Astrologer Alex Miller and trump’s astrological solar return

Astrologer Alex Miller is the only astrologer I know of who uses asteroids and his posts are often stunning and always insightful. This one is extraordinary  and somewhat depressing about the election in 2020. It concerns trump’s solar return for his birthday on June 14.

A solar return is a chart erected for when the sun returns to its birth position in your chart. It usually falls on or near your birthday and becomes your chart for the next year, showing your strengths and vulnerabilities. Here’s what he has to say about trump’s solar return chart.

Before you get depressed, read the whole thing. There are possible glimmers of light. And it means we all need to turn out in droves and vote for the democratic nominee.

Donald Trump’s 2019 Solar Return: Jupiter to the Rescue








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5 Responses to Astrologer Alex Miller and trump’s astrological solar return

  1. Sheila Joshi says:

    Well, unfortunately it looks like it ain’t gonna be easy…..But I’ve been using the Icarus metaphor for at least a year now. That family could have gone their whole lives acting criminally and gotten away with it if they had stayed in New York real estate. But they have flown too high; the rules are different at this scale of outside attention.

    Yet, ironically, the spotlight that will melt their wings may end up being in New York after all. Say, can New York State indict a sitting president? Why not?!

    I just wrote a letter to Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes asking them to spend less time on To Impeach or Not To Impeach, and get going on digging up more financial crimes, more sexual crimes, and more evidence of conspiracy with a foreign adversary to steal a presidential election. I believe there’s much more to be uncovered.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I believe that, too. Good for you for writing them!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      But while Trump is in office, nothing can be done. If he wins again, he escapes from indictment for another four years, and maybe forever.

      • Sheila Joshi says:

        What I tried to point out in my letter to MSNBC is that there *are* other ways of getting DT out of office besides impeachment. Keep in mind that he can’t escape indictment in NY State now, and he keeps committing new crimes every day, resetting the clock for indictment at the federal level. Also, there are ways of swaying his base with the right kind of muckraking, and that’s what got Nixon out, not impeachment. At this time, impeachment would not remove DT from office either, although it might bring more evidence of wrongdoing to the attention of his base. And as Rachel reminded us tonight, his kids don’t have some kind of diplomatic immunity, and going after them more would certainly shake things up. I’ll send you the letter right now. 🙂