Door Prize synchros

Here’s an interesting synchronicity from Scott Colborn, who is a radio show host of “Exploring Unknown Phenomena.”  He also a musician and teaches guitar lessons. We’ve been on his show a number of times and he’s always a very mellow and knowledgeable host. Here’s what he writes:

“This afternoon I was invited to speak to a group of people who have been through the rehabilitation process at Lancaster Rehabilitation Center. Lunch was provided (very good turkey and dressing) and then I have a talk on “Stories from the Ghosts of Lincoln (Neb.) Tours” to an audience of about 30-35 people.

“After the talk the business director Darcee asked me to draw a name out of a wicker basket to give away a door prize. Before I did, I told the story of being at a conference years ago in Eureka Springs, AR. On the final day of the conference, my friend Julie and I were seated in the big ballroom with about 300 other folks. Lou Farrish was at the podium, drawing names out of a box and giving away door prizes.

“Suddenly and without warning, I was literally filled with joy. In that moment with absolute clarity, I turned to my friend Julie and said, “He’s going to pick your name next.” She gave me a good-natured elbow and said, ‘Yeah – sure Scott.’

“In slow motion I watched Lou reach into the box and pull a slip of paper out. He then announced my friend’s name and hometown. She turned to me incredulously and said, ‘How did you do that Scott?’

A version of that happened again today. I was asked to reach into the wicker basket and pull a name out. A woman up front who had been asking some good questions said with humor, “Are you going to pull my name out?’

I reached into the basket and pulled her name out ! She was a little flustered and said, ‘How did you do that?” The truth is, I can say equally that I don’t know how I did it, and, I DO KNOW how I did it. Thanks be to God!”

Thanks, Scott. Good one. We normally don’t link God to synchronicities – though it may be true. But it just complicates and confuses things, brings in religion, and the sense that some outside being is creating synchronicities. We prefer to think of these events as part of an underlying reality that we are all part of, and sometimes that hidden, larger reality that exists outside of time and space and occasionally peeks into our everyday world, reminding us of the bigger picture of reality. Call it God, if you will, the Universe, the Source.

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4 Responses to Door Prize synchros

  1. Darren B says:

    I only just watched a ‘New Thinking Allowed’ podcast a day or two ago where a Jungian analyst who had had a NDE years ago discusses his views on God, science and Jung’s ideas with Jeff Mishlove at this link –

  2. dave says:

    A good one!

  3. Adele says:

    Such a good one. Makes one wonder. As always.