The Bread Synchro

This synchro is an odd one involving a loaf of bread. Here’s the background.

Every second Thursday, the city of Orlando sponsors Wine Walk, a boost for local businesses in Thornton Park. People pay $10, which entitles them to a drink at any spot on the Wine Walk map that is participating. For more than a year, Megan has been setting up on the porch of Wolfgang Dog Bakery, a perfect location for her pet portrait exhibit. Aldo, the dogs enjoy going into the store, filled with all sort of delectable treats to sniff at.

On August 9, the bakery was closed because employees were going to some sort of work function, so it wasn’t supposed to be a stop on wine walk. But apparently Wolfgang wasn’t excluded from the walk and people arrived looking for wine. Instead, they found Megan’s display on one side of the porch, like usual, and a display of various kinds of breads, rolls and cookies from a new bread company/bakery. In the photo, you can see people looking at the bred display.

During the evening, Megan’s roommate, Evan, texted her and asked if I’d brought any bread with me. I hadn’t, just English muffins. But before we left for the evening, the man who is starting the bread company handed Megan a loaf.

“Synchro, Mom,” she said as she got in the car. “Here’s Evan’s loaf of bread!”

When we got back to her place, Evan helped us carry in everything and we laughed about how he’d manifested a loaf of bread.

Granted, a bread synchro is a small thing. But I think this also shows how the law of attraction often works through other people in bringing us what we want.

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  1. Gia says:

    I’m a sucker for these supposedly small synchros. They usually end up with someone receiving something they wanted or asked for.

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