 hours before a major event. While i get feelings sometimes for smaller ones, i tend to ignore them now. It is something I am shown. To date I have been able to accurately and publicly predict the manifestation of more than Six earthquakes.

      But i must again state that this is not a tool i can use like glasses i merely put on to see.

      In the rely of dreams:
      Much more difficult to decipher. Yet many have come true, literally.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Was this dream recent?

      • Mila says:

        I have this ability.I’ve never seen it as a curse but I do batlte at times to do the rising above. Funny really cause I never even thought about how it umpacted my everyday living until I read your description and found myself nodding profusely. I thought I had honed it but in all honesty after reading that , I think I have a little way to go! XMany thanks for sharing the article x

  27. mathaddict3322 says:

    My day today was pretty good, too, Mom. It’s strange how these symptoms are seeming now to wax and wan, but then sometimes to knock us off our feet. I spoke with Debra and she’s in need of our positive energy. Such a gentle soul, that one. And to be stricken with ailments that are wickedly debilitating. So, we shall send her the very highest and best healing energies possible, and hope tomorrow will be a better day for her. It’s been nice to have an entire day today without PE symptoms, just the organic ones. Hope the lack of PE symptoms among us means “things” might be settled, at least for a little while! Fingers crossed!

  28. mathaddict3322 says:

    MomWW, wow. The first symptom I had of Parkinson’s, and it wasn’t recognized as Parkinson’s. was the loss of my physical sense of smell. The second, and continuing, and absolute worst, symptom of this disease, is episodes of severe and debilitating vertigo accomapnied by severe tremors. (The episodes look like epileptic seizures, but are not.) The PD episodes hit unexpectedly and quite suddenly with no warning, and are horrific. I feel as if I’m falling off the edge of the planet through black space, head over heels, with nothing to hold onto. Of course, I’m NOT falling, but the vertigious sensation is that I AM, and it is simply the most terrible, terrifying feeling. Initially, because of that vertigo, they thot I had Menieres, but Menieres always presents with some degree of hearing loss, and of course my hearing is opposite. Ultimately other symptoms unfortunately culminated in the correct diagnosis. Anyway, yes indeed, I too know the difference between the vertigo caused by organic disease and planetary empath symptoms! I lived in S. CA, (Arcadia, by Pasadena) in my teens, and while waiting for the school bus every day, the ground always undulated under my feet to some small degree. There never seemed to be a day without the tiny temblors, and the PE “ground rolling, boat rocking” symptoms are just like those tiny temblors, yet here, the ground isn’t moving! Did we AGREE to do this? Seems ludicrous that we did, considering that we aren’t able to help folks. And yes, it’s really curious that you and Debra and I form a triangle in this country. Gypsy also lives, at least part time, in the Northeast, and she’s an empath as well. It’s all just too weird.

    • Momwithwings says:

      I meant to mention Gypsy!
      I don’t “remember” agreeing to do this, although I have the feeling that it is latent and I wish more people had it. Maybe they would appreciate our home planet more!

      Today I feel good!

  29. mathaddict3322 says:

    MomWW, it’s Saturday a.m. here in FL, and the baby cricket is really going strong in my left ear, and the left eye continues to be just as bothersome. I keep watching the USGS site for global stuff, but so far, nothing particularly signifcant. Both Debra and I have been diagnosed by audiologists as being “hyperuditory”. Have you also had that same diagnosis? It drives my husband crazy because I am not able to tolerate noises at even normal levels.

    My ENT specialist told me I can hear a flea sneeze at ten-thousand paces, and his audiologist said of the thousand of patients she’s tested, NO ONE has been able to hear the frequencies I can hear. I’ve consequently wondered if this hyper-hearing has something to do with the planetary empathy, and/or the abductions. I had my ears tested due to the sounds….needed to know if I had some kind of organic ear issues, The doc said the only issue I have in my ears is that I hear too much!!!

