The Challenge With Synchronicity

On the way home today from walking a friend’s two dogs, I saw something fluttering in the road ahead of me. At first, I thought it might be some large bizarre butterfly that had been hit by a car. But as I drew closer, I realized it was a small bird that had been hit recently by a car and that it was dying. Probably a  sparrow, nothing as large as blackbird.

I swerved around it and immediately thought I should turn around and rescue it. But I’ve done that before and because birds are so fragile, those that are rescued usually die. Then I considered turning around and running over it to put it out of its misery. In the end, I did neither. That in itself is a choice.

I knew it meant something. All too often, animals – especially birds – have been agents of synchronicity. But I didn’t have any idea what it might mean. Maybe I was making too much of it, I thought. Maybe it didn’t mean anything at all. But it gnawed at me.

That evening, Rob and I were were scheduled for a radio show and from the first moment to the last, it was a disaster. We were like the fluttering bird in the middle of the road. The host was completely disengaged, hadn’t read our book, and ended what was supposed to be a 90 minute show in half that time. In all these years of doing radio shows and podcasts, that has never happened.

Yes, it’s possible I’m making too much of a connection between that fluttering bird in the middle of the road to the radio show. They may not be connected at all. But synchronicity, at least for us, often works like this.

Years ago, we walked into our family room and found a frog, our totem, dead in the middle of the room and the next day, Rob’s mother called to tell him his father had had a stroke and was in hospice. The night before our dog, Noah, passed on, I found a dead frog in the hallway. I’ve also found live frogs in various rooms around the house and, according to the meaning of the room, we’ve landed projects, earned good advances, and won awards. Decisions have been confirmed, warnings have been issued, but always, there’s an awareness of something at work here, a feeling you have that whispers, Pay attention, this is important.

The challenge with synchronicity is that you can’t always decipher the message until after the event has occurred.

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12 Responses to The Challenge With Synchronicity

  1. Darren B says:

    Bernie Beitman interviewed a guy named Matthew Zylstra on his most recent podcast who recounts a story of three dragonflies landing on him (which he photographed) after the death of his close friend.

    I wrote a post about Matt and his dragonflies, including photos of these kind of experiences in my own life over the years –

  2. Prissy says:

    My daughter has a cardinal that visits her in her back yard every time she needs him. Even in times of year that he shouldn’t be there, if she needs him, he is there. She sends me pictures of him just sitting out there. She always feels that its an omen that this too will pass. Trish, is there anything you know about cardinals appearing ?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      In our spirit contact book, there’s a beautiful story about cardinals. To me, they’re magical birds, like owls or hummingbirds. Birds often figure into spirit contact. It sounds like your daughter has figured out what the cardinal’s appearance means for her. Some years ago, a psychic friend – Millie Gemondo – and I wrote a book called Animal Totems. Here’s what we had for cardinal:

      You’re a fierce defender of your territory and can be aggressive. If you’re not involved, then romance is forthcomin and you’ll bond well with your mate. Cardinals appearance indicates that joy through beauty and music is on its way.”

      Hope that helps!

  3. Jane says:

    With you it’s frogs and me it was toads squashed closing the front door and most shocking events followed within days. As you know birds are special messengers for me , I still have a seagull tapping my window daily here for over 6 months, when he began the roof he stands on to tap was never a food source but he has me well trained now to throw food at!
    We all have animal sprint totems that will walk with us protect us and help us with their wisdom and medicine , but only if you call them in. Some of mine are Raven, swan, jaguar and snake and I always get a confirmation they have heard me.
    I have even called in them for other people who didn’t know I had done so and they have showed up for them too.
    So sorry about the radio show !

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Love that you can call in totems for other people! I should have cancelled the show right after I saw that bird, Jane.

  4. lauren raine says:

    I sometimes regard synchronicities as guidance………….this summer I was visited by a cardinal for several days, an extraordinary event as they are almost never seen here, expecially in the Arizona summer. I interpreted it to mean that I should believe in, and focus on, my “cardinal” life purpose, the artmaking and mythmaking that has been my drive since I was a teenager.

  5. Adele says:

    Your last sentence,”The challenge with synchronicity is that you can’t always decipher the message until after the event has occurred.” Reminds me of my experience with dreams. I have had quite a few prophetic dreams but in most cases I had no way of know that if I didn’t record my dreams in my journal. This way, looking back, sometimes several years after the dream, the dream HAPPENED in real life. There are those who deny that this is possible. Who cares. No one can take one’s own experience away. A most significant dream/sychor that I wrote about here a while back was when I dreamed I was living in a very specific house in Sausalito, California. At the time of the dream I had no intention of moving away from Connecticut. I forgot the dream. But when I was reading an old journal, BAM! I was living in that exact house and is when I began my interest in prophetic dreams.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Wow, that’s a good one, Adele! Precognition in action!

    • Sharon says:

      Very interesting. Both my daughter and I have had in the past the ability to dream of places that we would move to For some reason this ability went away years ago but sometimes when I dream of a new location I wonder if I will in fact move there.