The July 2, 2019 solar eclipse is in Cancer at 10 degrees and 37 minutes. These eclipses are like double new moons, and that means double the new opportunities and experiences. Solar eclipses involve outer events, lunar eclipses impact our inner lives, emotions and intuition.

This eclipse is total, but its path across the planet is narrow. Totality will be visible from the southern Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand to the Coquimbo region in Chile and Argentina. Quite often, the path of totality experiences something significant on or around the day of the eclipse. Keep an eye on the news.

There’s a lot of like about this one, which should be positive for all signs. Uranus at 5 degrees Taurus forms a wide, beneficial angle to the eclipse, a sextile, suggesting pleasant surprises that seem to come out of nowhere. The kind of surprise depends on the area of your natal chart where the eclipse occurs and where Uranus falls.

Neptune in Pisces at 18 degrees and 41 minutes forms a wide, but strong trine to the eclipse degree. This suggests that both spiritual and highly creative elements come into play.

Cancer, a cardinal water sign, is the sign of home and family and since this falls so close to the July 4 holiday, your barbecuing and fireworks may start early! The other three cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, and Capricorn – will also be impacted significantly by this eclipse.

Two weeks later, on July 16, there will be a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. We’ll post on that one around July 15.

In the meantime, the July forecasts are uploaded in the blog masthead and includes information specific to each sign about the impact of this eclipse for you. Happy July!

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2 Responses to SOLAR ECLIPSE JULY 2

  1. Dale Dassel says:

    Looking forward to the lunar eclipse! I’m a Capricorn, and I’ve always found the moon infinitely more fascinating than our local star. Last night I watched the amazing Apollo 11 documentary on CNN, and I’m presently reading Mike Bara’s enlightening book ‘Ancient Aliens on the Moon’, which is not as cheesy at it sounds (basically, NASA doctored a lot of archival photos prior to media release).

    • Trish and Rob says:

      The lunar eclipse in capricorn may be challenging Dale. You’re a cap sun, I’ve got a cap moon. Have a post coming up on it on July 15.

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