    Today, as I said, the baby cricket is really clicking in the left ear. which for me generally indicates something to the west of me, and considering that I live on the very eastern-most coast beach of FL, that means virtually anywhere else around the world is west of me! Very frustrating! And my boat is still rocking. Dramamine doesn’t relieve the PE symptoms, unfortunately. They just have to persist until ‘whatever’ unfolds.

    • Momwithwings says:

      My cricket has stopped (thank goodness) for the moment. When I was young I could hear dog whistles and the frequency of traffic lights. I knew when they would change colors because the sound was different. Now though I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease in my 30’s and the hearing loss has already begun. In fact I wear a hearing aid in my left ear. That is why when the tiny cricket clicking noises began I thought something else was going on but they could find nothing else wrong! It stopped after the Boston bombing, although did start again 2 nights ago but again has stopped.
      My boat rocking is very different from vertigo. I grew up in a boating family so know the difference, and my current feelings are definitely like being on a rocking boat.
      All I know Math, is that something else is coming and then another.
      I do have Fibromyalgia diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, with that I’m hyper sensitive to just about everything including noises. I’m actually lucky that when some noises get too much, I take out my hearing aid. I have noticed that I am becoming increasingly intolerant of most public places. I have to constantly put up my blocks or preferably just stay home with nature. I find I’m much happier with nature and animals and I’m lucky to live surrounded by woods and water.

      I’m interested to see what my symptoms will be like tomorrow!
      I do find it interesting that I live in the Northeast, you in the Southeast and Deb in the West. We tend to cover a lot of area!

    • Jasmine says:

      im a emotional emapth. in my family depression, bi-polar disorder, and anxity run down the lineage. for me my personal mentality got so bad becuase i was also taking on everyone elses. it all worsened when the put me in the hospital because i was absorbing other kids sufferings. i also tended to care more about others to aviod the internal stuff. As i grew so did my GIFT. for years it was more of a curse but i took up writing and the arts, meditation and theripy with a fellow emapth. i am 17 and although with my gift i had to settle for a GED, i am happy, i can help, and this is who i am:)

  30. mathaddict3322 says:

    MomWW, I have that “cricket clicking” in my ear from time to time. I call it the “baby cricket clicking”, but haven’t been able to determine what it indicates. Yes, you and Deb and I are definitely connected! (I can’t help but wonder if it’s from the alien encounters.) She’s going thru a terrible time right now and needs our support and prayers for healing. Both you and she have fibromyalgia, and she battles other autoimmune ailments. I’ve been diagnosed with a rare condition called MCSD, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder, and of course Parkinson’s Disease.
    When it all gets messed up at the same time, it’s a challenge just functioning. Tonite I’ve experienced extremely deep emotional hurt from a friend, and adding that into the mix is almost more devastating than I am able to tolerate. But we are strong, you and Debra and I, and we WILL prevail. I know we can, and we have each other and this growing group of planetary empaths with whom we can share these high weirdness incidents without being ridiculed. I’m SO grateful for that. No one WANTS to be sick, regardless of what someone mentioned recently. I have no hesitation in saying that we want with all outr Being to be healthy and well. Hugs going out to ALL the PEs!

  31. mathaddict3322 says:

    Oh golly, MomWW! I have that “head too heavy for my neck to hold up” feeling for several weeks now! It is such a weird and uncomfortable feeling. I’m so grateful that I don’t have the migraines that you and Debra have. My Mom had them terribly. I only have headaches relative to planetary events, thank goodness, but have witnessed the awfulness caused my migraines. And, we seem to be trying to navigate on that same rocking boat. Along with Debra, yet again, I simply feel that something is terribly “wrong” but don’t know what it is. Even my Parkinson’s is acting up, and that, combined with the PE symptoms, is really exhausting. I wish I could get past this feeling that someone famous all over the world is approaching transition, and that it will impact everyone and that it will be violent. I haven’t had this in the past. It feels liike a bullet into my left eye. Hopefully it will fade before anything hellish happens!

    • Momwithwings says:

      I’ve noticed that you, Deb and I tend to get symptoms at the same time. I’m not surprised because I KNOW there is some kind of connection between us.

