The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Arrives

Sometimes portents take a long time to come true. In 1991, after my first novel, Crystal Skull, was published, I received a prediction that seemed highly unlikely at the time. Our late friend Renie Wiley, who was a talented psychic, saw the cover of the book that featured an image of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, and said: “That crystal skull will come to you.”

I thought that maybe Anna Mitchell-Hedges, then caretaker of the skull, would see the book and contact me…or maybe I should contact her and see what happens. Those were passing thoughts, and I didn’t think much about it again, though I never forgot what Renie told me. So Saturday evening, Aug. 31, Renie’s prediction came true…28 years later. The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull came to our house.

Bill Homann, the caretaker of the skull, had contacted me a couple of months earlier and said that he was leading a workshop with the skull at a bookstore in a nearby town and did I want to get together. We had been corresponding casually for several years and had talked about getting together. He’s a big Indiana Jones fan and so knew about my books, including Crystal Skull. Finally, the opportunity arose.

But it was touch and go with Hurricane Dorian boring in on south Florida. Finally, on Friday, the hurricane slowed its pace assuring that there would be no big blow for a few days. So friends gathered for a potluck dinner. Bill was the last one to arrive because people were doing private sessions at the bookstore from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Then he had a 45 minute drive to our house.

After the dinner, we set up chairs in a circle in the living room and Bill talked about the history of the skull and his involvement with it. He went into the legend of the 13 crystal skulls worldwide that are interconnected in an energy grid. Interestingly, we had 13 people in attendance. Synchronicity.

Taking a page out of Indiana Jones, Bill talked a bit about how Anna Mitchell Hedges, the adopted daughter of adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, found the skull in 1924 near the top of a pyramid at Lubaantun, British Honduras (now Belize). Anna, who was 16 at the time, was told not to climb the pyramid on her own because the climb was steep and some stones could easily break free. But she and a couple of Mayan kids climbed the pyramid one morning, anyhow. According to the story, Anna glimpsed  a reflected ray of light coming from a gap in the stones near the summit. After reporting it to her father, the opening was gradually expanded and six weeks later, when it was wide enough for a slender person to enter, Anna was lowered down on a rope and found the crystal skull on her 17th birthday. The jaw was found a month later.

Anna lived until she was 100 years old and died in 2007 on Bill’s birthday. She lived with Bill for several of her last years.

Bill believes the skull comes to us from antiquity. However, skeptics say that such a skull couldn’t have been made in ancient times without modern stone-cutting machinery. They suspect (with no proof) that Mitchell-Hedges planted the skull in the pyramid for Anna to find. They go on to suggest (again with no evidence) that the adventurer bought the skull at a charity shop in London. It’s all part of an effort to debunk the legitimacy of the  skull.

Anyone who has traveled to pre-Colombian stone sites, particularly in Peru and Bolivia, knows that the so-called primitives without modern tools were able to create seamless walls of stone weighing tons that fit  perfectly together often with jagged edges and using no mortar. How were those stones cut and lifted in place? Present day master stoneworkers have no idea how they did it, and admit even with their machines, they would have a difficult time re-creating such massive walls.

Sure, stone walls are not crystal skulls, but the same question arises in both cases. What kind of technology did the ancients possess to create such walls and crystal skulls. If markings on the skull, viewed under high magnification show telltale signs of machine cuts, who is to say that such technology, or some related technology, did not exist in ancient times. Bill thinks the skull dates back to the time of Atlantis or even earlier.

Another bit of synchronicity: Bill had recently been featured on Expedition: Unknown on the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile, Bruce Gernon, who was in attendance, and I will be on an upcoming episode of the same show in October on the Bermuda Triangle.

Following Bill’s introduction of the skull, he guided us into a group meditation with the skull. Afterwards, we took turns sitting with the skull for a few minutes each. Under Bill’s guidance, the sitter would hold their hands a few inches from the skull, then expanding their arms out to the sides, then coming in slowly. That was repeated three times, then the sitter crossed arms over the chest and pulled in the skull-energy to the heart chakra.

When it was my turn, I was already quite relaxed. I’d been sitting a few feet to one side of the skull. I felt a gentle vibration rolling up and down my spine and when I brought my arm inward toward the skull I felt a wave of energy that was similar to pressing against a large beach ball. Others had varying experiences, from feeling heat and waves of energy to a greater sense of  peaceful.

After everyone had a session with the skull, we finished with some picture-taking with the skull, and…oh yes, Rose Strain’s delicious cheese cake!

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8 Responses to The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Arrives

  1. Caren Griffin says:

    Wow, what a great experience. I also enjoyed seeing pictures of you guys. I am curious to know more about the skull/ skulls. What about the care of this skull. Is it stored in a special container? Does he clean it with say, Windex? Not trying to be funny here but the whole thing is so fascinating. Where are the other skulls located? Do u think there is some sort of communication or waves of energy between the skulls? Do they ever carry all the skulls together for a meeting? You two guys are so cool. Love all the mysticism.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      He won’t fly with the skull. The gov has the right to seize artifacts.So he drives everywhere. Carries the skull with him. This was all so last minute. I should have invited everyone from the park, but with the storm and the uncertainty of everything, I forgot a lot of people. My apologies, Caren.

  2. Prissy says:

    That was great.

  3. DJan says:

    What a great story! I also love the pictures of you both, which are not often displayed in this blog. Sending you happy hugs. 🙂

  4. lauren raine says:

    Wow, amazing in every way, from the predition to the synchronicities. I’d like to know more about the skull, the phenomena associated with it since its discovery. Thank for this fascinating post!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      It was such a cool evening!

    • Sheila Joshi says:

      Ditto what Lauren said!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The famed Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull came to Florida by car from Indiana, with Bill Homann literally driving into the on-coming Hurricane Dorian, which on the day of his arrival was about 150 miles off the coast of West Palm Beach. On Thursday, it seemed almost inevitable that it would pummel south Florida with wind and rain of 12 inches or more. Bill held two workshops at Crystal Garden Bookstore in Boynton Beach Friday evening, then a series of private sessions Saturday before coming to our house. He said most everyone was meditating on pushing the hurricane off-shore. At the time it was headed west and winds were gusting up to 220 miles an hour with steady winds near 200, a devastating storm. Amazingly, on Saturday forecasters started to predict a turn that would keep the eye off the coast. Today, Tuesday, it passed by south Florida us with very little wind or rain. It was as if the skull and the meditators – and many others – had pushed the storm off-shore.