Global Synchros & the Impeachment Trial



In our book 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, the 7th secret is called The Global. Here’s how we defined  it: When synchronicities manifest themselves through global events, the universe seems to be addressing us as a collective.

As with any kind of synchro, we still ask, What’s the message?  So let’s take a closer look.

On January 21, 2020, the impeachment trial of donald trump begins. As is so often the case, there are some global synchros connected to this. Here they are:

Three years ago to the day, January 20, 2017, trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the U.S. And today his impeachment trial begins in the senate, marking that three-year anniversary.

The other thing that happens today: the release of A Very Stable Genius by Washington Post journalists Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, both Pulitzer Prize winners. They have more than 200 sources, many of them individuals who don’t make appearances on cable TV, who haven’t spoken out publicly.

Now, it’s possible the publisher saw an advantage in releasing the book three years to the day trump was inaugurated. But unless the publisher had some prescient editors who are able to glimpse the future, synchronicity was at work in the timing of this book’s release on day one of trump’s impeachment trial.

“[Rucker and Leonnig] are meticulous journalists, and this taut and terrifying book is among the most closely observed accounts of Donald J. Trump’s shambolic tenure in office to date. . . . Their newspaper’s ominous, love-it-or-hate-it motto is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness.’ A Very Stable Genius flicks the lights on from its first pages.” —Dwight Garner, New York Times


“Imagine, for a moment, a high-octane courtroom prosecutor summing up for the jury a case built on the vivid testimony of multiple eye-witnesses…. You could scarcely ask for more capable advocates. Leonnig won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the U.S. Secret Service in 2015, then joined Rucker and others on a team awarded the Pulitzer for stories on Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Their new, collaborative account….walks readers step by step through the first 30 months or so of a presidency like no other. They leave little doubt that they and many of their sources regard that presidency as an unmitigated and deepening disaster — a threat to American government as we have known it.  Whatever may happen to that impeachment effort in the weeks and months ahead, it creates a moment of intermission in the Trump saga and a chance to consider how the landscape has already been altered by this president. A Very Stable Genius offers a harrowing companion narrative to be read during intermission.” — NPR

The message? We’re a critical juncture in our democracy.

If trump isn’t removed, he will strut through the next year with his usual diatribes about fake news, witch hunts, and wah wah wah, oh poor is me, I was picked on, and will  continue to dismantle the constitution and democracy in any way he can. He’ll become more dangerous, will distance us even farther from our allies,  and will hammer away to establish himself as a dictator,  autocrat, king of the world.

Now I’m waiting for more synchros to surface. And they will.

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7 Responses to Global Synchros & the Impeachment Trial

  1. lauren raine says:

    You are quite correct. Remember, after the Iron Curtain fell, Russia had a brief democracy. Until Putin was elected, and that was the end of it. If Trump is allowed to continue, arrogantly breaking every constitutional law and simple human decency, I do indeed believe the “united states” are over. This nation will become like so many other “banana republics”, a corrupt tyranny that impoverishes its citizens in every way while an oligarchy establishes a permanent parasitical control of the “government”. And as far as the corporate oligarchy goes, Trump has done very well indeed for them – no taxes need be paid, no EPA any longer, corrupt money people in all the important governmental agencies. Even if he was removed, frankly, it would taken many years to undo the harm that has been done, if it can be undone at all.

    I know it sounds pessimistic, but I kind of find hope in the work and writings of Stephen Swartz, who spent many years studying Remote Viewing. When he collated his respondants “view” of 2050 they said that the U.S.A. was a government in name still, but mostly it had devolved to bio-regions, like California-Oregon-Washington, etc. If this fragmenting of our democratic union is allowed to continue, I do not see how it could be otherwise. And maybe that is not so bad a thing.

    • Rob MacGregor says:

      Interesting points, Lauren. I’ve heard this break up of the U.S. into regions before, including….the Bible Belt states as – maybe tongue in cheek – the United States of Jesus.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Interesting thought about the future of the U.S. involving the country breaking up into several different regions. I’ve heard this idea before, especially related to the Bible Belt states becoming the United States of Jesus. Now Southern folk might prefer the United States of Trump.

  2. Gia says:

    This is how dictatorships start.

  3. Caren says:

    This whole thing has left me speechless from Trumps peers in his campaign saying he is bad and dangerous to suddenly supporting him and then becoming president, to his son lying about meeting with the Russians about adoptions, to destroying every environmental protection we have, to denying climate change, to not supporting gun control, to befriending enemies of our country and alienating our allies, to trying to suppress the press, and bullying people even in his own party by calling them names to his constant lying and cheating but the Republicans love him. I just don’t get it. The entire GOP is corrupt and I can’t believe how these people will one day face their children. This is not the America I learned about in school or the America my family members fought for. This whole thing makes me so so sad. Everything he has done has benefitted Putin or the very very rich. It’s disgusting.

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