      My Fibro pain has been flaring too, it’s so frustrating and exhausting. I just don’t want to do anything but stay home.

      I feel my symptoms are more with weather and earth, but honestly don’t know.
      I had that clicking until Boston where people were murdered. You seem to get more definitive symptoms, I’m glad that I don’t .

      It helps me to know that I’m not alone in this.

      • D Page says:

        It really does help knowing we have each other, here on the blog and in spirit. I am grateful.
        I now have a headache on the left side along with the other symptoms.
        That dizzy “on the dock over water” feeling is hard to cope with.
        So is the “can’t hold up the neck” feeling.

  32. mathaddict3322 says:

    It is now 4-26-2013. I’m wondering if any of the other empaths are experiencing what seem to me to be “waxing and waning” symptoms? This is something new for me, and thinking about it, the thought occurs that perhaps we may “pick up” on plans that are made and then not fulfilled….human plans, of course. That could explain the waxing and waning. Or, it could be explained by natural events that are building by degrees…..increasing a bit then stopping, then increasing a bit more then stopping. My primary symptoms today disturb me. There is a sharp pain coming and going on the left side of my head, above my left ear. And my left eye is watering and burning and even aching. There is nothing organically wrong with my eye, and I only have PE headaches. I still have a sense of someone being “shot in the eye”, and it’s a terrifying feeling that I hope is very wrong! My balance is also very “off” today. Am walking on the rocking ship again. This generally indicates an earthquake of significant magnitude. However, it is also waxing and waning, which makes me wonder if the tectonic plates are shifting but not yet manifesting the big quake.

    • D Page says:

      I have not recovered, nor felt better for any length of time throughout this whole sequence of events. I have been in bed since Tuesday. Math describes it well with “waxing and waning”. This is also the first time in all these years of PE symptoms that I can’t tell what type of event that my symptoms are pointing to.
      I have had consistent dizziness, ringing in the left ear,”fluttering” in the left ear, pulsing in the left ear, heart palpitations, “grief-iness”, and a sense that things are just “wrong”.

    • Momwithwings says:

      As of yesterday my migraine is back along with neck ache. I wish something would hold my head up!
      Last night I heard that annoying clicking noise in my left ear again, and I’ve felt very down all day.
      I am frustrated that my symptoms are back.
      Last night I almost fell over twice, as when you are on a boat and it hits a wave and you grab for something.
      Something else is definitely coming.

    • Mutya says:

      I can’t believe I just came acsros this on my friend’s facebook link! I found out that I was an empathy and had physic abilities to see the very near future in my 20 s. I clearly remember the first time when I walked past an elderly man and my heart was so filled with sorrow that I started crying. Come to find out the man was suicidal and I was able to help him. Then the terrible visions came. I dreamt that I could see 3 women and their pictures were posted on a missing persons board. I could see a man in the woods with galoshes on looking for dirt patches. When I woke up and turned the TV on, it showed the 3 women who were kidnapped and later killed in Yosemite national park. The man I dreamt of was Carey Stayner, the man who murdered them. This all became too much for me and I remember saying if this is a gift I don’t want it! I started drinking more and eventually using heroin everyday and just like that I turned into a full blown junkie. After cheating death so many times I decided to get help. My friends were dying on e after another and I knew I would be soon. Its been 3 1/2 years now and i’ve been on suboxone which is a drug used to cure cravings. It saved my life and I relocated so I could again hide from this gift again. It doesn’t work. I need help to be able to embrace these gifts because I still look for ways to numb myself. I have so much more to tell you and I’m reaching out to you now. Please get back to me because I truly desperately need your help. Thank you.

  33. mathaddict3322 says:

    P.S. Please excuse typos. My tiredness is showing.

  34. mathaddict3322 says:

    Absolutely, MomWW. I emailed Trish and Rob, before clicking over to the blog, etc, that the moment the collapse of the building was shown on the news, and the hundreds of deaths and more than a thousand wounded, and the thousands standing nearby wailing in grief and listening to the herat-rending cries for help and for rescue from persons who couldn’t BE rescued, I knew where my symptoms had originated that had become intolerable. They (symptoms) released to a degree. However, the PE symptoms seem to be building and releasing, building and releasing, as the events continue to occur. And as I told Trish last night, I’m mentally, phsically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.

