Puerto Ricans took to the streets protesting against the corrupt governor – and he resigned. It’s time for us to do the same thing against trump and his entire administration.

He’s a corrupt, racist, misogynistic criminal who cozies up to dictaors and whose hateful rhetoric has stoked white supremacy by demeaning Mexicans, Latinos, Muslims, people of color. He is doing what authoritarian governments have done for centuries – identify an enemy, call the press fake news, repeat lies over and over again until the gullible believe them. The shootings in El Paso are the result of his rhetoric and racism. And now he’s planning to go there? For what? To offer comfort? The kind of comfort he offered to the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria when he tossed rolls of paper towels into the crowd?

And criminal trump has his enablers – notably attorney general William Barr and Mitch McConnell.

On the same day that Robert Mueller sat before congress testifying about his report – and stated that the Russians are still meddling in our elections – are doing it now, as Mueller put it, Mitch McConnell, trump’s enabler, refused to bring an election security bill to a vote in the senate. Moscow Mitch is what he’s being called now. He has also blocked legislation on gun control. As a result, his new nickname is Massacre Mitch. As of February 2018, McConnell had received $1.26 million in NRA donations. And that figure was from more than a year ago.

Day by day, trump and his enablers are destroying democracy by ignoring subpoenas, the law, and accountability. The DOJ policy that states a sitting president can’t be prosecuted puts him above the law. Like a king. An emperor. A dictator. The democrats need to start impeachment proceedings even if the senate refuses to convict. They need to do this because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Trump must be held accountable. If he wins in 2020 – or the dems don’t win by a large enough margin and trump simply refuses to leave office and calls the results fake news – then we are at the door to fascism.

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