Global Synchronicities

Here’s the global synchronicity that defines  this administration’s inhumane and blatantly cruel immigration policies:

Through mass events and the synchronicities so often associated with them, the universe speaks to us as a collective – as a people, a community, a nation, as citizens of the same planet. These types of synchronicities certainly illustrate connections to a deeper layer of existence, similar to what quantum physicists speak of when they refer to everything in the universe being intimately connected. As Michael Talbot put it in The Holographic Universe, “Our brains mathematically construct an objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projected from a deeper order of existence that is beyond space and time – the brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.”

A commenter on Facebook recently took issue with a post entitled, Eagles Down!
about the death of a number of eagles, symbol of America. The birds are dying indirectly from bullets that killed other wildlife. To us, the death of large numbers of this protected species that represents America speaks of both of the gun issue and the overall state of American democracy. The FB commenter said:

Gun control? & Because a Liberal is not the President a reflection of our Democracy.? even connected at all…I thought it was the poisoning in the article mentioned below.. Opinions are not Universal Apply to all synchro.s … well personally to you obviously. So yes according to the 1st Shaman Principle. The world is what you think it is. The sky is falling!.. a synchro to Chicken Little.. turns out: just rain.

In an administration largely defined by lies, corruption, violations of the foreign emolument clause, a flagrant disregard for the law, possible obstruction, and an inhumane and cruel immigration policy, the deaths of so many eagles is an obvious global synchronicity.




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2 Responses to Global Synchronicities

  1. lauren raine says:

    I feel that all of the insane disconnect in so many people is related to the deconstruction of the United States. We have a crazy, lying, contradictory would be dictator (who keeps getting away with it) where we need leadership. Without meaningful leadership, moral leadership, especially now in this time of huge crisis………….it’s like the soul of the nation is deeply wounded, and as the poet said “the center does not hold”. Imagine! People fleeing to this country with their children, desperate for asylum, refugees fleeing violence and climate change that has made their livelihood impossible, and what happens? They are put into concentration camps, their children removed from them. I sure as hell won’t be celebrating any 4th of July.

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