  35. Momwithwings says:

    Has anyone else felt some relief after the building collapse in Bangladesh?
    I was wondering, especially because many felt tremendous sadness.

    The day prior I was off balance several times reaching for the walls, so I knew something with earth shaking and buildings falling was coming.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Math reported some relief.

      • Frederic says:

        Irma KayeHello Ellyn,Thank you so much for your comment. Many of the best hreleas I know are self-taught as it comes quite naturally and organically to those who are gifted. Yes it’s time to drop the shame/blame game. I’m glad you found the piece helpful. Blessings to you.

  36. Momwithwings says:

    So today, Monday the 22nd, at least 3 of us feel that same uneasiness.
    My migraine is amping up again.
    I was out to lunch with my husband who took the day off, and the noise around me almost became overwhelming and claustrophobic. I covered it well but couldn’t wait to get outside and to head home.

    I heard about them catching terrorists in Canada and averting another disaster, but that did nothing to quell my uneasiness.

  37. mathaddict3322 says:

    Monday, 4-22-2013. Yes, Jane. Definitely.I just emailed Debra about the symptoms ramping up. They seem ceaseless. I, too, have some concerns about N. Korea and feel Russia is a two-edged sword, giving them support while appearing to be our ally. I am extremely unsteady on my feet and am opting to simply sit down. Eyes are blurred and watery and burning. Ear is once again “thumping”. I feel “heavy”. The very air feels “heavy”. What does that mean? I can’t describe it. And just as I was feeling prior to the Boston bombings that I was pacing the floor and waiting for the other shoe to drop, I have that same sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m going to turn on one of my Monks “Chanting” CDs, as they always seem to center and ground me.

    • D Page says:

      I am still having symptoms as reported yesterday. Am very uneasy.
      There’s also been moderate quakes South of the border here.

  38. Momwithwings says:

    Today things seem to be quieter, not completely gone but quieter.
    All I feel is that this is a respit but that something else is building.
    I am still concerned about N.Korea.

  39. mathaddict3322 says:

    Sunday 4-21-2013 Yet another much more severe quake in China today, early. Many were killed, and they said some 50,000 (!!!!!!!) injured. They’re still conting. This afternoon there was a massive snow avalance near Loveland, CO., that killed several very experienced snow skiers and snow sports-people. I swear, I think the planet is whacking out!! Catastrophes everywhere. I feel literally as if I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.

    • Jane Clifford says:

      Monday morning in Uk. WOAH! It all feels very unstable beneath my feet this morning & collective fear on the planet seems maximum. Trying to stand,meditate and ground -my body is swaying as if I am on a boat or something, or on a high wire,very wobbly!I am spinning here & in the news so far no clue.Feel strongly there maybe huge stuff going on unreported.Anyone else feeling this maximum instability today?High pitched noise in left ear.Very difficult to ground properly but managed to take things down a notch or two in meditation and prayer.

  40. mathaddict3322 says:

    Saturday, 4-20-2013. PE symptoms today awful. It’s one of those times when my head feels too heavy for my neck to hold it up. I haven’t been able to link this rare symptom to a specific event, but it’s very uncomfortable. Am also dizzy with watering, blurred, burning eyes, and can’t seem to “think straight”. My head is tilting to the left as I sit here. Holding it upright is difficult. It wants to fall to the left. Pain above left eyebrow. There are two earthquakes that have already manifested early today. One killed at least 41 people and injured more than 600, and that’s an early count. But I don’t sense this is causing the symptoms. I still feel the demise of a major world figure is looming but haven’t a clue who or how. Praying to be wrong.

    • D Page says:

      Both my husband I had a restless night. We both woke up with headaches that get worse as we move around. He was at work when he called to tell me about the headache, after I told him about mine. We both have brain fog. This morning I’ve had the ear ringing and clicking and both of my ears have pressure as if I am in the mountains or high altitude.

