The Spirit Dog – and Spirit Contact


Carol Libutti, whom I met through an astrology workshop I did at Moksha Yoga Studio here in town, sent me this video this morning. Her dog, Puka, her longtime companion and doggy buddy, passed away on October 7. That night,  this image appeared on her “nest,” a security footage, with the notice that “activity” had been detected at the entryway.

I think the image speaks for itself in terms of spirit contact. I was blown away not just by the video, but by the dramatic timing. Puka didn’t waste any time making her presence known.



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8 Responses to The Spirit Dog – and Spirit Contact

  1. lauren raine says:

    Wow, what an image! I remember when my long time “travelling companion” Pumpkin the cat died. Pumpkin travelled with me in my car all over the country, and we were friends for over 15 years. Shortly after she died, I was driving with a friend (sitting in the drivers seat). He said “wow, a cat just jumped up into my lap!”, and he said he felt it very clearly.

  2. Laurence Zankowski says:

    Having had the post passing experience of numerous pets I have loved in my life, I posit this, if we want to prove, experience, contact the non local , working with pets as they pass maybe the best technique to use before we try with human.

    This energy image may be the non local consciousness of Puka saying good bye to a much loved human. Yes, pets love deeply, truly deeply.


  3. Trish and Rob says:

    Notice the image is above a covered couch. I bet that was Puka’s favorite spot.

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