An Astrological Huh?!


A paper originally published in Business Comparison is entitled: The most successful CEOs tend to have these zodiac signs.

I think they chose a title that mentioned zodiac signs as a way to attract readers. It attracted me. Their methodology didn’t seem to have much to do at all with astrology. As the authors say, “We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest brands in the world to get an insight into their CEOs and what sets them apart from the crowd.”

They used something called Pilotfish Media to find the most influential brands on social media, and also used sources like Wikipedia, Bloomberg, and Forbes. There were other factors taken into account too – education, age, gender, ethnicity. Their conclusion about zodiac signs is really pretty much beside the point for the article, just a come on. But there’s their conclusion about the ranking of zodiac signs for successful CEOs. The points are based on their criteria, not mine.

Taurus- 8


In their list of youngest successful CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg comes in third, behind Kytie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics) and Even Spiegel (snap chat). Zuckerberg is a Taurus.

Here’s his chart and notice it even has a time! Assuming that time is correct, there are a lot of factors in his birth chart that point to success. First off, look at his 2nd house, where there’s a cluster of 3 planets – Pluto, Saturn, Moon in Scorpio with a — with a 4th planet, Mars in Scorpio, just inside his 3rd house. The 2nd house represents $, income, how you earn your daily bread. The 3rd house is about communication. This guy is secretive, visionary, intuitive, and not satisfied until he hits the absolute bottom line of what he’s seeking.

Remember how quickly My Space vanished after Facebook was born? I barely remember it. That’s how precise and detailed Zuckerberg is. Thank his Virgo ascendant for that. Where other people might see obstacles and hurdles and walls, Zuckerberg saw the details that made Facebook possible.

Jupiter, the planet of luck abundance, expansion, prosperity, is in Capricorn in his 4th house. His childhood set the stage. It was privileged. And that beautiful Jupiter forms a beautiful angle to his Venus in Taurus in the 8th house. There’s the flow of money, the help from women, the ease with which his intuitive ability work/ Neptune – the trident down there in the 4th house, in Capricorn, is just 2 degrees from a perfect trine with Mercury in the 8th house.That’s his visionary ability.

So what about his Taurus sun up there in the 9th house? It gives him patience and endurance. He’s stubborn. He knows what he wants and what he believes. He doesn’t give up. But that energy alone doesn’t create a social media platform that’s the largest in the world. The combination does it, the holographic blueprint.

But CEOs don’t exist just in business. They exist across the spectrum of industries. The next CEO’s chart we’ll look at is that of Virgo Stephen King, the king of horror. Virgo falls 5th on that list. I think King would have something to say about that.

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