I’ve studied trump’s chart so many times since 2016 that it makes me almost physically ill. In 2016, I was on a radio show for an astrology book and the host asked me who would win the election. Even though I knew trump would be approaching a Jupiter return – like Obama when he won, like Bush Jr. when he won his second term – I said Clinton. My own bias blinded me. I just couldn’t understand how anyone could support a racist, mysoganistic, corrupt man like trump.

Now it’s three years later. It’s coming to light that he withheld funding for the Ukraine for “a favor,” to dig up dirt on his front runner’s son, Hunter Biden. He’s surrounded by complicit allies – Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence. But now there’s a whistleblower – or several – within the State Department and what we’re seeing being played out is a test of the constitution, the rule of law. Do we, as a people, want to live under an autocracy or under a democracy?

I was born in a foreign country to American parents, which meant I was automatically given a choice about citizenship when I turned 18. I could have chosen dual citizenship – Venezuela and the U.S. I chose the U.S. These days, when Venezuela is mentioned, it’s in terms of how socialism – the alleged Democratic Party agenda – destroyed that country. But that’s a Republican talking point and total bullshit. What destroyed Venezuela was the corruption and greed of Chavez, then Maduro, and farther back, every dictator before them.

Trump, like these dictators in Venezuela, like dictators around the world, doesn’t give a damn about you or me. He’s concerned about enriching himself and his family. Take a look at Ivanka’s China trademarks. At how the military stayed at trump’s Scotland resort. At how his hotel properties in D.C. have prospered during his presidency.

In his chart, I desperately want to see an impeachment conviction, where he ends up in solitary confinement tweeting to himself. But honestly, I don’t trust myself to see any of it objectively. And this is where all of us fail, all of us to try to see the future in one form or another. We are human. Fallible. Prejudiced in one way or another. Even if he’s removed from office, then Pence needs to go with him and so do Barr and Pompeo and all the others who have been complicit in this – Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell. I think that Pence, in particular, has been complicit since the beginning, perhaps hoping that for a little while, he might become Prez Pence and try to usher us into the world of The Handmaid’s Tale.

I fail to understand how anyone, particularly women, can support trump now. That aside, don’t take my word for any of it. I’m a huge fan of astrologer Alex Miller, who posts I’ve reposted before. Here’s his take on trump and the impeachment inquiry:

Trump & Karma

The bottom line, though, seems to be that that the man who promised to “drain the swamp,” became the swamp. Now, finally, he may be held accountable. Even if he isn’t convicted in the senate, because the republicans don’t appear to have a conscience, the censure of impeachment remains a permanent stain, something that would scream, This guy invited foreign governments to interfere in the 2020 election. His VP Pence, his attorney general Barr and his secretary of state Pompeo appear to be complicit in all this. Stay tuned. The revelations are practically hourly at this point. I’m hopeful.

And to all for you trump supporters who have gotten angry at us for posting our views on politics and said they won’t ever buy another one of our books, well, as Vonnegut used to say, So it goes.

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20 Responses to “SO IT GOES…” – KURT VONNEGUT

  1. Trish and Rob says:

    We can finally close this discussion by returning to Vonnegut and synchronicity and looking at what he would probably say about those have made a bargain with the devil to support Trump and overlook his racism, xenophobia, and decades of dark dealings—payoffs to women, forced closings related to corruption of his so-called university and his foundation, and much more—all in order to support a president they think will straighten out the country and drain the swamp.

    Unfortunately, the opposite has happened, and the American people know it. As of this writing 51% of Americans think Trump should be impeached, according to the latest poll from Fox News. That figure in favor of impeaching Richard Nixon wasn’t reached until two weeks before his resignation.

    Vonnegut would no doubt look at all of this and give a nod to the cosmology of Cat’s Cradle. In it you learn that you’re part of a Karass when meaningful coincidences occur between you and other members of the Karass. He would say that the 37% who still support Trump (Fox News poll again)—the ones who would find a way to support him if he actually did shoot someone on Fifth Avenue—-are unable to distinguish between chance coincidences and meaningful ones. Therefore, they are part of a “Granfaloon,” a false Karass.

  2. Kellyn says:

    None of what you said here is true. You’ve been lied to and misled by a democrat party hellbent on overturning the results of an election, and a corrupt and complicit media. You’ll deny it, of course, and continue to believe the fake news media, but…so it goes.

    Read the transcript. They can trot out all the “whistleblowers” they want, that doesn’t change what’s in the transcript (or what’s NOT in it). Seriously. Read it. You’ll find that virtually all of what you’ve been told is false. And if they lied to you about this, don’t you wonder what else they’ve been lying to you about?

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I think you’re talking about yourself. How anyone can support this uncouth con man at this point is beyond my understanding. He’s an idiot.

      • Rob MacGregor says:

        That’s a bot…. Chat bots were one of the first types of automated programs to be called “bots” and became popular in the 1990s, with the rise of online chatrooms. These bots are scripts that look for certain text patterns submitted by chat room participants and respond with automated actions.

        • Kellyn says:

          LOL. I’m not a bot.

          Here, let me google the transcript for you:


          This is the original unedited version, not the one the New York Times deceptively edited, or the one Adam Schiff made up. The real thing. Read it. And then tell me what you think the president is guilty of.

          • Trish and Rob says:

            Okay, I read it. He still says, “I would like you to do us a favor, though….” And remember, he had already stopped congressional aide to the Ukraine. And exactly why is his personal attorney – Rudy – going to Ukraine? And wy should the prez of ukarine talk to him? And then there’s Barr… he’s acting like trump’s personal attorney. I mean, I could go on and on here but this stinks worse than watergate did. I followed watergate in real time. Nixon, like trump, was a wannabe dictator who figured the law didn’t apply to him.

