For the last several days, Rob and I have talked about writing a book on luck, happiness and synchronicity. The discussion was the result of several books and articles we’ve read recently about luck and happiness and how both of these topics often have synchronicity woven into them. And, par for the course, the universe delivered material.

This morning I received an email from a friend, let’s call her Anne, who said her daughter, Lynn, had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. Her car had been totaled. This is not the kind of news I relish hearing on any given morning. But this story was particularly bizarre.

The man who struck Lynn’s’s car on September 8 was on the run from the police. He hit a cop, then struck Lynn’s car at an intersection, then a gas station and escaped on foot. But the cops caught him. Lynn was in pain because of the way her seat belt snapped back and the air bag hit her. But she has no broken bones, so internal injuries, and was released today with a script for pain killers.

“She has such bad luck,” Anne said.

Well, maybe. But maybe not. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Five years ago almost to the day, September 11, Lynn was hit on the driver’s side of her car, and this time, was struck on the passenger side. Both times her car was totaled,  she escaped without serious injuries, and the driver was fleeing from cops. That last detail is the most significant one in this pattern. Just contemplate the odds: two accidents, separated by nearly five years to the date, caused by a male driver fleeing from police. That alone qualifies the incident as a synchronicity. But what’s the message?

Given the nature of the accidents and the damage to her car, it’s incredible that Lynn wasn’t seriously injured or killed. To me, both events qualify as lucky. BUT…how can Lynn break what seems to be an emerging pattern?

Let’s look at the specifics. She’s driving along, seat belt on, comes to an intersection and stops. A driver  who is fleeing cops, slams into her on the driver’s side of the car. Direct. The second time, it’s the passenger side of the care. l  So, in a very real sense, does Lynn need to be paying attention to what is to either side of her?  In a metaphorical sense, should she try to rectify issues in her life that make her feel like a victim in that she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time? What is the repetitive event telling her? Is she running from something or toward something?

I realize that therapy helps many people and that there have been times in my life when I probably should have seen a therapist. But I believe an axiom I read long ago in a Seth book, channeled by mystic Jane Roberts: You get what you concentrate on…there is no other main rule. It seems to be the basis of the law of attraction. So if you and your therapist or you and your friends or support group focus on what has gone wrong in your life you may get more of it.  To break the pattern, it’s vital that your focus changes. Ask, instead: What is going right in my life?

Focus on that.

Years ago, my sister seemed to be locked into a pattern that involved the wrong men. Two marriages- an alcoholic and then a control freak – and this pattern was reflected in her work as a nurse in charge of an assisted living facility. Her boss was a jerk and had faulted her on things she hadn’t done. He threatened to fire her. So she went to his boss and enumerated what he’d done wrong and the upshot was that he got fired. She broke a pattern. Not long afterward she met the man who became her third husband, the absolute best guy of the three.

Breaking these patterns often involves nothing more than standing up for ourselves – who we are, who we wish to be, and who we hope to become. And synchronicity illuminates that path forward.

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  1. Sheila Joshi says:

    Urgent astrology consult!

    1) In the last week, the tide turned against DT, Netanyahu, and Boris Johnson. Is there something going on astrologically?

    2) I remember you posted about that other astrologer — maybe the one who does asteroids? — showing that DT has a ton of lucky Jupiter in his chart and always squeaks out of getting in trouble. Is there anything in his chart around 24 Sep 19 that speaks to the IMPEACHMENT?

    3) Does the autumn equinox factor into either of these things?

    Thank you!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I’ve been looking at trump’s chart. But I’m also trying to get ready for a workshop! I hope Alex does a post on the asteroids and what’s going on. I’ll link to his site if he does!

  2. DJan says:

    This is a wonderful post, with a very optimistic message for me. I must have broken a pattern with husbands and ended up with the best after many years of having no luck at all. I hope your friend finds out what it is she’s supposed to concentrate on.