137, Pauli, and Toronto

Over the weekend, we went to Toronto to be interviewed for William Shatner’s show,   Weird or What?  We were supposed to talk about Wolfgang Pauli, the theoretical physicist who won a Nobel in 1945  for his exclusion principle and also collaborated with Carl Jung on synchronicity. Specifically, we were there to talk about the Pauli effect –  i.e., the spontaneous breakdown of laboratory equipment in his presence. And this seemingly psychokinetic effect was to be presented as a possible theory for what’s happening to a woman who believes she’s the victim of government mind control.

Pauli was also known for his connection with the number 137,  one of the unsolved mysteries of modern physics, the value of the fine structure constant , the DNA of light, as author Arthur I Miller put it in his book, Deciphering the Cosmic Number: the Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung. 137 is a prime number – a number that can be divided by 1 and by itself. Or, put another way, a prime number is a positive integer that cannot equal the product of two smaller integers.

The number became so puzzling to physicists that the famed Richard Feynman, who won the Nobel Prize in 1965 for his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, said that physicists should put a sign in their offices to remind themselves of how much they don’t know. The sign would be simple: 137.

This number confounded Pauli for much of his adult life. When at the age of 58, he entered the hospital for routine surgery and discovered he would be in room 137, he reportedly told a friend: “I won’t get out of here alive.” And he didn’t. He died before he could be released.

Now here’s the synchro. We were picked up at the airport on Friday evening  by a service Shatner’s production company provided. The car was spacious, comfortable, and gave us a chance to sit back and take in the city as the driver made his way through Friday rush hour traffic. At one point, the line of cars came to a complete standstill and  I glanced up from whatever I was doing and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

There, on my right, was a building with prominent white numbers on the front: 137, Pauli’s number. And we were here to talk about Pauli.

I quickly nudged Rob and we both laughed.  Then I noticed that the building was a gym – Good Life Fitness – which struck me as strangely ironic. 137 had proven to be Pauli’s death number, but we were here to talk about one facet of his life.

Something similar and more dramatic happened to physicist F. David Peat when he was invited to speak at the 50th anniversary of the opening of Jung’s institute in Zurich.  But in both instances the message was the same: we, like Peat, were to talk about Pauli when the number appeared.

The synchro, though, continued. On Sunday, we had some time before we were to be picked up at our hotel, so we walked around downtown and found ourselves on Yonge Street, where the gym was located. I wanted to get a picture of the 137, so we walked until we found it and I took the photo at the top of the post. We continued our walk and after a few blocks one of us mentioned Pauli again. At that moment, we both noticed a prominent sign across the street: WE’VE MOVED to 137 YONGE. It was apparently the former site of the gym.

When we  returned to the hotel, we sat in the lobby and I started emailing the photos on my Blackberry to myself so I could  download them to my computer.  I emailed the 137 picture to a couple of friends whom I knew would enjoy it and as I checked my iPad to make sure the photos were going through, I suddenly noticed that the 137 photo had been emailed at 1:37. I snapped this photo of my iPad:

Pauli greeted us hello as we entered the city and waved good-bye as we were waiting to leave.


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  1. G says:

    A friend of mine recently lent me the book ” Synchronicity and the Other Side”. I have only had the book a couple of days and have nearly finished it. I was looking through your sight and saw this post about #137 this evening. I have been thinking all day about clusters in my life and realized that the number 31 and sometimes 7 keep appearing together over the last few days. My question before all this , this sounds weird, was about how electrons work, thinking about electron experiments and comparing my life to being like some of those experiments. If you observe it to be at a certain place at a certain it will be there, if you don’t observe it to be there, it won’t and if you neither observe it to be here or there, it won’t be here or there. I have been feeling like I am neither here or there, a sort of inbetween place. The number 3131 came up in a phone number at work, then my utility bill was 313 and then I was leaving work a saw a brick lying on the ground that had 713 printed on it. I think since I just read the book that all of a sudden I have been turned on to synchronicity and have thought of many such happenings in my past. I began planning a trip to Florida with my family about a month ago and didn’t realize the place we were planning to vacation is only an hour from Cassadaga. I fully believe this is not merely coincidence but is something other pointing me in that direction. I fully plan on visiting Cassadaga when I go to Florida and see what I can find out. Thank you for your book. It have helped me find my way.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      G- then please visit a psychometrist named Tracy, who plies her trade just across from the Cassadaga Hotel, on the second floor (or maybe it’s the main floor) , of a lopsided yellow building. She”s amazingly good and will charge you $40 cash for the reading.
      She is in the “unapproved area” of Cassadaga. Ridiculous but there you have it. Even psychic communities have their politics. But, at any rate, be sure to take notes.

