February’s astrological forecast is now posted in the masthead.

The big news this month is that on Feb 16, at 7:54 PM ET and 4:54 PM PT, Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces. It turns direct again on March 9 at 11:49 PM ET and 8:49 PM PT. Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, and the signs Gemini and Virgo. My advice for these retro periods is simple:

Don’t start anything new and don’t make submissions. Instead, revise, review, reconsider.

Don’t buy electronics, cars, or anything else with moving parts.

Don’t sign contracts.

Don’t make travel plans.

If you do travel during a Mercury retro, be flexible. Your plans may change unexpectedly. And you may return to the place you’re visiting.

Old friends could surface.

Since Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, those two signs will feel the impact of the retrograde just as much as Pisces.

Now take a look at the forecast sign by sign in the masthead.

I wish I could say  I see a conviction for trump in the senate, but I just don’t know. What I can say is that more surprising and unexpected revelations will come out. Thank Uranus for that. It’s the planet that rules sudden, unexpected events ,and it’s transiting trump’s 9th house of justice, the law, worldview, publishing.







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  1. Alisha Mohanty says:

    Hey Trish!
    Hope you’re doing well. I don’t see the February forecast on the masthead.
    I still see only January forecasts on the masthead. Not sure if it’s only me.

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