Spooky synchros during UK radio interview

Happy Halloween from Nigel

We were interviewed recently by Mark Johnson and Irene Allen-Block for Paranormal UK Radio, a show based in Wales. As we talked about our new book, PHENOMENA, we experienced, well, phenomena in the form of three synchronicities during the hour-long interview.

We were talking about one of the chapters that focuses on people who hear voices and were discussing why some people find these voices terrifying and others consider them helpful guidance. Mark made the point that it depends on what those voices are saying to you. He noted that if they’re telling you to go kill yourself, that’s a good reason to find such inner voices disturbing.

As we were talking, I received an email from someone we’ve been corresponding with who not only hears voices, but records them, and has been sending the recording to us from time to time. These recordings are strange and require headphones with the volume turned up. They come through as almost metallic sounding, and are supposedly from inter-dimensional beings who our correspondent is in touch with during her 2-3 hour daily meditations that sometimes involve out-of-body travel.

She had no idea we were doing a radio show and talking about voices when she sent a very disturbing message about a being who can best be described as a dark entity. Here’s what she wrote: “It keeps trying to come in when I meditate or try to sleep. It fills my head with growls and when I threw it back yesterday it filled the house with roars of protest and anger. I tell it to f**ck off. The fight is on. I have faced dark energies, but this is different. I can do this.”

So the comment, which I read without identifying the source, fit right into what we were talking about. Several minutes later, we had moved on to talking about twins who experience telepathy, and Mark mentioned that he was a twin, but he and his brother only rarely picked up on something happening to their twin counterpart. Mark went onto say that his brother had died a few years ago and mentioned his name.

Seconds later, Irene spoke up and said that she had just gotten a Facebook request from a person with the exact same name – first and last. “That’s my brother,” Mark said with a laugh, “He’s coming through.”

We’ve been on their show a couple of times and it’s always enjoyable. It never seems like a formal interview, just four people talking about weird stuff that happens. However, we had forgotten that the show runs two hours and we hadn’t asked Mark beforehand. Unfortunately, we told him we had to bail out after the first hour because of other commitments. He and Irene said they understood and would continue the show without us.

The hour went by really fast and we didn’t really notice the time until abruptly the phone line went dead. Trish and I didn’t know what happened, but we both looked at the time and were amazed that it was exactly 5:00 p.m. Our time was up, but Trish called back and asked what happened. They didn’t know. Mark said he was asking us a question, and suddenly we were gone. I mentioned that we called back just to let them know that we didn’t just abruptly hang up because it was 5 o’clock. We said our farewell, noting that the show was ending with a third synchronicity, this one dealing with time.

The link to the show is  here.


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8 Responses to Spooky synchros during UK radio interview

  1. Darren B says:

    Here’s a funny spooky Halloween synch I just saw on the net –


    Be sure to turn the sound on to listen to the lyrics of the song playing on the car stereo 🙂

  2. gia says:

    Love the picture…and what an interesting sequence of synchronicities.

  3. Darren B says:

    It’s funny you should mention Bernie Beitman in that podcast and that the podcast is based in Wales, as I wrote a post after listening to a recent podcast of Bernie’s about mania, synchronicity and music, where I wrote about a Welsh band named ‘Manic Street Preachers’, whose music I wasn’t really familiar with until I did some research for that post.
    I found out the band had a song called ‘Australia’ (where I live) and that the premise of the song was according to the band’s Wikipedia page, “… is that Australia is just about the furthest one can go to get away from their home in Wales and is a metaphor for Nicky Wire’s desire to escape from the emotional turmoil caused by the disappearance of his close friend and co-lyricist, Richey Edwards.
    Though Australia is almost the furthest one can get from Wales, New Zealand is actually an additional 2,000 kilometers
    (1,340 miles) further away.”
    I’m actually working on a post about a Welsh actor who stars in a TV show called ‘Harrow’ that is filmed in my Australian hometown of Brisbane and so popular that a third series is about to start filming here soon.
    Here’s a link to the post about mania, synchronicity and music –

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Great! Thanks, Daz. I think I asked you if you’d seen an Australian show called Glitch. Wow, we started the second season tonight. Really well written.

      • Darren B says:

        I’ve watched the first show in season one so far and it certainly is different.
        I’ll watch the rest of season one when I find time between the other plates I have spinning in the air right now.
        But if you get a chance to watch ‘Harrow’ I think that you will like it.
        Plus you will be able to see the places in my hometown that you could say I’ve spent time on set myself.

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