Global Synchros – the impeachment hearings


Global synchronicities usually occur during times of heightened awareness and focus on  a particular event or series of events. In our book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, The Global was secret 7: “When synchronicities manifest themselves through global events, the universe seems to be addressing us a  collective.”

This one was brought to our attention by Sheila Joshi. As Sheila pointed out, “The first synchro in particular seems to be the tag line for Yovanivich’s destiny – a woman anti-corruption reformer is targeted for reprisal.”

Until impeachment is resolved one way or another, there probably will be other global synchronicities. Sometimes they’re tricksters. Other times, they provide insight into what may be coming next. We’ll see how this one plays out.


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16 Responses to Global Synchros – the impeachment hearings

  1. lauren raine says:

    A great post, a synchro cluster. As re these responses, it is always discouraging to read the “arguments” or usually just blind reactions of trump supporters, because you can’t really discuss or argue with them. Their “logic” is invariably based on emotions, and no amount of referring to internationally reputable news sources, such as Reuters or the Washington Post or the New York Times or the BBC or……….makes any difference to closed minds that have been propagandized. And they will follow their “leader” or “messiah” or “father” right off a cliff, chanting “freedom” or “halleluiah” all the way. In this case the cliff is the tattered remnants of American democracy, not to mention the entire world in climate change.

    It’s like trying to discuss world religions with a Jehovah Witness who is at the door to “save you from hell”. Or more discouraging, it is like trying to understand the “logic” of fascism – sometimes for me it is like watching those films from the 40’s when millions of impassioned crowds cheered Hitler.

    I think all we can do is vote, speak out, educate, and give support and dialogue where reason and facts exist.

  2. Kellyn says:

    Or maybe – and this is just a thought – maybe Marie Yovanovitch was fired for failing to do her job, and Trump’s tweet was not actually intimidation, but rather just a tweet.

    See how the tone changes when you look at things through a lens not clouded by political bias?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      And you’re saying your remark isn’t clouded by political bias? Ha.

      • Kellyn says:

        No, it’s based on what actually happened at the hearing.

        The goal of witness intimidation is (obviously) to influence the testimony of a witness.

        So how is it possible that Trump tweeting *while the witness is testifying* could influence her testimony? She didn’t have internet access during the hearing, so the only way she would even know about Trump’s tweet is if someone read it to her. Out loud. In the middle of her testimony. Oh, wait. Adam Schiff did exactly that.

        So tell me – who was actually trying to influence the testimony of the witness there? Trump? Or Adam Schiff? Be honest.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          The question is: do you believe someone who has been in the foreign service for 33 years and or do you believe a lying con man? Be honest.

          • Kellyn says:

            Well no, I don’t believe anything Adam Schiff says (and why should I, after he stood before congress and read a completely fabricated transcript, trying to pass it off as the real thing, and then pretended it was “just a parody” when he got caught red-handed by the unexpected release of the real transcript?)

            And 33 years of foreign service doesn’t mean a thing. The president can replace an ambassador at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This one was replaced because she was deliberately undermining her boss. That’s likely to get you fired from most any job, no matter who you are, and no matter how many years of service you’ve put in.

            • Trish and Rob says:

              Honestly, this conversation is going nowhere. As far as I’m concerned, you live in a trump bubble that fabricates its own reality. Trump is an abomination. He lies, he cheats, he’s a racist, a mysoginist, and seems to be interested only in enriching himself and his kids. How anyone – especially a woman – could support him at this point is beyond my comprehension. If it’s the religious angle for you, I don’t get that, either, since I’ve never seen an iota of spirituality in this man. He’s a con, start to finish. But good luck with your clouded political lens.

              • Kellyn says:

                I win.

                By “This conversation is going nowhere” what you really mean is, “I’m losing this argument badly and I don’t know how to support my position with facts or refute anything that’s been said, so I’m going to take my ball and go home.”

                Hint: shouting “Trump is a racist-misogynist-bigot-liar-cheater-ugly-fathead” is no way to win an argument.

                You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but wouldn’t you rather have one that you can back up and defend? One that you formed yourself after observation and analysis of all the facts, rather than one that was drummed into you by the agenda-driven media? I’m just trying to lay out some of the facts for you that the media has conveniently ignored. Consider for a moment why they might want to do that. Does their agenda really align with yours, or have they just led you to think it does? That’s an important question to ask of yourself.

            • Trish and Rob says:

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            • Trish and Rob says:

              You’re so astonished by what Schiff said that you don’t believe anything he says? That’s nothing compared to what Trump says everyday and you know it. He’s lied more than 11,000 documented times since taking office. Talk about bias. You’re blinded by your adoration – or whatever – for that clown. There’s really no arguing with someone like you. It’s useless.