New Moon in Taurus


The new moon in Taurus on April 22 should be interesting. No other sign is as patient or measured. Like Ferdinand, the bull in the children’s story, it takes a lot to shock Taurus out of that patience. In the kid’s story, a bee stung Ferdinand and he leaped to his feet and ran around, bucking and snorting like some bull in the ring. He acted so fiercely that a group of officials from Madrid decided he would be ideal for the ring. They loaded him into a cart and off he went.

Each of us has Taurus somewhere in our charts. In that area, we tend to be more patient, sometimes more stubborn or rigid, and we don’t give in easily to the demands of others. And it’s that area where we may have grown complacent. The event that shocks us out of it – the equivalent of our bee sting – may be the corona virus, the lockdown, and everything that has followed. As of tonight, April 17, nearly 2.5 million cases have been confirmed and the U.S. has the most cases in the world – over 700,000. Worldwide deaths stand at more than 154,000 and more than 37,000 Americans have died.

These mass events impact every aspect of our lives. This new moon at 3 degrees Taurus indicates that new opportunities and experiences will show up in the part of our lives where we are so deeply shocked. Since Uranus, the planet of sudden unforeseen events, conjuncts this new moon, the newness will show up without warning. But in the time of corona, when everything feels like it’s shifting and sliding, few things are certain, surprises arrive daily. So we have to be particularly vigilant for an event, person, emotion, or impulse that seems like an outlier. Seize it, scrutinize it, feel that fire I your belly before you say yes or no.

The North Node at 0 degrees Cancer – that horseshoe shape in the 7th house – is within a three degree sextile to this moon – a beneficial angle that facilitates the flow of energy between the two. The North Node represents the direction we should move toward during this new moon to help us evolve. The 7th house is about relationships, both business and personal, and Cancer is about home and family, your mom (and Mother Earth), about nurturing and intuition. So whatever newness this new moon in Taurus brings into your life, it’s about more than just you. It’s also about how everyone in your immediate environment is impacted.


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