Mercury Retro Alert!


On July 7, at 7:15 PM EDT, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and won’t turn direct again until July 31, at 11:58 PM EDT, in Cancer. The last Mercury retro was from March 6-29, in Pisces.

During this period, miscommunication is often rampant, appliances and electronics break down, and it’s wise not to launch any new projects or to sign contracts, since Mercury rules contracts. Don’t submit new project either. Revise, review, and reconsider.

Since Mercury also rules moving parts, it’s smart not to buy a car or electronics during these periods. Travel can be iffy – plans go south quickly, itineraries change without warning. However, you may also return to that spot at some point in the near future. The other thing is that old friends may resurface.

Some years ago, we foolishly set a closing date for the sale of our house, the move, and the closing on our new house during a Mercury retrograde. Big mistake. It turned out to be a comedy of errors all the way around.

The buyer of our home was doing the final walk through and found some details he wanted taken care of before we closed – i.e., screws were missing on several of the hurricane shutters. Rob had to run to Home Depot to buy some new screws and meanwhile, the clock was ticking down to the closing time on the house. Since we were also closing on our new house that day, we had to call both title companies to let them know we were running late. We were afraid that we wouldn’t make the closing on our new place by 5 p.m. and would be homeless for the night with our young daughter and two cats and all our belongings.

During the closing on the house we were selling, things got a bit heated when the buyer and the Realtor who supposedly represented us tried to slip in some provision at the very end of the contract. We refused to sign. The title company intervened and the deal was finally culminated. By now, we had thirty-five minutes to make the closing on our new place. I called them and explained the situation and they stayed open past their usual closing time to accommodate us.

We finally got into the house, but I wouldn’t recommend selling your home or moving during a Mercury retrograde!

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2 Responses to Mercury Retro Alert!

  1. Gia says:

    I didn’t see this earlier. But now I understand why I got locked out of my own apartment and my car battery died. And today is July 7, day 1 of this retrograde.