The Mystical Underground: 7 Values Of Life And A Determined Lady

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “7 Values Of Life And A Determined Lady”:

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with…

Dr. Philip Merry has lived in Singapore for 30 years, where he will be speaking to us from today. Philip has 44 years of experience training and speaking for major world organizations in 61 countries. He has worked extensively with the United Nations over the years. He is a Global Speaking Fellow with CSP Global, one of only 29 people to earn that prestigious speaking award. Philip specializes in cross-cultural leadership. In his addresses, he focuses on spirituality in work, happiness, engagement and team excellence.

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5 Responses to The Mystical Underground: 7 Values Of Life And A Determined Lady

  1. Trish says:

    In this magnetic field where synchronicities happen, the virus is a collective entity with consciousness that coexists with us, evolves with us, and in that relationship has reached an anaretic point of discovery in this nexus of energies. Just as there is an intuitive leap that takes place in order for us to realize, collectively, the paradigm shift to relativity and then to quantum physics, there is a heart-centered shift taking place involving our collective experience of reality itself. From the perspective of what we are calling virus, there is no death. There is only change in form. Viruses and retroviruses are made of RNA material that exists to enable mutation and adaptation in all life on this planet. Absolutely COVID is using RNA material to rewrite our DNA. Not everyone will be able to adapt to the changes or survive the mutation process.

    As a global consciousness, we have invited a closer relationship with this collective entity who is establishing heart-coherence as a priority at the cellular level. Lockdowns have brought families together and removed the distractions that we call entertainment. Some corporations are also being run from home and those that still have onsite employees are being forced to prioritize their health and welfare in order to profit. Banks are closed, making certain kinds of transactions easy if you have tech, labor intensive to impossible if you don’t. Certain survival options are closed to individuals and families who don’t have cars. There is more than one way to not survive COVID. Individually and collectively, the world is coming together in the early stages of a singular consciousness.

    My compliments and my gratitude to Dr. Perry who is giving such an upbeat context to all the anxiety that lives within the subject of synchronicity when it touches on death. His thoughts were of personal value and relevance to my perspective on what seems to be a necessary and transformative crisis in the development of critical mass. Please convey my thanks.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      This comment came from a woman who sent it to the Mystical Underground email, I asked her if I could repost it here.

  2. Darren B says:

    Dr. Philip Merry should get in touch with Laurence Browne if he wants to work with synchronicity pioneers –
    and Chris Mackey –

  3. TRISH says:

    Yay! It worked!

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