  41. D Page says:

    The 2nd suspect in Boston is in custody, alive and wounded. At the same time, China had a 6.9 quake.

  42. mathaddict3322 says:

    It seems that most of us experience “ear sounds” in one way or another as a PE symptom. Just as an RN, it makes me wonder if these ear symptoms are because our vestibular systems are the balance center in our bodies, connected to the cerebellum in the back of the brain. It makes sense to me, in a round-about sort of way, that if the planet is in process of approaching some kind of imbalance, whether man-made or natural, we would “pick it up” within our vestibular/ears.

    Today, my ear is “thumping'”periodically, almost like a Morse Code sound, but not a tapping. It’s a “thump”, and a loud one. My symptoms are increasing, with dizziness, and sadness, and an ache in the left side of my head that is coming and going, behind the left eye.

    • Soprano says:

      I’ve been having these thumps in my ear for a few years now. It too feels to me like Morse code, but then I talk myself out of it. Will pay closer attention, and learn Morse code!

      • Rob and Trish says:

        Thanks for commenting, soprano. The more info we gather, the greater our understanding.

        • Gustavo says:

          Chief YeyeAlafia (Peace,Health,Goodwill), Irma Kaye. Thank You for the clarity and unsdaetrnding of what an Impath is about It is bit by bit that we eat the head of a fish I have heard of this before but never realy identified with it that’s because when I was always called sensitive, It would hurt my feelings (:))- I didn’t know it could be a positive then I learned it was a strength ok so now I’m learning to use it for good I look forward to learning about the tools to help me grow well with this Gift . Again, Thank You and Good on You.

  43. mathaddict3322 says:

    It’s now Friday, 4-19-2013. Something else huge is “brewing”. I’m wondering if anyone/everyone else is feeling this? It’s not simply anxiety arising from the recent horrific combination of events: the Boston bombings, the Texas explosion, etc etc. This is something else. My left eye is very blurred; no physical reason for this. I’m unsteady on my feet, (not from Parkinson’s, I can tell the difference), but the worst symptom is that I’m feeling intense and soul-deep “mourning” encompassing a mass of people. This disturbs me more than any ot the actual physical symptoms: this emotional grief. I can’t help but wonder if some widely-loved person is going to be transitioning unexpectedly and in a horrific manner, as much as I hate thinking this.
    It IS what I seem to be feeling. As I type this, I suddenly had a vision of English royalty, which may mean nothing, although it may point to England or GB as a specific place for whatever is unfolding. I prefer the physical symptoms to this emotional devastation. It’s like the broken heart the world experienced when Princess Diana was killed, and when JFK was killed….that kind of mass grief, although I sense more than one person is going to be involved. Just now I had a mental image of a “gunshot thruough the eye”….but that might be allegorical, hopefully. Anyone else having this sense of impending doom that will cause great international grief?

    • Momwithwings says:

      I have felt something happening and my head is pounding .
      I know something is going on.

    • Debra Page says:

      I have had a migraine since yesterday. There is some kind of fluttering going on with my left ear, along with ringing and “clicking”. My heart is heavy and I still have tachycardia & arrhythmia. I have to find the notes where I wrote my impressions down. Like Math, I was wondering about a big loss.

      San Diego is still under an”explosive fire watch”. There were 2 fires yesterday, but they were under control.

      • Novitta says:

        Delightful story. I don’t remember ever haivng a psychic reading (except in a dream once), but in my early 20s I bought some Aleister Crowley tarot cards to do readings for myself and my friends, and they were so accurate, they scared me. Or maybe it was the frightening images on the cards that scared me. I threw them away and haven’t bought any cards since, but your post has made me realize, it’s not the cards, it’s the energy you give them.

