Synchronicity & Gratitude

I (Rob) recently received an interesting email about how my Indiana Jones novels had not only influenced a reader, but also played into a series of synchronicities. I’ll let Josh Lane tell the story.


“In the process of moving, I recently came across my stack of Indiana Jones novels that I first acquired almost thirty years ago, and reread the entire series in short order. I was instantly transported back into the mystery… and I couldn’t believe the realization that hit me.

“Looking back, so many of the topics you wove into those books have also manifested as major themes in my life. Shamanism, Sufi mysticism, indigenous ways of knowing the world, and more have helped me arrive at my current location in consciousness.

“My own journey led me on a decade long apprenticeship in wildlife tracking and reading Nature’s language, and further deep explorations of meditative paths, Hermetic Qabala, and Qi Gong systems. Reading along with Indy’s adventures once again, I had to wonder at how much of my own journey was inspired by the esoteric topics you masterfully embedded in these books.

As I re-read the Interior World novel and the Kogi appeared, it was the final straw… as I  noticed myself wearing two bracelets that a Kogi Mama (shaman) had placed on my wrists earlier in the year during one of their visits to the Hudson River Valley. I knew I had to reach out to share my wonder and gratitude at this web of synchronicity.

So, thank you for the inspiration that you are sharing through your work. It’s positively impacted my life, for sure.

The power of the Storyteller upon an individual or culture’s destiny is absolutely amazing, and important. Thanks for sharing your gift. Glad I was able to find your website and contact, to share these reflections with you.

Also, as a fellow avid explorer of the inner and outer landscapes, you might be interested in my book, Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature. The book explores connecting with the Nature within and around us, and offers engaging practices that help us to do this while highlighting the actual healing changes in the brain and body that occur when we mindfully connect with Nature.

Thanks again, and may your journeys in Nature nourish you.


Josh has a fascinating story about the Kogis, mentioned above, on his blog called Conscious Nature.


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5 Responses to Synchronicity & Gratitude

  1. Darren B says:

    Josh should have a listen to Bernie Beitman’s latest ‘Connecting with Coincidence’ podcast with Matthew Zylstra –

    As I think it sounds like it would be right up Josh’s alley.

  2. Jane says:

    Your books have affected so very many people and have given a voice to those of us to share our woo woo experiences which is of immense value to be validated and heard. I am soo deeply grateful for that.
    You’ve done your share to expand the conciousness of so many people too.
    May you be blessed with record sales and even wider recognition !

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