            Good to know you’re not a bot!

          • Trish and Rob says:

            If you right, then all the key players should go to Congress and testify. But Trump and Barr won’t let them, which makes it look like they have something to hide. As a result of their action to ignore subpoenas, additional counts of obstruction of justice will be added to the impeachment case. Considering that the latest poll shows that 58% of Americans approve of Congress conducting an impeachment inquiry, Trump would help his cause by telling everyone to go to Congress and explain their side of the story. Of course, they must tell the truth while under oath or they could be found guilty of perjury.

            Instead of writing us, who have no say over the matter, you should be writing the White House and State Department and telling them that it’s stupid to hide and makes Trump look so guilty. Enough said, good luck with your pursuit of the truth.

            • Kellyn says:

              They are resisting the subpoenas because of the lack of due process and transparency. There has been no vote to start impeachment proceedings, so the republicans in the House do not have subpoena power (but the democrats do – is that fair?), the republicans in the House don’t get to ask questions at the hearings (but the democrats do – is that fair?). And it all happens behind closed doors, then the democrats selectively leak bits and pieces of “testimony” that make the president look guilty. That’s not what due process looks like, it’s not was fairness looks like, and it’s not what anything should look like in the United States of America.

              If they want to impeach him, fine. Take a vote and go on record so all of their constituents can see that overturning the results of an election is their representative’s highest priority. This is a representative democracy – they are supposed to work for their constituents. “My” representative is working directly against me, and trying to undo MY vote, and that’s not okay. There is an election in 13 months. If they hate the president that much, why not just wait it out and beat him at the polls? It’s because they know they can’t, and this smacks of desperation. Representative Al Green (D): “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.” Parse that statement and think about it for a minute. Does that sound like someone representing the will of the people? That should bother any fair-minded person, republican or democrat.

              • Trish and Rob says:

                It’s not about overturning the election. It’s about holding trump accountable. If he stays in for another 13 months, there won’t be much of a democracy left.

              • Trish and Rob says:

                Kellyn, if you replace Trump’s name with Hillary or Obama, you would see that it’s all perfectly legal.

              • Trish and Rob says:

                If you would watch just one hour of Morning Joe, you might realize that your ideas are not quite in line with the truth. Joe Scarborough is a conservative commentator, who was in the House of Representatives for several terms in the most conservative district in Florida, the Panhandle. Scarborough sees through the administration’s B.S. that you seem to have bought into in a big way.

                • Kellyn says:

                  What ever gave you the idea that Joe Scarborough was a conservative? He had an R next to his name a long time ago, but he was never an actual conservative by any definition. He said what he had to to get elected, but he was never a conservative. And now he’s a raving lunatic with an ax to grind, so what makes you think you’re getting the truth from him?

                  • Trish and Rob says:

                    Look, we don’t have the time or the inclination to argue. Go start your own blog. You have your opinions and so called facts and we have ours.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Rick Perry made him do it. That’s his latest excuse.

  3. lauren raine says:

    I fear that the corruption that trump has brought, and all the corrupt corporate interests, cronies, Russia and Saudi Arabian interests, right wing fascist Christians, and 1% money behind him, will be a cancer this country will never, ever be able to recover from. Even if a wholly uncorrupt government came into power, the cleanup would be formidable. Everything is privatized, no EPA any more, the very wealthy no longer have to pay ANY TAXES (Verizon, Amazon…….etc.)……….the U.S.A. is in ruins, and every time our insane reality star president says that Nazis are “very fine people”, or brags about grabbing pussies, or laughs because his supporters would let him shoot someone in the street, or puts kids in cages because their pitiful parents are desperately seeking asylum, or gets to build useless billion dollar stupid walls for his ego and his cronies, or has a tantrum and creates tariffs that drive farmers into bankruptcy, or kills science, or withdraws this country (the only one) from the Paris Accord, or puts his totally unqualified equally corrupt kids into power in utter defience of the law, or spends millions of dollars on trips to his own resorts, or thinks Jeffrey Epstein and his 13 year old trafficked girls was a “great guy”, or moons over vicious dictators like Putin, or bargains with foreign countries to “give him dirt on his opponents” or………….it goes on and on. And he gets away with it. That’s called a dictator, not an elected president abiding by the constitution. And every time this obscenity goes on, and on, and on, the fabric and constitution and honor and integrity of the country is broken until we just get used to it. I think of Mexico, where the average Mexican just shrugs, knowing full well that the government is a farce, and he or she will just have to do the best they can to survive it. He should never, ever have been allowed to rise to power in the first place. But the insanity goes on…………and he keeps getting away with it.

    I don’t give a damn about that sociopathic, corrupt stupid man, who is surrounded by the worst of degraded, greedy, cruel of men. I am sad that some days I think America, at least any America I knew, is over, so corrupt now that it can never recover because the corruption will never be cleaned, like a terminal cancer. Then I listen to Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie, or any number of young people rising up, and I have moments of hope. Maybe, maybe all is not lost, but such hard times are coming on the tail of this, environmentally, financially, culturally, diplomaticallly, ethically. Perhaps, that will be what it takes to create a better country, maybe this horror show of the endless abuse of power and privilege will wake what is left of America up. Personally, I just don’t know what to think.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      My ope is that millennials can turn around the damage this admin has done. The sooner trump and his cronies swamp people are out, the better it will be for this country.

  4. Prissy says:

    I will buy two books to make up for them. Keep posting the truth!!!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      You’re a sweetie! Thank you! Recently, a city worker remarked to me that he won’t buy Stephen King books anymore because of his tweets about trump. I told him I’d just bought The Institute and so far, am loving it.

  5. Gia says:

    So it goes….

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