New Moon in Aquarius


I love most new moons. But this one at 4 degrees Aquarius on January 24 is like cookies you created from scratch that don’t turn out quite like you expected.  This one may have some surprises.

Uranus, at nearly three degrees will be forming a nearly exact square to the new moon – a 90 degree angle. Squares create friction, trouble, stuff that has to be resolved in some way and because of the suddenness of whatever surfaces, you may have to act decisively.There will still be new opportunities, but you may have to jump the hurdles first.

Aries: the new moon occurs in your 11th house of wishes, dreams, friends and networks. You might part ways with a friend or business partner, perhaps due to a dispute about money or contractual details. But all isn’t lost! Jupiter in your 10th house of career is still helping you to expand your professional options and a woman or women behind the scenes prove helpful.

Taurus: Your career/profession is impacted with this new moon. New opportunities, experiences, and people  surface in your professional work or because of it. You  take a risk. You move beyond your comfort zone.At the same time, though, you have to deal with a surprise of some kind that catches you off guard. Be ready for anything.

Gemini: Since Aquarius is your air-sign cousin, you’ll benefit from overseas contacts and projects, through publishing, higher education. But there may be sudden, unexpected upsets. Deal with them, and move on. They could be of your own making!

Cancer:  This new moon happens in your solar 8th house of other people’s resources. New opportunities surface in mortgages, taxes, insurance, and with the paranormal. But first, you may have to deal with a friend who creates a sudden upset in your plans.

Leo: A new business or personal partner may be on the horizon. Or a new contract. But Uranus tosses a wrench into whatever is unfolding and you have to deal first with something unexpected that comes up in your professional life. Keep roaring, Leo. This, too, shall pass.

Virgo: This new moon occurs in your daily work area, 6th house.Perhaps a client or employee acts unexpectedly and you need to mend or find a way around whatever the challenge is. Jupiter in Capricorn has your back, though, and you should still benefit from the new opportunities this new moon brings.

Libra: This new moon is an air-sign cousin and falls in the area of your chart that governs creativity, kids, romance, pleasure. So, new opportunities or new people should surface . However,  an unexpected expense may upset your equilibrium. Resolve the conflict and move forward.

Scorpio: Your home is the focus of this new moon in Aquarius. If you’re moving or someone is going to be living with you, there;s extra income and money here.. BUT. Your business or personal partner may throw a challenge your way. But Jupiter is friendly to your sun sign now and helps to diffuse the challenge.

Sagittarius: This new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, which means you have the silver tongue that can convince anyone of anything. But an unexpected event – or person –  disrupts your plan. You have to move quickly to resolve the situation before you benefit from the new opportunities knocking at your door.

Capricorn: With such karmic planets in your sign now, you’re primed for this new moon in your financial area. But there may be a surprise and unexpected expense – from a child? A creative project? – that consumes your energy. However,  since Jupiter is in your sign, you should be somewhat protected and may still realize new sources of income.

Aquarius: With a new moon in your sign, which happens only once a year, you’re ready to embrace whatever comes your way. But an unexpected challenge comes from someone in your personal/home  environment and unless you take care of it quickly, opportunities slip away.

Pisces: Personal realizations are yours – except if a sibling, neighbor or relative unexpectedly intervenes. The snafu may be due to a miscommunication rather than anything vengeful, but still, it causes headaches for you. Deal with it, and then reap the psychological benefits of  this new moon.

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