  2. Shhh108 says:

    Will these books explain how these things are happening ? Ive gone through so many routes to find answers but come up empty. The closest thing i found that resonates is “vav hey vav”!

  3. Shhh108 says:

    Fortune500 thanks for the reply. I know there is a site “wolfram” that lists all the “single” words that equal 137 or any other number for that matter but I went further and did phrases names and places. “I rest my case” is an example.

    Heres an example of a symchronicity I have had. Since 2008 I have found outabout kabbalah. Thats when i started having these syncs and learned about this 11:11 people were seeing. So every othernumber i wouldcome across i would have deep syncs involved withthem including one with a. D dead person through another person who I do not know. The point is that afterhundreds of syncs over these years i wondered why 11:11 NEVER hapened. Well on 11 11 11 I hit both ofthem in the am and pm and frequently since. Itsproof enoughto me that it is something else driving me attimes or allthe time.

  4. fortune500 says:

    Shhh108, by no means am I disagreeing with you about the preponderance of the words which equal 137. However, as a very old mathematician who has worked for many decades with the ancient Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, English and Egyptian alpha-numeric linguistic systems and their relative applications, I can assure you that in my huge files, there are quite literally thousands of words that carry the same number(s), including, of course, the 137. So, in and of itself, that isn’t unusual. The thing I find extremely provocative is that every word that occurs in a specific genre or area, resonates within the same numeric frequency. This proves to me, if not to anyone else, that there is an undeniable ORDER in the chaos of life, and that the chaos can be ordered via numbers, in each and every language. The 137, or 11, is one of those enigmas that niggle at us. Thirty or so years ago it fascinated the physicists, etc. Now, in today’s world, the 11-11 has become the archetype that seems to be the frequency most experienced. There are answers. We just don’t have them all, by any means, and discussing the topics is the best way to unravel the convoluted labyrinth. We do that here often. This site is a blessing, with many and varied minds contributing to its Whole, thanks to Trish and Rob.

  5. Shhh108 says:

    Oh you should look into flashforward the tv series and decipheringthe cosmic number by arthur miller. The timing ofwhenthese started correspond to the timing of when i learned 137 equals the god of truth in hebrew.

  6. Shhh108 says:

    If one of you wants to talk to me we can do that. Theres too much to type out. It would take a book to share it all. I dont know that the world wants to hear about it though.

  7. Shhh108 says:

    And im sure kabbalah will play a key in this. The hebree word “kabbalah” is numerically 137, I had hundreds of words and phrases that equal 137 in english. I may still have them on a file. The list is quite interestin

  8. Shhh108 says:

    Ill put something together tomorow. Have you seen the celestine prophecy? They actually talk about synchronicities in there and then it turns to intuition and finding your guidance. There something to it all im sure of it!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Read celestine & the 12th insight. Redfield gets synchros, but his story lines are flawed!
      Would be delighted if you shared your experiences.

  9. Shhh108 says:

    Its a literal rabbit hole for me. It will take time to explain!

  10. Natalie says:

    Awesome stuff. I very much enjoyed reading and the comments. As soon as I saw 137, I immediately went, aha! 11.

  11. Shhh108 says:

    I have this type of thing happen almost everyday. It is scaring the Shh outof me. 444 137 and 11:11 . The one you have here is an average one in my experience but it gets even more intense than this. I can’t imagine where the source is from driving these things. We are missing an unseen piece to the puzzle and im sure there is something logical behind it. But right now im scared all the time.

