Today’s full moon in Aries is a beauty. It enjoys a beneficial angle to it from Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and that can only be a good thing regardless of your sun sign. Full moons are about culmination, completion, news. For more information on how this moon impacts you, read below:

Aries: The full moon in your sign on the 13th should be spectacular. Jupiter forms a beneficial angle to it and brings its expansiveness and good fortune to any news you hear.

Taurus: The full moon in Aries on the 13th highlights your personal unconscious. Your own motives become clearer to you, and thanks to a beneficial angle from Jupiter, your insights expand your inner life in a significant way.

Gemini: The full moon in Aries on the 13th should be spectacular. Any  news you hear will be positive, and you’ll feel enormously fortunate. Your social calendar is likely to get crowded on or around the time of this full moon.

Cancer: Positive news about your career. It could be anything—a promotion, raise, new clients or new projects. Jupiter  promises that any news you hear, whatever it is, \ expands your options.

Leo: This one lights up your trailblazing spirit and stirs the adventurer in you. You and a friend or partner may hit the road on a whim and take off with little more than your ATM cards and big dreams. Jupiter forms a beautiful angle to this full moon, too, an added bonus that suggests this trip will expand your horizons.

Virgo: This full moon highlights resources you share with others. Jupiter forms a terrific angle to it,  any news you hear should be positive and will expand your options in some way. Your partner may land a plump raise, or you might get an insurance refund or an unexpected royalty check. There’s a trailblazing quality to Aries, and you may feel some of it during this full moon. Think of it as the wild child within!

Libra: This moon highlights the partnership area of your chart. Any news you hear should be positive, thanks to the beautiful angle that Jupiter makes to this moon. Since Aries is a passionate and trailblazing sign, your emotions may be on fire on or around the time of this full moon.

Scorpio:  This full moon should be a beauty for you, firing up your passions and your entrepreneurial spirit. Since Jupiter is friendly to it, any news you hear should be positive and may concern your daily work life or a health matter.

Sagittarius:  This one brings news about a romantic relationship, a creative endeavor or one of your children. Jupiter is friendly to this full moon, so the news should be positive. Since Aries is a trailblazing sign, there may be a certain unpredictable wildness to the day’s energy.

Capricorn:  This full moon lights up your home and family life, and due to the fiery nature of Aries, things at home could be a little wild on or around this date. Any news you hear should be positive, thanks to a friendly beam from Jupiter.

Aquarius: The full moon in Aries on October 13 receives a friendly beam from Jupiter in Sagittarius and should bring good news in any area where you’ve been placing your focus and attention. Communication will play a major role in the day’s events.

Pisces: This one highlights your finances and values. With Jupiter so friendly to this moon, any news you hear will be positive and lead to growth and expansion. If you’ve been job hunting, this full moon could bring the job that pays you more for doing something you enjoy.




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2 Responses to FULL MOON IN ARIES

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It would be great if every sign gets a positive gift out of the full moon fire trines. The gift that came out of the blue to me is a trip to Burbank to see old friends, prompted by an invitation to an art show of 25 L.A. artists in a “secret garden,” at the first independent art studio in LA. Organized by my friend, a Pisces with Moon in Libra in his 11th and Sagittarius rising. Perfect, isn’t it? I have a feeling something wondrous will come into my life from this.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Absolutely perfect! If that’s just for starters, Elizabeth, then hold on because it can only get better!

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