More on astrology and corona

Several days after I posted something on astrology and the corona virus, I received an intriguing email:

In the process of comparing corona virus deaths with mild cases. I’m counting number of aspects involving each planet in the natal chart. Highest counts are Jupiter 25 Mild, 12 Deaths. Pluto 29 Mild, 21 Deaths. 60 charts so far. Orb 0.

This email conveyed several things. The person who wrote it probably works in the health profession, has access to birth information for patients and for the times of death as well as medical info about the patients’ infections. He also knows astrology. He noted that the orbs he uses are 0 degrees; that means they’re exact. I replied and asked what types of aspects did these transiting planets make to patients’ natal charts? That’s important.

An aspect is the angle a planet makes to another planet. In this instance he was referring to the angles that transiting planets make to natal planets.

A conjunction – 0 -5 degrees – is same sign, same or close to same degrees. It reinforces the energy of the sign, house, planets.

A sextile is a 60-degree angle with a few degrees on either side. Sextiles are facilitators, points of ease, of flow. Think air/fire signs, like Aries/Gemini.

A square is 90 degrees or a few degrees on either side of an exact square. Squares are points of friction and conflict. They’re challenging, like the itch you can’t scratch. Example: Gemini/Virgo. Libra/Capricorn

An opposition refers to planets that lie 180 degrees apart (again within a few degrees). Oppositions are tug of wars between energies. They’re also like see-saws. Aries/Libra. Taurus/Scorpio. Gemini/Sagittarius. Cancer/Capricorn. Leo/Aquarius. Virgo/Pisces.

There are other, minor aspects, but these are the big four.

So you can see why I’m curious about the particular aspects (that he says are exact), he’s looking at. He says they involve Jupiter and Pluto, which are both in Capricorn right now. And in which houses do these aspects occur? To which planets in the natal chart? He says he’s done 60 charts so far. That’s the start of a data base!

The man hasn’t answered yet, but I hope he does.

UPDATE – 4/9

I heard from Gil. He doesn’t work in the health field,  a reminder why I should never assume anything! Here’s his email:

Hi Trish,

Thank you for your enthusiastic response but you give me way too much credit. I’m not a medical worker and have no special access to data. I collected 60 birthdates, no birth times, from the internet. 30 deaths and 30 mild cases. Having read your item on the corona virus which discussed Jupiter – Pluto conjunctions I noticed in my results that  these two came up with significant differences in aspect totals. Deaths Jupiter 12 Pluto 21, Mild  Jupiter 25 Pluto 29. By aspect totals I mean counting up all the aspects involving Jupiter and then Pluto. Oddly enough the single highest aspect count is Jupiter aspecting Pluto = 6.

This is all natal work. I am interested whether the natal charts reflect physical differences in responding to the virus. I can see that you’re more interested in transits which could also be looked though it’s more complicated.

Hope this helps.

What’s particularly interesting about what he’s doing is counting all the aspects from Jupiter and Pluto  based on nothing more than birthday charts. It’s much easier to do this and for those 2 planets, your time of birth doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t change their signs or the angles they make to each other.  I’m going to try Gil’s  method.

P.S. May 13: I haven’t had the time to follow up on Gil’s research and method. But stay tuned for the report on the New Moon in Gemini on May 22.


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5 Responses to More on astrology and corona

  1. Alisha Mohanty says:

    Interesting! Why look at Vertex? Write to us if you come across more interesting information. Thank you for putting this piece up. Please try to be home as much as possible.

  2. Iysa says:

    I believe the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction as a kind of significator for the virus implies that placement of these planets in signs and houses would determine how an individual responds to the virus, especially if they aspect each other. Jupiter in the first house, for instance, might be protective if the aspect to Pluto is positive. In the twelfth house it would, for me, indicate vulnerability. I would also look at the vertex. You need time and place of birth do any of those things. Still, it’s an interesting first step. It could be that simple.

  3. Alisha Mohanty says:

    Hi Trish, Hope and the family is well!
    Wow! This is super interesting!!! It would be interesting to know it’s indications for each rising sign.
    I have seeing the numbers 1:11 & 11:11 oddly more often on my clock and cell phone digital time. Today I was remembering you to ask what should I be interpreting of it. I have read some content on it. It’s more convincing when I read from you. I have also seen 5:55 and 3:33. Those are all the numbers that I have observed.

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