20-20 Vision


We’re closing in on the year 2020, now just four and a half months away. What kind of year will  it be? Perhaps one of vision. But what kind of vision? After all, 20-20 vision can mean looking back…hindsight has 20-20 vision. But 20-20 vision can also refer to looking ahead in a clear manner.

According to Bashar, a multidimensional being channeled by Darryl Anka, the coming year will be a pivot point in history, a splitting apart of different versions of Earth—parallel realities, different tracks of time.

Yet, according to quantum theory of physics, this splitting apart of reality happens all the time. The problem is that we never notice it because our reality appears seamless to us. Apparently, we all split off from the reality where Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. If so, many of us feel that we were dumped here. Was it really our choice to experience years of divisiveness, chaos, and uncertainty?

Maybe the lesson for all of us who find ourselves in Trump’s ultimate reality show is  that we can now more clearly see a dual reality within our everyday world, one divided between Trump’s loyal base of up to 40% of Americans who see the Trump train traveling smoothly ahead,  and everyone else who see that same train going off the rails over and over.

2020, of course, is election year, a time of vision, and as Bashar says, a pivotal point in history.


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3 Responses to 20-20 Vision

  1. Caren says:

    Ditto Lauren

  2. lauren raine says:

    I think we do indeed live in the era of the “emporor’s new clothes”. We have an anti-science government with a president that says whatever he feels like at the time even it if has no bearing in reality or morality. We have huge segments of the population that actually believe the earth is flat. To be a woman or a man now is just a matter of “choice” and at any moment you can “identify” as a woman and legally you are one, regardless of having a penis or even a beard. Climate change isn’t real because the President says so, and enormous groups of believers are waiting for the Rapture and believe that Donald Trump is, literally, the Second Coming, in spite of his very, very un-Christian behavior. The coming election will let us know if there is going to be anything even vaguely resembling a democratic USA any more – it’s that important.

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