    • Jane Clifford says:

      I agree,something else is brewing too,but lately I missed my usual earthquake signal,extreme body pain feeling crushed etc because I had been experiencing athritis too and both things caused pain.
      Not watching news I did not know about the earthquake in China but was overwhelmed with grief that day,not understanding why!My premonition signals used to be clearer but its all abit jumbled lately.Thank goodness for this blog or would have been convinced I was wrong and mad!

  44. mathaddict3322 says:

    I agree with you, MomWithWings. It seems 2013 is going to be a wild ride. It’s possible that 12-21-2012 MAY HAVE BEEN the beginning timeline for all the events and incidents that are happening one after another, and here we are, only in the middle of April. Guess we need to sit back and buckle our seat belts!

    • Momwithwings says:

      Agree Math. My husband said the same thing the other evening.

      This morning I am in awful pain ad it hurts to breathe, my head is pounding. Some of these symptoms are like when my Fibromyalgia flares, but they have come on rather suddenly.

  45. Momwithwings says:

    I just re read all of the above posts and was taken aback Math when you mentioned the clicking noise in your ear. I have Menieres, so am used to tinnitus but recently I’ve also had clicking noises. It got so bad that I went to the ENT to get it checked out. I’ve already had hearing loss and thought something else was now wrong. He didn’t know what it was and said my ears look great.
    Since Boston bombing I haven’t heard any clicking.

    Tonight the roaring and ringing in my ear has really amplified. In fact for someone who is used to it, it’s driving me crazy.
    I have also been drawn to look outside and up in the sky the past few days. I commented to my husband that I don’t know what I am looking for but I feel something is coming. At times I feel like I’m being watched.

    I have noticed I keep using the phrase “something is coming”.
    It has been a rough week and I don’t feel it ending anytime soon. 2013 is going to be wild.

  46. Ann says:

    About 10 days before the bombing in Boston, I began to wheeze, sneeze, cough, etc. Ever since I was 14 I have had all kinds of allergy symptoms & there had been a high pollen count here in the East Tennessee area. A Nurse Practioner had given me 2 shots ( on different days) of strong steroids, but I continued to wheeze, sneeze, and cough. What was really strange was that on the day of the Boston marathon, about 3 PM, I went from struggling to breathe to being totally clear in a couple or three minutes.
    So strange and creepy
    Anne Norburn

  47. Momwithwings says:

    Last Saturday I began feeling uneasy and that “something” was coming.
    My lower legs have been killing me and last night my entire body hurt but especially my hips. I have had overwhelming fatigue also.
    My daughters asked if I felt my “something coming” feeling was about N.Korea and I wasn’t sure but knew that it was something more than that.
    I had the left ear ringing and clicking and there was a 7.2 earthquake in Iran.
    I do NOT feel that things have ended. I feel that a lot will be happening in 2013.

    Last night I looked out at my backyard and the woods and park that surround us and the felled trees from hurricane Sandy, and I felt a terrible foreboding that we may get hit again this year with another devastating storm.

    Thanks for starting this blog area.

    • Jane Clifford says:

      Yes, a few us agree something HUGE is coming but from where? I knew we would face a nuclear missile crisis 2 weeks before it hit the news too.I think 2013 will be challenging too. I also suffer appalling pain in the hips,when I lie down at night! I have had high pitched ringing in the ears, & popping,rather than clicking.
      All very strange and this blog such a comfort!

  48. mathaddict3322 says:

    Well, it’s now Thursday, 4-18-2013, and the event has manifested that created my “new” symptoms yesterday, and specifically, the “acrid taste” on my tongue that wouldn’t go away, Last nite about 8 pm, a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, exploded, and buildings and houses and a school for miles around were destroyed. Smoke and fire everywhere; many many people hurt and sent to hospitals out of Waco because Waco couldn’t handle them all. I asume I thought the Boston bombings weren’t finished because my symptoms that picked up and began to build again were so similar, except for the acrid taste on my tongue, but they say the explosion at the plant was natural. Obviously the acrid taste I had was fertilizer. I’ve had precognitive dreams manifest quickly, but this is the fastest a planetary event has manifested following my symptoms. It was just a few hours. The next closest one in terms of manifesting so quickly was the 72 hours prior to 9-11.

