On any given day, how happy are you? Do you get out of bed and immediately start fretting about things? Or do you awaken with a sense of optimism about the day that lies ahead? Are you someone who sees the proverbial glass as half-empty or half-full? Is happiness something we learn or are we born with a certain capacity and potential for it?

In astrology, those questions are answered by both your sun sign and the planet Jupiter, the biggest dude in the solar system. Your sun sign is the sum total of your personality, where and how you shine in life. Jupiter allows you to reach out beyond yourself, expand your consciousness, manifest your desires, and represents your capacity for happiness, abundance, success and optimism. The energetic combination of the sun and Jupiter is magical, but it’s up to you to embrace that magic and put it to work for you.

This is from the introduction of my newest book: Cosmic Bliss, The Astrology of Happiness. Right now, it’s just in its infancy and as preparation for completing it, I picked up a Time Magazine bookazine called The Science of Happiness. Bookazines look like magazines, but cover specific topics, cite the latest scientific findings about the topic, run about 100 pages, and cost about three times what a normal magazine costs. And usually, they aren’t plastered with a bunch of advertisements.

In this one, I ran across some fascinating statistics. Here some findings about the happiest states in this country. They were ranked according to 5 criteria.

Purpose: like what you do you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals; Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life; Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security; Community: liking where you live, feeling safe, pride in your community; Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

Hawaii and Colorado have ranked among the top 10 states in well-being for 11 consecutive years, the only two states to do so.

In 2018, Hawaii had the highest level of well being for the 7th time.

Naples, Florida, is the community with the highest-rated well-being in the nation

Arkansas scored the lowest in financial and physical metrics – 49th.

Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, South and North Dakota and Vermont are the happiest

Here’s another interesting set of statistics:

Currently, Americans are very happy – 31 %

Pretty happy – 56 %

Not too happy – 13 %

In groups – WORK, MONEY, FAMILY, WORSHIP, POLITICS AND AGE, the statistics about who is happiest are interesting:

WORK: 32 % employed, 31% retired or not in work force; 17% unemployed

MONEY: 47% who make $150K+ are happy; 39% who make 75K-150K; 30% who make 30K-75K; 23% under 30K

FAMILY: 41% married without children; 36% married with kids; 17% single parent

WORSHIP: the happiest are those who “pack the pews.”

41% nearly every week
32% once a month
28% seldom or never

POLITICS: Extreme conservatives supposedly have the edge here:

35% Republicans
30% Independents
29% Democrats


65+ – 36%
50-64- 32%
35-49 – 34%
18-34 – 25%

I have questions about two of these categories – WORSHIP and POLITICS.

Worship: Except for weddings, I haven’t stepped into a church in decades. I dislike being told what I should believe. I would rather discover it for myself.

Politics: I think these statistics were compiled in 2018, at least a year into the trump presidency, so yes repubs would be happier. Do this poll in 2020, when the dems take back the senate and the white house, and that repub figure will be in the pits.

Frankly, I think our birth charts more accurately describe our capacity for happiness because in between lives, we choose  the circumstances of our next lives – parents, siblings, general and specific issues to work on, our profession, creative thrust, the whole nine yards.


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  1. DJan says:

    These are very interesting statistics. You have often made me feel good by showing how my astrological makeup keeps me optimistic and happy. I wonder why Washington state is not up there, since the moderate weather makes for great environment. Well, except for the rain, of course. I look forward to your new book!