Astrological events for the remainder of 2019

As we enter the next to last month of 2019, we still have some major astrological events coming up. I’ll be posting in more detail on each of these, but for now, just keep these dates handy.

Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio from October 31- November 20. Look at the October 30 post about the specifics on this one. The good news is that the planet of communication and travel will be in direct motion during the Thanksgiving holidays so guests probably won’t be late to dinner and you won’t miss your flight!

November 12: Full moon @ 19 degrees Taurus. Full moons are about harvest, completion.

November 26: New moon @4 degrees Sagittarius. New moons are about new opportunities.

December 3: Jupiter enters Capricorn, where it will be until December 20, 2020.

December 12: Full moon @19 degrees Gemini.

December 26: solar eclipse @4 degrees Capricorn ET, December 25 PT. Like a double new moon.

In January 2020, we’ve got some real heavy hitters coming.  Stay tuned!


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