They’re watching…or are they?

After our first night in our ‘urban chic’ studio apartment in downtown Toronto, we were ready for a leisurely breakfast. Trish had gone over her notes about Wolfgang Pauli and the Pauli effect at least a hundred times it seemed and she was ready for the interview.

The actual topic was an unusual story of a human rights lawyer named Cheryl Welch, who is convinced that the U.S. government is not only spying on her, but has targeted her in a wide-ranging mind control experiment. Trish was to provide one of several alternate explanations.

So as we left the room for breakfast on the interview day, I found a newspaper hanging on our door. It was the weekend issue the National Post, which appears to be a cross between the New York Post with its huge front page headlines and the dour, conservative perspective of the Wall Street Journal.

What caught my attention, of course, was the top-half of the front page, pictured above. Those scowling eyes and the headline: They’re Watching  – What does the government already know about you?

I showed it to Trish and said: “Mind control?” It seemed that the newspaper had pre-empted Weird or What? with their own story of supposed government intrusion.

Such experiments definitely took place in the 1950s and ’60s in an experiment called MK-ULTRA, a code name for  illegal and covert experiments run by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence. Targets were subjected unknowingly to hallucinogenic drugs and a variety of mind control techniques including  hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

In the mid-1980s, I was approached by a medical doctor who said he had a patient who believed the government was beaming microwaves and other energy fields at her. It was affecting her health and mental stability, he said. I was working as a journalist and something I’d written prompted him to contact me.

When I met the woman, she lived in a spotless, but impersonal environment, a condo in South Florida high above the Atlantic. She said she could hear voices seemingly broadcast from her teeth. Interestingly, Cheryl Welch mentions the same phenomenon happening to her. I eventually wrote an article about the woman’s experience. It was a peculiar piece because I introduced the woman to a former police officer who had left law enforcement to become a psychic working as a consultant with police departments. He felt the woman was telling the truth, as she perceived it, but he was unable to pick up any energy fields or the source of such fields. So, as with many such cases, this one was difficult to verify.

So are these covert experiments still taking place and is Cheryl a target? William Shatner’s Weird or What? set out to find out and included three alternate explanations. The Pauli effect was one and we were contacted to explain it. Trish initially wanted me to be the interviewee since I’d done a couple of TV shows related the Bermuda Triangle. But it was her turn and she grudgingly agreed to sit before the camera.

Cheryl Welch believes that the government is not only affecting her, but others around her. If she goes outside in a crowd, she says people will shout obscenities and spit at her. Supposedly, these people are either plants or innocent bystanders temporarily subjected to the same mental manipulations.

As an alternative explanation, Trish proposed that Cheryl might have some telekinetic abilities,  similar to the Pauli effect, which would explain some of the strange things happening around her. She also suggested that Cheryl might be experiencing ‘like attracts like’ or the law of attraction. In other words, she is so convinced that she is a victim of mind control that she attracts related experiences.

Oddly enough, it’s a case where the psychic explanation just might be more reasonable than the one based on cause and effect, ie. government mind control.

I briefly wondered if the newspaper on our hotel door could have been created for us and planted by a government agent as a means of intimidating us before the interview on the related subject. That would fit with Cheryl’s scenario.

In our experience, stuff like that is more likely to emerge from the underlying world that exists outside of cause and effect, space and linear time, the realm to which synchronicity serves as a doorway–the unconscious or the collective unconscious.

Certainly, government agents do silly wasteful things, but that newspaper was not one of them. We saw other copies of that newspaper around, including one on the airplane during the return flight.  For us, it was a case of synchronicity, one of many that we experienced in Toronto.

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  1. I definitely think the woman is mentally ill, rather than the government is controlling her. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” excellently shows how the mind of a mentally ill person works. They believe something is reality. Perhaps, in a spiritual sense it is. When a paranoid schizophernic says that they hear voices, I don’t doubt it. I believe it is possible that they are picking up on the voices of earthbound spirits, which are malicious in nature. I don’t believe its a government thought-control experiment.

    I’ve talked to people who’ve taken hallucinigenics and they swear by it that the images they saw were real. This is why I’m vehemently anti-drugs. You really don’t know how your mind will react to the chemical equation of the foreign substance and its too risky. Clarity of mind is truly important.

