What If – excerpts from Phenomena


W HAT IF you had married your high school sweetie…WHAT IF your daughter had been a son… WHAT IF you had majored in what you love…

WHAT IF is probably one of the major questions in our lives.


Nearly two decades into the twenty-first century, more and more people are accepting the reality of paranormal experiences, according to the polls. While mainstream science and skeptics argue that you shouldn’t trust your own experiences related to the paranormal, it is those personal encounters with the paranormal that turn people into believers. Meanwhile, more and more scientists, through their research and own experiences, are endorsing the validity of visions, of phenomena. Even taboo subjects such as UFOs and alien encounters are on the table for consideration.

The power of the Internet and social media, websites and blogs, online magazines, and podcasts, have made it easy to connect with others worldwide who have experienced what you have. Fear of ridicule is a fading anachronism of the past.

A Google search for “radio shows and podcasts that focus on the paranormal” returned nearly forty-two million links. A search for “websites, blogs, and online magazines about the paranormal” delivers more than eight million links. When you limit the search to “UFOs,” the hits for radio shows and podcasts is about three and a half million. If you simply Google “synchronicity,” more than eight million links come up. All told, Google delivers sixty plus million links for the types of experiences included in this book.

That’s a lot of company! Maybe some of those millions have only experienced hunches or dreams that seemed to presage a future event or a powerful synchronicity that seized their attention. But they’re open minded and interested in these events and experiences.

This growing collective curiosity and fascination with the mysterious and unknown is everywhere in popular culture. TV shows like Stranger Things to Travelers, Timeless, Dark, and Project Bluebook reflect the notion that reality is vastly different from what we’ve been taught. Movies like The Matrix, Twelve Monkeys, Inception, Get Out and Us carry these ideas about the paranormal into even newer and stranger territory that compel us to speculate about what ifs.

What if, as the Many Worlds Theory contends, there are worlds that spin off from every decision we make? Suppose there’s a version of you living a life where you didn’t marry your current spouse? Where you had three kids? Where your mother didn’t die from complications of Alzheimer’s?

What if it’s possible to cure cancer and other diseases through the focus of our minds and emotions?

What if there are people who can move objects with their minds, see into the future, feel planetary or manmade disasters hours, days or even weeks before they occur?

It begins to sound as if we’re all living in a Stephen King novel, where nothing is the way it should be, the way we were taught.

Perhaps the true nature of what it means to be human is found in these what if scenarios, where a new paradigm intends to be born regardless of the way the old paradigm pushes against it, criticizes and ridicules.

Throughout history, people have been guided by visions, trances, dreams, spirit contact. Mystical experiences are about journeys beyond our physical limitations, beyond the everyday world, journeys in which we recognize the interconnectedness of all things, and come away with a sense of peace and universal love, an awareness of a guiding force, a sense of being changed. Even though our culture seems permeated with polarizing points of view, at a deeper level we are all manifested from the same Genie bottle of consciousness.

We all have psychic abilities to one degree or another. We are more than just our physical bodies. We can tap into a collective soup of knowledge and wisdom that expands who we are and what we can do. We aren’t all Marvel super heroes, but the potential exists in each and every one of us to become more than who we currently are.

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4 Responses to What If – excerpts from Phenomena

  1. Hello Trish, so good to hear from you.
    We had a family dinner last night and what did I get talking about? what ifs!
    Though I was thinking more on the lines of how remarkable it was that we were all sitting at the table together.
    The odds of us being together, and in Cornwall, are/were remarkable. For example if I hadn’t have once asked someone who worked for me in Dorset if she knew of someone who wanted a job – Karin and I would never have met – so our son and grandchildren wouldn’t have existed … and so on.
    So many what ifs – are they planned … etc. etc.
    Anyway, mustn’t ramble on. All best wishes to you and Rob for the new decade and for success with your new book.

  2. Gia says:

    Bought the ebook, already reading it. Enjoying it.