    If anyone can explain it would be relief. Its been happening for 4 years and happens no matter what!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      On the way to the airport en route home, the taxi driver asked why we were in Toronto. We told her, and since she was interested, we even told her about the 137 synchronicities. To our surprise, she said she was well aware of synchronicity and had such experiences all the time. “What’s the source? that’s what I want to know. What’s the source?” Now Shhh108 comes on and asks the same question.

      • Rob and Trish says:

        I sent this post to a mainstream physicist – my cousin Russell, and he has replied. As you’ll see, he knows quite a bit about 137, but has a different perspective. Here is what he says:

        A very interesting story, and your repeated sighting of 137 was quite a series of coincidences. Physicists have a far more down-to-earth viewpoint about this as you may have imagined. In fact, there was a fascination with 137 when I was an undergraduate more than fifty years ago. In fact, when I started at MIT, this number and its (possible) significance were barely twenty years old. A the time, we were so overwhelmed by quantum mechanics that it hardly seemed possible that the subject was that young.

        But I am digressing. Let me just give you a brief narrative about it. When the physics of atoms was first worked out with the ‘new’ quantum mechanics, there emerged from the theory a constant that represented the size of certain interactions. This is known as the ‘fine structure constant’, generally given the symbol alpha. Alpha emerged as a combination of fundamental constants of electromagnetism. Such constants (charge on the electron, speed of light, Planck’s constant) were not known at that time with great precision, and it was found that with the numbers they had, alpha was very nearly given by 1/137. There arose some speculation, among whom I am not really sure, that alpha might be given EXACTLY by 1/137. This ‘conjecture’ was passed along in undergraduate lectures as a kind of canard at that point. Some had thought that the exactness of 1/137 might constitute an important new law of physics. The fact that it is a prime number stirred the pot a bit more (I personally have never understood the cosmic significance of prime numbers.) As fundamental constants got measured more and more precisely, it gradually became clear that 1/alpha is not exactly 137, and that shrinking error bars pretty much ruled that out.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Sshh – if you use the search box for any of these numbers, you’ll find posts on them. Carl Jung believed that numbers are archetypes and when you experience clusters of them, it means that archetype has become active in your psyche.
      As for the source – there seem to be numerous theories. We feel that synchronicities – whatever they involve – are born along the border between a hidden reality – what David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order – and the explicate order, what is seen, our daily lives, our daily concerns.
      Sometimes, people feel stalked by certain numbers; other times, people find comfort in these clusters of numbers. The 11:11 cluster appears to be happening worldwide. Google it and you’ll find a multitude of websites about it. It seems to be some type of doorway to a higher consciousness.
      I’m not so sure there is “logic” behind it, at least not in the way we understand logic. But synchronicity does seem to indicated that at some level, we are all connected. There’s a parallel to this idea in Hindu philosophy/mythology – Indra’s net.

  12. Momwithwings says:

    Wow… Wow…Wow!
    That was so good!

  13. Darren B says:

    It’s funny you should mention running into 137 on your “Walkabout” in Toronto,because I’ve been looking at doing a post about the movie “Walkabout”
    and so I have been Googling some walkabout images to use in the post.One site I had found on Google images was a rare books exhibition site which had a magazine called “Walkabout”
    If you scroll right down to the bottom it is numbered 137 in the exhibition.
    I liked all the old book covers,so tucked the link away in my favourite links in case I wanted to use those covers some other time,but I have no intention of using the “Walkabout” magazine cover,as a picture of a speedboat couldn’t be further away from the dry land images of the movie.
    I just thought it was interesting that you ran into this number on your “Walkabout”
    in a strange land.
    As the Canadians would say,”What’s that all aboot then,eh ?-)

  14. Researcher says:

    Sorry, Trish and Rob. Maybe, the purpose of your site is just submitting new accounts
    of synchronicity, not a discussion.

