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In late December, we received an email from Yanik Silver through this blog and he asked if he could send us a copy of his new book ahout synchornicity.  The book arrived early in the new year and what a delight it is! Yank illustrated it, the pages are handwritten, and and filled with wisdom. The journal can also be used as an oracle. Ask a question, open the journal at random, point at the page.

I emailed my thanks for this wonderful book and he sent along this synchronicity connected to the writing of the journal.

From Yanik:

What started as an interesting experiment turned into something much bigger than I could have imagined…

Every night for 108 nights, I illustrated a new journal entry.

Originally I saw a challenge online for 100-days of art but I didn’t really think I could do it with all my travel and other things going on. I remember writing in my own journal, I might as well do it and see what happens. But instead of just 100, I wanted to make it more meaningful for me.

In the yogic tradition 108 is a sacred number. I do 108 sun salutations each summer solstice and 108 is a powerful number in many ancient traditions

So many nights I really didn’t want to sit down and work on a new entry. Sometimes it meant a few 4 AM nights, but I made that commitment. I remember one night I literally fell asleep as I drawing a quote and my pen slipped but the entry ended up being so much more powerful with that “on-purpose mistake.”

I did just for myself.

These were direct downloads. Normally, I’d meditate and then just see what wanted to come through me. Pretty personal and sometimes a bit out there.


Sometimes I couldn’t believe “I” had written it. It just flowed through me. I didn’t intend to publish them but as I slowly shared a few with friends, they would love them. Then very hesitantly I put a couple out and got a great response. And then I showed them to a friend who invested in a limited run published, thereby ensuring I actually paid attention and made it a real book.

I’ve never had a project like this. I never had a specific order to the pages when I wrote them for myself, it was just whatever showed up that night. After I sent the original journal to get scanned, I got back contact sheets of these little 2”x 2” squares for each page. My entire kitchen island was covered in these thumbnails figuring out the divine order.


And I knew I was on the right track because I finished sorted the order at exactly 1:11AM.

I then created left-hand prompt pages for the Journal over several days and also finished them at exactly 1:11AM. Wow!! It’s not like I had an alarm and decided to stop at a certain point, it was just divine timing.

But that still isn’t the end of the story…

One of my good friends introduced me to the president of Hay House publishing (the same people that publish Wayne Dyer) and after a quick breakfast meeting, he said he’s never seen anything quite like this. So I immediately fast tracked a book deal for the Cosmic Journal and an oracle deck (coming out later in 2020).

As I was reviewing old journal entries from years back, I stumbled upon this page I drew about Carl Jung from his mysterious Red Book. Jung really wrestling with his “science” and “spiritual” side and The Red Book was published posthumously because he didn’t believe he would be taken seriously as a therapist if he shared everything he channeled. This oversized volume is magnificent with his gorgeous illustrations and calligraphy, he labeled this period of time as fodder for his most meaningful work.


I had doodled a little comic bubble having Jung telling me, “Create Your Own Red Book,” which I feel like the Cosmic Journal really is. And then I did a double-take…111 again! I had to look it up in the Red Book and 111 was the number of the illustration I doodled of the snake and it was plate #111 in there. Love it.

I’ve started referring to the Cosmic Journal as, “The galactic instruction manual you were missing when you were born to fulfill your destiny.”

You can read it cover to cover or flip to a page at “random” like an Oracle to see the perfect message awaiting you from the Universe. I’ve been stunned each time I’ve done this. I’ve had so many synchronicities occur giving me moments of awe and wonder.



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  1. Darren B says:

    I found this podcast featuring Yanik talking about the book, when I was wondering just who Yanik was –

    The Art of Journaling — Yanik Silver

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