    I don’t know what goes through a paranoid’s mind, because I’m sure that their fears are very real to them. I’ve been curious about mental illness in the past decade, since my first exposure to it as an intern in D.C. (believe me, I received too many calls from people claiming that the government was “zapping” their brains). I often wonder what causes it: personal habits or hereditary or a mix of both?

    My own view regarding government and some of the well-known experiments, such as MK Ultra, is that I don’t really worry about it much. I prefer to have a spiritual view of the world and not get caught up in the worldly dramas. The government will always do what it feels necessary, but I refuse to live life in fear that something may or may not happen. I’ll cross that bridge if I ever come to it. In the meantime, I’ll just go on living life and enjoying it as best as I can, learning about the subjects that interest me, and continuing my experiments with the principle of the Law of Attraction. That’s all we can ever do, really.

  2. shadow says:

    well i certainly hope this is really going on. kinda freaky to think we might be little dolls, to be controlled with the remote control in someone else’s hand…

  3. gypsy says:

    well, what an interesting post! one of the first things i wondered is whether or not there have been witnesses [others] to the incidents cheryl describes such as people shouting obscenities at her and/or spitting at her when she is in a crowd – i also wonder if she has a theory as to why the government would want to control her mind, in particular – by that i mean whether or not she might have special training in some area of interest or have some other association with something to do with the military etc – or, i am assuming, she was just targeted as others may have been, randomly – i remember also having heard/read something about the teeth fillings theory – there is no doubt in my mind that there are government programs that target citizens for not only mind control experimentation but many other things as well – history is replete with instances of such things – even the corporate world has their own little “soft” programs for mind control – remember the 70s when we first became aware of the thing of subliminal advertising – it would be neat if you all were able to meet the woman about whom this segment is done – great post!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Right, good ole subliminal advertising. They’re still at it, too!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Gypsy, let’s not forget that the Bush administration ‘hypnotized’ more than 80% of the U.S. population into thinking that invading Iraq was necessary, that we were possibly facing nuclear attack. It was a form of mind control and it worked for awhile. Somehow, it didn’t work on me. It all seemed an obvious con job on the American people right from the beginning.

      • gypsy says:

        so true – so true – and i’ve been seeing some things on the net to do with gov’t mind control experiments/programs involving the huge towers that are being installed across the nation – same search words/terms used VLF/ELF towers associated with HARRP, mind control, etc – anyway – especially interesting to me because this last year as i was in/out of shreveport it seemed that the entire city had become one huge grid work of these new gigantic robotic looking towers going up – and i would laugh and wonder aloud just where ventura is to look into all of them – anyway – so many things about which we citizens know so little –

  4. Jen says:

    Wow. The cover story on that newspaper was definitely “fear porn” plain and simple. Yuck. As for mind control victims, I don’t doubt that government mind control may exist in some form, however I do think there are a lot of very paranoid people out there. Just Google or YouTube Gang Stalking and you will see what I mean.

    Here’s a random example:

  5. What an interesting post.

    “… voices seemingly broadcast from her teeth” – I remember hearing about something like this years back’ ‘They’ tried to explain it away as coming from the fillings in the teeth. The fillings acting like a crystal radio.

    I think that the danger can be that once we think we are being watched we get a bit paranoid about it and the imagination can run away with itself. But in saying that I’m sure that some people are being watched by governments worldwide – but there is usually some sort of basis for this. I also feel that a lot of insanity could be a form of possession, where we lose control and hear voices telling us what to do.

    Interesting subject.

  6. lauren raine says:

    The synchronicities you experienced make this an important trip in some way. Look forward to seeing the interview!

    I hate to say it, but this woman could also be a paranoid schizophenic, because the behavior you describe is not uncommon for people with that diagnosis. But that condition, which can be caused by all kinds of physical imbalances including misuse of drugs doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not also a psychic issue…….I personally think that people who are vulnerable or unbalanced can become “possessed” in various degrees by discarnate entities. Psychologist Edith Fiore (I think she lives still in Florida) wrote a number of books about that subject.

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