  15. fortune500 says:

    As with all things in life, Researcher, Jung’s material may be subject to interpretation. Certain subjects, however, (such as basic, fundamental mathematics ), are what they are and cannot be otherwise interpreted no matter how one may attempt to do so.
    Being a mathematician, I of course admit to connecting dots, (and experiences), with a mathematically-oriented mind. However, if we “think together”, it would be most difficult to NOT conclude that our universe and everything within it follows precise, ordered matrices, and that these matrices can be measured and compared and rationally proven with mathematics. Synchronicity abounds, for whatever reason, in all our lives, and this can be easily (and simply) verified with elementary arithmetic. No doubt Jung was a genius, and his works will continue to amaze and astound us all for eons to come.

    • Researcher says:

      Dear Fortune 500,
      thank you for you response! I appreciate Jung’s research on S very much.
      But after two decades of my own experience with coincidences, I elaborated
      a new paradigm that I wanted to share here. Unfortunately, I am not a mathematician… I only can talk about S of ##.

  16. It’s as if Pauli was with you all the way – the interview must therefore have gone well!. Oh, unless the equipment went wrong!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      You know, there was a brief glitch in the sound equipment! I hadn’t remembered that till you mentioned it.

  17. Vicky says:

    Super cool synchro Trish & Rob! Here’s a related one which I haven’t mentioned to you before. Around the time of reading your book – 7 Secrets of Synchronicity – I was very conscious of the number 11 and of 11:11, so much so that I was aware of an impulse to “look” for it. I’m sure we all know the difference between looking and allowing. When a number appears “for real” it does so in a way that feels genuine and special.

    So anyway, I was aware and disillusioned by being overly aware. Around this time, I went to the corner shop and bought some groceries. There were two cash registers. Another person arrived to pay at the exact same time as me. The person serving me gave me the total – £7.31 – and I dug around for the money. Then the person serving the other customer exclaimed, oh, isn’t that strange. His total had come to £7.31 too.

    I was amused and as I walked home I wondered what it could mean. Then I realised that £7+3+1 is 11. Since two of us received the same numbers at the same time, I thought this may be a symbol of the twin pillars – 11:11. It seemed like a trickster effect, a humorous reminder from the universe that just because we’re “aware”, it doesn’t mean the universe won’t find a way to reach and surprise you anyway. Finally, I also realised that 731 is 137 reversed – which I remembered from your book. 🙂

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Good one, Vicki! Shortly before I read your comment, a friend emailed me about the root of 137 (or 731), being an 11. “More enigma,” she remarked.

  18. Researcher says:

    Dear Rob and Trish, thank you very much for your site – I like it a lot! What I like most of all – you are aware of the fact that at the present time, there is no any verifiable explanation of how synchronicity works and what structure of reality it implies.
    On your beautiful synchro 137. According to my experience, when you think of a significant departed person as if he/she were alive somewhere, – or when the departed one is just really close to your heart (as a co-thinker, in this case),- and in this mood, you “make a step toward” this cherished image – then, you can expect stunning syncros. A hello from Pauli? Not exactly…

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Hi Researcher – maybe it was a conversation with Pauli??
      Thanks for dropping by!

      • Researcher says:

        Yes, it was a conversation, but not exactly with Pauli.

        • Rob and Trish says:

          …but maybe a doorway to the collective unconscious.

          • Researcher says:

            It’s a pleasure to talk to you. But let’s be very careful with Jung’s terms. It is definitely a doorway to the unconscious (since it’s not
            conscious), but it can sometimes be “collective”
            and sometimes not. Do you want to think together?

  19. That syncro is beyond amazing! Did you discuss all this about #137 and your immediate experience with the number on the show? This was too weird to believe but, of course, we know you can’t make that up.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      The 137 synchros happened on either side of the show. I started to mention – generally – about Pauli and 137, but didn’t get a chance to.

  20. gypsy says:

    OMGosh! how incredible! but, of course, actually, pauli there with you!!! now, that’s something to talk about!!! – who’s surprised with you two and pauli!! great story!

  21. lauren raine says:

    Absolutely amazing! Wow! Please be sure to let us know when w e can see the show……

    • Rob and Trish says:

      This show was their last one for season 3. I think the season begins in September….so, not sure of air date yet!

  22. DJan says:

    How fascinating! I too think he “waved” hello and goodbye to you. How was the rest of the visit? I expect you’ll be writing about that sometime soon?

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