  49. mathaddict3322 says:

    I didn’t add this (the following) because I DO have it periodically, although late yesterday afternoon I sent a brief email to Debra to tell her it was happening. My heart suddenly went into an episode of atrial fibrillation. I rarely have AFib, VERY rarely, but on occasion, I do. However, I don’t have it in the daytime. It always wakes me up in the middle of the night and will last 8 or 10 hours. Yesterday, it hit suddenly in the afternoon and was “different”. My blood pressure was OK, but I had tachycardia, (rapid heart rate), and an arrthymia. We have two wrist digital monitors and also my standrad blood pressure cuff. On all, my BP was normal, heart rate was bounding, and the arrythmia was present. It lasted precisely three hours, then suddenly converted. I don’t tolerate the protocol meds for AFib so simply must wait it out. It was a short, different kind of “burst” yesterday, in several aspects. I do believe it was a PE symptom as opposed to the ordinary AFib I experience, simply because it WAS quite different. And again, I emailed it to Debra as it was going on, so it was reported. PE symptoms continue to worsen today. At the moment, I am being dragged almost by some invisible force to go to bed and to sleep. I’m going to do that.

    • Debra Page says:

      I have been in bed most of the day, and am not doing well now. So very uneasy.

      • Rob and Trish says:

        PE symptoms?

        • Debra Page says:

          Yes. After it happened I felt much better. Yet I don’t feel comfortable or settled yet. These times are so heavy and distressing. Yesterday. I had developed a bunch of blisters under my nose on the upper lip. They are gone now. And like Math, I also had a bad a bad taste in my mouth.
          I am also working on a healing process, so I am fragile.

          • Debra Page says:

            I forgot to mention that San Diego was put under an “explosive fire alert” (code red) last night until Friday evening. We’ve had fires here in the past but we have never been given an alert with the word “explosive” in it. It’s cold here at night, enough to need a heater. We’re not having hot weather.
            Everything is too much.

  50. mathaddict3322 says:

    Thanks so much, Trish and Rob, for creating this space for us. The symptoms I had prior to the Boston bombings vanished when the event manifested. Now, two days later, they are building in me again. I did see on the news that two letters containing ricin were sent to the Capital: one to Obama, and one to a senator. They have now identified four more such envelopes. I continue to experience physical reactions when thinking about the N. Korea situation. But the Boston bombing symptoms are returning gradually, which is strange. Generally, the symptoms will come all at once and remain until the event occurs, and at that time, the symptoms disappear, as they did when the bombs exploded in Boston and the plane hit the first tower on 9-11.

    Now, however, the symptoms are gradually increasing. I am weeping. Burning in spite of AC on. No fever or mid-life symptoms. I have no reason to weep. I “feel’, emotionally, that some great event of tremendous global mourning is imminent, or very soon. I don’t know what it is. My eyes are burning and watering again (besides the emotional weeping); my back feels as if someone is hitting me with a 2×4; I can’t sit still and am feeling increasingly agitated moment by moment. There is an acrid, very odd taste on my tongue. This has NEVER happened. I brushed my teeth twice, used a strong mouthwash, am drinking lots of water, the acrid taste remains on my tongue and my tongue actually feels swollen but is not. Again, this is a new symptom.

    I’m unable to concentrate, and keep walking outside LISTENING or LOOKING for something….I haven’t a clue what is pulling me outside. The house “bumped” a few minutes ago, at least under me, and there are no planes, etc, flying nearby and no roadwork being done. The main symptom I’m having is what I felt prior to Boston and 9-11….that many people will be impacted and that grievous mourning will be almost too much to bear for all of us. My right ear is ringing, and it usually “thumps” or has a “baby cricket” clicking prior to events. But this time, it’s ringing off and on. I have no ear health issues. The bottom line sensation I have is that I’m waiting for the “other shoe to drop”, and that “it isn’t finished”.

    • Debra Page says:

      Last night, my husband started having left ear rings for the first time ever. I am also feeling something build back up. I am very uneasy and have heart arrhythmia.

