In this intriguing discussion with author, Whitley Strieber, we finally get to ask him all the questions we’ve had since first finding his book, Communion, in 1987. We also talk about his newest book, A New World, and what he believes about where humanity may be headed.

Be sure to visit his wonderful website, Unknown Country.

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  1. Susan Yantorno says:

    What a great interview! Whitley gives his heart and soul to this very important work we are all involved with, on one level or another. He brings so many voices forward to share their experiences on Dreamland, and it was a delight to listen to Whitley tell his story in full for a change. Thank you Trish, Rob and Whitley for this podcast!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      For years, we’ve had so many questions for Whitley. This gave us a chance to ask some of them. We just loved doing this. Hope you and Greg are doing well!

  2. Dale Dassel says:

    The part about the aliens observing us for learning and entertainment was fascinating, as well as the message that free will is humanity’s greatest treasure. Which makes me wonder if the observers can subtly influence us into doing something (a psychic nudge or suggestion) to see if we will carry it out, as an experiment. For example, what if an individual has no prior interest in something, but the aliens want us to learn about, or experience it. They might get a person hooked on collecting crystals because those particular observers like crystals. I’m not saying that invisible aliens are hovering over your shoulder as you browse eBay and compel you buy to things they like (an amusing idea!), but they might plant a subconscious notion in your mind to buy a crystal skull because they want you to own one. 😀