Full moon in Taurus

Full moons are about completion, harvest, illumination.  Today’s full moon in Taurus  has some intriguing aspects. Notice the moon is at 19 degrees in earth sign Taurus in the 6th house. It forms a positive aspect to Pluto at 21 degrees in earth sign Capricorn in the 2nd house. The moon represents intuition, emotions, our inner world. Pluto governs power, leadership. So there’s an opportunity with this full moon to move into a leadership role in some way and for an expansion of intuition. Emotionally, this one is intense.

The moon also forms a beautiful trine to Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn. Since Saturn rules structure and physical reality, among other things, your intuition finds a solid foundation and you’re better able to control your emotions.

The moon also forms a harmonious aspect to elusive Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces in the 3rd house. Dream BIG! Follow your gut and your hunches.

And check out the forecasts in the masthead that show how this full moon impacts your sign.

And it’s not too early to mark December 2-3 on your calendar (depending on where you live). That’s the day that Jupiter enters earth sign Capricorn, where it will be until late December 2020. Jupiter rules luck, prosperity, expansion, foreign cultures, travel, and people, higher education, philosophy, the law, spirituality, and synchronicity. Whenever it changes signs, our lives change as well. For clues about how this could play out for you, look back to December 19,  2007 to Jan 5, 2009. What was going on in your life at the time?

More on this Jupiter change as we get closer to it.








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