Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini ET occurs on December 12; other time zones are looking at December 11. This full moon is all about communication, travel, learning, social media, and socializing. It’s excellent for air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – and for fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. But every sign will benefit in some way.

Full moons illuminate, brings issues and situations to the forefront of our awareness. What’s interesting about this chart is the planets and points in the 4th house – all in earth sign Capricorn. From left to right, those symbols are: Jupiter (luck), the South Node (our comfort zone), Saturn (structure), Venus ($, romance, love), and Pluto (power).  Notice that Venus and Pluto are only a degree apart and Saturn is one to two degrees apart from the other two. This qualifies as a conjunction and indicates that it’s an excellent time to put your plans and goals into forward motion.

Notice also that Jupiter at 2 degrees Capricorn in the 4th house forms a beautiful angle to that lone planet in the 8th house – Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus. The 8th house rules other people’s money and resources, royalties, insurance, as well as the paranormal. Uranus rules our individuality, genius, and sudden, unexpected events that seem to be appear out of the blue. When Jupiter and Uranus form a trine to each other (120 degrees), luck and prosperity appear suddenly. Hint: buy several scratch-offs and a lottery ticket.

In the masthead, click on your sun sign and find out how this full moon impacts you.

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