If you live in PDT, this lunar eclipse happens at 9:44 p.m. tonight. If you’re in EDT, it happens at 12:44 a.m. tomorrow morning.

This eclipse is the third in a series that started on June 5 (lunar, Sagittarius), with a solar eclipse (Cancer) on June 21, and now this one, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. It’s the last until December. Lunar eclipses concern internal events – how we feel, what we intuit, and are usually deeply personal. To find out how this one impacts you, look here, under the July forecast in the masthead and your sign.

P.S. Usually on July 4, we wish each other Happy 4th, but this year, it’s hard to celebrate. The country is embroiled in such chaos – pandemic, economic meltdown,  the deaths of more than 130,000 Americans, and the daily risk of an incompetent and criminal administration and president – that there’s not much to celebrate. But  stay safe, wear masks,  and stay well!

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  1. Trish and Rob–any thoughts on what the critical degrees of North Node at 29+ Gemini i conjunct to Saturn at 29+ Capricorn might mean? I’m wondering, too, if this lunar eclipse on the Capricorn-Cancer axis is part of a stay-at- how, stay-safe message.

  2. DJan says:

    I have to agree: not much to celebrate this year. But my personal connections with friends, both online and in person, are good. Since I’m retired, I’m not out of work or looking for income. I am so ready for change in our political situation, though!

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