Lunar Eclipse in Cancer



Lunar eclipses are about our inner worlds and tend to trigger our emotions in positive or challenging ways, which are then expressed in the outer world.

Today’s lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer is going to impact everyone differently, especially with the lineup of planets in Capricorn. Before we take a closer look, be sure you don’t sign anything on the day of the eclipse or make any had and fast decisions. Wait till next week. So let’s take a closer look.

Aries: For you, the eclipse occurs in the moon’s natural domicile, the fourth house of family, home, your foundations. It’s possible that someone in your immediate environment pushes one of your buttons. Even though Mars in fellow fire sign Sagittarius wants to be a warrior and is tempted to lash out, count slowly to five. You’ll be glad that you did.

Taurus: The eclipse in Cancer is friendly for you and may spur some deep thought about how and what you communicate. It falls in your third house of communication and favors writing that comes from the heart and through intuition. Elusive and dreamy Neptune forms a beautiful angle to the eclipse degree, and may put you in the mood for socializing with friends or your network of acquaintances.

Gemini: The eclipse occurs in your second house of finances and personal values. If anything pushes your buttons around January 10, it’s likely to be about money – lack of income or money that’s owed you. But Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius comes to your rescue and you’re able to walk away from your potential reaction through romance or because your situation really isn’t as dire as you may think.

Cancer: The lunar eclipse in your sign prompts you to look more deeply than usual at what make you tick – your desires, goals, how you treat and interact with other people, especially family and loved ones. Thanks to the angle Neptune makes to the eclipse degree, you can create an opportunity to travel abroad or take a workshop or classes in something that has captured your passion. Or you might volunteer for a cause in which you believe.

Leo: The eclipse occurs in your twelfth house of the personal unconscious, what’s hidden. So if issues surface on or around the day of the eclipse, deal with them and move on. As a fire sign, you’re all about doing things your way. But with half the zodiac in earth-sign Capricorn, and the eclipse in a water sign, you may feel irritable and out of sorts. So hang loose today and don’t sign any important documents until next week.

Virgo: With the solar eclipse happening in your eleventh house of friends, wishes and dreams, and Jupiter forming a beautiful angle to your sun sign, you’re in your element. Your intuition is working overtime, ideas are plentiful, and all you have to do is find one that feels right and run with it. One of your friends or acquaintances may say or do something that gets on your nerves and rather than react, just walk away.

Libra: Your tenth house of profession and career is highlighted with this eclipse. A boss or other authority figure may say or do something that triggers an emotional reaction. Mars in fire sign Sagittarius is on your side, urging you to speak your truth. If you can do so without rancor or anger, then go ahead. Otherwise, so what Libra usually do – avoid conflict.

Scorpio: As a water sign, like Cancer, it’s likely that you’ll benefit in some way from this eclipse. It falls in your ninth house, which favors overseas travel, foreign cultures and people, publishing, and your worldview. You gain insights into those areas and thanks to a beautiful angle from Jupiter to your sun, your communication ability is greatly heightened. Take advantage of that.

Sagittarius: The financial axis in your horoscope is the focus for this eclipse, specifically the income of a business or personal partner. Jupiter in your second house of earned income is busily working away at increasing what you earn, but the eclipse comes along and prompts you to question something you think is an irregularity. With Mars in your sign, you may be too blunt about expressing this and risk creating conflict. So, be measured and certain of your facts.

Capricorn: With half the zodiac in your sign right now, you may feel pressured about goals you’ve set for yourself for 2020. Or maybe things are expanding so rapidly you’ve bitten off more than you realistically can handle. A business or personal partner, highlighted by this eclipse, may prove to be a helpful a helpful ally and cheerleader. Uranus forms a beneficial angle to your sun sign, so news you hear seems to come out of nowhere and is positive and exciting for you.

Aquarius: The eclipse highlights your sixth house of daily work and the maintenance of your health. You may complete a project for work that a boss or other authority figure questions and are tempted to set the person straight. But that person may just be a reflection of what you’re learning about yourself. Jupiter in Capricorn – along with four other planets in that sign – is busy expanding your self-awareness. Hang in there, Aquarius. Your time will come.

Pisces: Oh, lucky you, Pisces! The eclipse occurs in your fifth house of creativity, romance, kids, and forms a beautiful angle to your sun sign. Your intuition is working overtime to bring you the insight you need and your friends, represented by all the planets currently in your eleventh house, are eager to help. Jupiter is expanding your network of friends and acquaintances and step by step, you are achieving your dreams.

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7 Responses to Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

  1. Ray Getzinger says:

    The don’t sign don’t make decisions is almost word for word what the letter I got from hospice about my wife’s death on 12/24/19.

    The advice for Capricorn seems as if directed at me.

  2. Gia says:

    Thanks for the information. It was helpful!

  3. DJan says:

    I will definitely be careful with my finances, such as they are. BTW, I just received my Cosmic Journal that I ordered from Amazon! It’s such fun. Thank you!

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