White Rabbit

Last night before going to bed Trish mentioned to me that we need  more blog posts. I’ve heard this before from her, because she’s the one who keeps track of the blog posts and always wants to have at least a couple of weeks worth of new ones ready to go. I didn’t respond aloud, but thought that I hadn’t come across anything of a synchro-nature recently, and I hadn’t had a personal synchronicity that I could remember for some time.

I went to bed to sleep on it, but didn’t consciously program myself to have a dream synchro or premonition or even suggest that a good synchro-tale would materialize in the morning. But apparently that wasn’t necessary because within the first hour after getting up I came up synchros for two blog posts. One is a synchronicity I experienced myself this morning, Oct. 1, and the other is a quite incredible one that I came across thanks to an article in The Guardian someone sent me that led to another article in The New Yorker. I’ll save that one for my next post, which I’ll call, “Watch Out What You Ask For,” and here I’ll just include my little personal synchro. This is one of those meaningful coincidences that’s quite startling at the time it happens, but upon re-telling it might seem sort of ho-hum to the reader, I guess because it didn’t happen to you. See what you think.


This morning after eating breakfast, I sat down at my computer and instead of going right into the file on the novel I’m writing,  I decided to play a game of Word with Friends on my phone. A digital distraction. Meanwhile, in the background, the television was on during a commercial break.

I went into the game and up popped a robot player named White Rabbit. The related image showed a comical illustration of a white rabbit wearing a red bow tie. The very instant that I touched the phone to start the game, a mattress ad came on the TV that featured the Jefferson Airplane song, White Rabbit. It was as if I’d triggered the song by tapping the phone.

Wow, I thought, a synchro about a magical rabbit. I take it as a good sign for the day.

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6 Responses to White Rabbit

  1. Prissy says:

    So do you think we make theses things happen? I think there is a very good chance. Maybe we make it all happen

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Sorry I didn’t see this sooner! It ended up in trash. I think we make it all happen, Prissy.

  2. Adele says:

    I can definitely elate to this synchro as silly as it might seem to some. I have things like that happen often. They make me wonder about just how connected we all are, like invisible strings pulling in many directions.

  3. Zasu says:

    Have you ever heard the superstition of saying “white rabbit, white rabbit” on the first day of the month? It is supposed to bring you good luck for the month.

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