New Moon in Gemini

Love these new moons! And the one on May 22, at 2 degrees Gemini, is a beauty. It’s bolstered by a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Gemini and by a trine to the new moon from Saturn in Aquarius.

Regardless of where this new moon falls in your chart, the new opportunities that surface will center around communication, information, and its dissemination. With the Saturn trine, at least one of these opportunities will be serious, with a long-term impact.

With more and more states reopening, a possibility exists that if there’s resurgence of the virus, countries may be better equipped to deal with it. In this country, that may mean testing is more widely available and that protective equipment is more abundant. It could also indicate an abundance of communication among government officials and health care experts about the virus, lockdowns, new test kits, a vaccine. Regardless, new moons are about new chapters, new opportunities, so I can consider this new moon hopeful.

Since trump is a Gemini, the new moon (conjunction of sun and moon) Venus, and Mercury all fall in his 10th house of career/profession. Venus and Mercury are conjuncting his natal sun and within a three-degree conjunction of his natal Uranus. This could indicate he’ll be tweeting up a storm, may be speaking publicly more frequently – perhaps at rallies? – and his apparent madness may be more bizarre than usual.

He may do something so totally out of left  field that it’s shocking even to a nation that has endured nearly four years of shocks.  Instead of recommending a dose of Clorox or some other disinfectant or advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent your contracting COVID-19, it may be some other alleged miracle cure. Or a complete meltdown about Obama. Or Clinton. Or China. Or some other facet of his delusional world.


Mike Pence is also a Gemini (time unknown), so he may also be in rare form. Pence, as head of trump’s virus task force, has stated some doozies recently. On Geraldo Rivera’s radio show on April 24, he said he thought the U.S. coronavirus outbreak could be over by the nation’s Memorial Day holiday on May 25. As I’m writing this near midnight EDT on May 18, the number of U.S. cases are 1,550, 295, and the number of deaths in the U.S. are 91,981. Today’s increase in deaths was over a thousand. At that rate, we’ll be at 100,000 deaths in the U.S. by Memorial Day. So much for the virus being over.

So on a personal level, the new moon should be hopeful and helpful. On a national scale, however, that this new moon, in the sign of communication and information, says we should be discriminating in the source of information we use to make informed decisions. And right now, those informed decision probably include things like, Is it safe to go shopping? Eat inside a restaurant? Should I wear a mask?

For the full May horoscope by signs, look for the May forecast in the masthead and stay tuned for the June outlook.

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  1. Iysa says:

    Combover is afraid that mail-in ballots could make the election difficult for republican candidates. He’s threatening to withhold funding from the post office. As if the decision could be theirs to make. So naive, it’s almost cute.

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