Trump Train….Wreck

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, our daughter Megan received a text message from a former roommate, who was very excited about the surprise victory. She wrote simply: “Trump Train!”

My thought at the time, when Megan told me the story, was train wreck. From the most recent polls, it seems that many Americans at this point would agree with that assessment of the past four years. As with many mass events, meaningful coincidences erupt, and there have been no shortage of them during the Trump years.

First, a group of Republican congressmen and Trump supporters were headed to an annual policy retreat on Jan. 31, 2018 when the train they were traveling on crashed into a garbage truck. Train wreck.

The photo above appeared in the New York Times after the incident. Interestingly, the wreck took place near Charlottesville, where a few months earlier another ‘train wreck’ of sorts took place when Trump equated neo-Nazi racist marchers with the people who turned out to protest against them. He famously said there were good people in both groups. White supremacist and former KKK grand wizard David Duke praised Trump for his comments and said that’s why ‘we’ voted for him.

Now we have a new wreck. Veep Pence’s bus Thursday, July 30, crashed into a dump truck during a campaign swing through Pennsylvania. A fitting metaphor for Trump’s frequent bizarre Tweets that have been equated with a ‘dumpster fire’ that no one can put out. Pence abandoned the bus for a limo to continue the journey, but amazingly just minutes later two of his motorcycle escorts crashed and went down.


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7 Responses to Trump Train….Wreck

  1. Michelle Rogers says:

    Love this!!! It’s amazing what we find if we can just open our eyes Very interesting!!!

  2. Jenean Gilstrap says:

    the signs…they are a’talking…..
    But – are we listening? 0 huh

  3. Caren says:

    Definitely a spiritual message from somewhere beyond.

  4. gia says:

    Interesting metaphor!

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