Birthday #3

Three years ago today, we put up our first post on this blog.  We had no idea where any of this would take us. Up until then, the people we knew who were even remotely interested in what fascinated us could be counted on one hand.  But over time, it became apparent that we had never been alone, that there were people all over the world experiencing the same kinds of phenomena we were and asking the same kinds of questions.

Now, three years later, something miraculous seems to be happening globally. More and more individuals are awakening to this underlying order in the universe, what physicist David Bohm called the implicate or enfolded order, a kind of primal soup out of which everything else, even time, is born. Synchronicity and all it entails seems to be one of the many voices of this enfolded order. It speaks to us constantly through signs and symbols, hunches and impulses and metaphors. Sometimes, it has a sense of humor, sometimes it’s dark and strange, but always, it attempts to seize our attention. Hey, you, listen up, this message is important.

We thank all of you for profoundly deepening and enriching our understanding of synchronicity, of psychic phenomena, of all that is hidden and unseen. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences, your hearts and your souls.

Here’s the link for our first post on February 4, 2009.Tempus fugit, as my mother used to say. Time’s awasting’. I’m still trying to figure out where the last three years went!


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22 Responses to Birthday #3

  1. Nancy says:

    Happy blog day! So happy you decided to start this blog as you have been a great blessing to me.

  2. DJan says:

    I had to type in all my information again, since I’ve been having some blogging problems and cleared my cache and cookies. Things seem to be back to normal now, but I had to wish you a very happy blog anniversary, Trish and Rob. Your blog continues to inspire and enlighten me.

  3. Momwithwings says:

    Wow three years!!
    I loved you Trisha as an author and then when I found your blog, well I was so happy.
    You have created a community here where I learn so much and feel so safe.
    Thank you so much for keeping this blog going.

    I am totally for a meet and greet, reunion whatever!

    happy Anniversary!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to the Blog! It’s awesome to be connected with your journey.

  5. Rob and Trish says:

    A synchro reunion would be fun!

  6. gypsy says:

    congratulations and happy happy on this anniversary date that has meant and continues to mean so much to so many! thank you thank you thank you – all my best wishes – and love –

    ps – and yes, time has sped up! i feel it every day! 😉

  7. Hey! Happy Birthday to my favorite blog! And wishing you many more to come.

  8. Congratulations on three years ‘service’. Your blog is a pleasure to read and has given me lots of information and opinion to ponder and think about. I’m sure you have been an influence to the good for your readers. As to where the last three years have gone, time (as we know it) must surely be speeding up. It does seem to be zipping by.

    Thank you both.

  9. Natalie says:

    Hooray! Happy Birthday Trish and Rob!
    Just so bloody happy to make your acquaintance. 😀

  10. Darren B says:

    For anyone who is interested,Marcus just post a video talk at his blog “22C+”, called
    “How Much do we Really Know about the Universe?”.

    It’s worth a listen…but I found that Australian accent of his
    a bit hard to understand .-)

    • Darren B says:

      Well,it would appear the Chinese authorities don’t like what I have to say,because every-time I try to post a comment on Marcus’s blog,the comment disappears in minutes.
      Well,I got one word for those Chinese Big Brothers…and that’s “Kundun”.-)

      • Rob and Trish says:

        I’ll go over there and try!

      • Rob and Trish says:

        Daz, two of my comments went through. Are you sure you got the wv code in there??

        • Darren B says:

          They go up as posted for about five minutes,if I’m lucky then they are gone.
          I would imagine my blog would be blacklisted,anyway over there,because the Buddhist temple in my blog is a Taiwanese sect and I have referenced the movie “Kundun” a number of times,which is banned with a vengeance in China.
          The Chinese did their best to get it blacklisted in cinemas in Australia before it was released…but failed.

          • Rob and Trish says:

            I’ll go check my comments, see if thy r still up!

          • Darren B says:

            This is what I copied from Marcus’s comment section,so this one is up…but for how long,we will see.-)


            TrishFeb 5, 2012 02:57 PM

            I’ll let him know mine went through.

            Brizdaz (Darren)Feb 5, 2012 03:23 PM

            Let’s see if this one stays up.-)

            • Rob and Trish says:

              Still up. I checked!

              • Darren B says:

                I stuck this comment up…if this stays up,then I know it must have been a glitch,instead of Chinese censorship.This will be a good test,since this movie is banned over there.

                Brizdaz (Darren)Feb 6, 2012 01:37 PM

                Let’s see if this one stays up then.

                “Kundun” is a great movie about the Dalai Lama’s life story which I highly recommend viewing”.

                Then we’ll know if it’s governmental or not.-)

  11. Darren B says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Guys and I hope there are many more to come.
    And here’s a synchro involving your above post.
    I have a clock that is on the wall above my computer with the words “Tempus fugit”
    written on the clock face. The guy I bought it from told me it means “Time flies”,but since I don’t speak Latin,I only have his word to go by.
    When I’m running late for work though I look at the clock and yell “Tempus Frig it!” .-)

  12. I’m so glad you started this blog and found my blog and introduced yourself. It has been a great three years and I learned so much. Here’s to many more years and maybe a possible Synchronicity reunion or get together or something!

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