Chaos by the Numbers


Holly Granquist is a numerologist. She and I connected initially through IG, then she sent me an article she’d written in 2018 that connected a number of events through numbers. It was long and complex. In this email, she spells things out.  There’s a lot of information here.

from Holly:

Hi Trish,

Here are some thoughts on the Pandemic that I said I would send you.

But before I go into that, I have a revision to make on the Presidential election. I missed something important. With regard to mail in votes, the results could well be delayed even up to a week, and then there very well may be a different result with regard to the prediction I made. I know a lot of money is being put into Joe Biden’s campaign, even from a group of Republicans, but Trump is a crook, and he scams most everything he is involved with. Regarding the date December 21 or 31, 2020 and the Age Of Aquarius, I know that you are the one who knows about this, but I do believe the world as we know it is about to change drastically. I also believe that the President in 2024 will be a democrat and a woman. Millions and millions of people in the US will not sit placidly by while democracy is destroyed and a fascist regime gets a stronghold.  This will not work out and particularly as we come into the Aquarian age.

Here the numbers I got on the Pandemic: First case in china – 11-17 2019 = 13.4, in the Tarot the number of death and a bad number with regard to the virus.  Number 11 –  first master number and powerful. Number 17.8 is the number of death.  While 14.5 has a component with death and resurrection, number 17.8 is the death number (in Italy it appears on Roman tombs). And  2020 = 4, physical structure. So it might be said that this date brought about something that was powerful, deadly and physical in nature.

Date of first diagnosed American citizen with virus: Jan. 19 2020 = 6 – home family and harmony. The person who had the first diagnosis in the US returned from Wuhan, China on Jan. 15, 2020 = 11, first master number and very powerful. 6+11=17.8, the number of death. 8 can also be a travel number.

Regarding how long the virus will be in around, I believe the essential structure of the virus will be in play for 101 year, and here’s why. The Spanish flu in 1918 was 101 years from the current Pandemic in 2020, with a global palindrome on Feb 2, 2020 = 33.8.333. ^The next global palindrome will be in 101 years, on 12 12, 2121 = 3-3-3-3. The 4th 3 is the cure. In the coming years working from home will become more important, and harmony in the home will become more of an issue with changes happening there – 33  – 333 = 15.6  the number of home and family.

Well I could go on and on with this as I am fascinated with the numbers connected too the Pandemic. It is easier to put facts together with numbers in retrospect, but my hope is to make predictions for the future that are accurate.

Best regards,

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