With Whitley Strieber on Dreamland

We spent a delightful hour talking with Whitley Strieber on his podcast, Dreamland, about our new book, Phenomena: Harnessing your Psychic Powers.  As always when we talk with Whitley, synchronicities don’t just happen, they flourish.  You don’t want to miss this riveting conversation.

This fun and exciting discussion with Trish and Rob MacGregor about pyschic empowerment is fun but also serious. We all have psychic power but we feel as if we don’t. The result of which is–well, we don’t. It isn’t a matter of just saying “I believe” and it happens. Most often, when we make that pronouncement inside ourselves what happens is exactly nothing. So, what does work? Whitley points out early in the show that the power of story is tremendously important. We need to know true stories about psychic power in order to find its place in our lives, and this show is filled with fascinating real-life stories that anybody can relate to and understand, that can encourage us to find our own psychic power.
We are all born with it, but as life intrudes and we get busier and busier, it slips away.
Listen, and you will find moments, almost certainly, that will take you back to your own truth, which is that you are a multidimensional being and loaded with psychic power.
You can visit Trish and Rob MacGregor on their website, Blog.Synchrosecrets.com. To get Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Powers, click here.
To Listen to Dreamland, click here.




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  1. dave says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great discussion!

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