  51. gypsy says:

    it seems that in terms of EQ symptoms, several of us have the same physiological/physical symptoms – left ear ringing/vibrations – dizziness – palpitations [from dp’s comment above and from what i remember from others some time back] – and you know, it’s really odd how we [well, i, anyway, of late] sometimes become so engrossed in life otherwise that we/i overlook things that we, when more aware and focused inwardly, would not otherwise miss in terms of physiological/physical and other messages/signs from the universe – but then, someone else says something and it triggers our memory/clarifies our own experiences – and even in my note to you earlier, trish, i failed to mention the other thing i’ve experienced of late and remarks i made to those around me – last week i began having horrific pain – i don’t mean bearable pain – i mean, horrific pain – in my left knee – now, while it’s true that i do have some knee problems, i’d recently had my injections and have been a new pain-free person ever since – however, out of the blue it became so bad last week that i kept remarking that it was a “burning pain – as bad as if i’d been shot in the knee” – bad enough that i was unable to sleep – bad enough that my daughter drove across town [this past saturday the 13th] to bring me some otc stuff [which didn’t impact] – now, last night, my knee did not awaken me for the first time in days – and today i have been totally pain free – anyway, am adding this here as, again, upon reading dp’s comment, i was able to put together this other incidence to make sense [to me, anyway] –

    thanks so much for this forum, trish and rob!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for including this info, Gypsy. Pains in joints and bones…seems to relate directly to the marathon!

  52. Jane Clifford says:

    I didnt have my specific earthquake warning & theres been a big one in Asia.However my whole body has been Screaming for weeks now,pain in the joints specifically,but in joints where I have not felt pain before. Until today I put it down to a flare up of athritis,linked to suppressed emotions. Since healing has always kept me free of athritic pain,I am really begining to think it may well be planetary,particularly as 2 weeks before the Korea crisis I had said to friends I thought we would shortly experience a nuclear crisis like the Cuban missile crisis & a week before that I said “The controllers” were going to do some awful things to ramp up the fear in the global population too.

    I think I have ruled out the athritis,having had extra healing for that and for the emotions associated with it because the healing has cleared the suppressed emotions and the pain persists & I am begining to identify the pain as not specifically mine,but planetary,somehow once one identifies the source it is easier to clear.Your reminding me of empath symptoms has helped me identify whats happening.Thank you! I think there is so much going on that is unreported & as empaths we pick it up.

    Love and Blessings to all empaths out there who are suffering.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Interesting info, Jane. Thank you!

      • Manglore says:

        My fiance is an emapth and also an addict. She found out when she was a teenager and probably started using drugs not long after. Now she is a heroine addict currently in a rehab faculty in Utah. With more time on my hands, since I haven’t been able to talk to her, I began searching more about emapths. We haven’t had the best relationship but we have the best relationship. If that even makes sense. I want to help her deal with her gift, which she feels is not a gift. I strongly feel that if she can learn to deal with the bombardment of emotions that she will learn she doesn’t have to result to using. She has yet to tell anyone about her gift except for myself, her ex husband, and her parents and brother and sisters. SHE NEEDS HELP, I NEED TO HELP HER .Anything will be greatly appreciated.

  53. Debra Page says:

    This current set of PE symptoms were very hard to “read”. For example, I had been having classic earthquake symptoms for weeks: Left ear ringing, & dizziness. Yet there wasn’t a major quake, or volcanic event, and the symptoms kept coming.
    Then there was a new set of symptoms during the week before the marathon: flash burn on eye lids and face, a gravitational pull to fall on the ground, severe & crippling pain in lower spine, deep bone marrow aches in the legs, and aching bones in my arms. (I couldn’t walk and had to stay in bed for hours when this happened) I was at my Dr’s office talking with her about the bone aches yesterday when the marathon event was happening. I haven’t had any of the aches since yesterday morning.
    It was very difficult trying to determine what was going on with multiple events spread around the globe.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for the info, Debra. I think that anything you all can include may prove helpful to others.

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